Season 3 Episode 5

Andre's Horrible Girl

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 18, 2012 on Nickelodeon



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    • Jade: Did you know your mom's boss has an antique human skull in his room?
      Cat: Please put that back. I'm not supposed to touch anything here.
      Jade: Touching things is a part of life.
      Cat: But I'm pretty sure we're not supposed...
      Jade: Look, I'm touching Elvis' guitar. See? (imitates Elvis' voice) I'm Elvis Presley and I'm touching my guitar. That's right, baby. I touched the boss's skull and I'm touching my special guitar. (normal voice) See? I touched the guitar and nothing bad happened.
      (the guitar breaks off one of its support cords and swings through a window)
      Jade: That guitar was not properly hung.

    • Beck: When he gets up here, we'll just explain that... (an earthquake strikes)
      Robbie: What's happening?
      Jade: Earthquake!
      Cat: Earthquake!
      Beck: (grabs Cat) Okay! Everybody, duck! Cover your heads!

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