Season 2 Episode 2

Beck Falls For Tori

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • what is black balled

    i dont get it at all. tell me what is black balled. tori shouldn't be nevous on the show
  • Great episode, a bit of a slap in the face to Beck/Tori fans.

    I actually loved this episode, considering the fact that it seemed almost satirical with the title. It is a bit of a smack in the face to Tori/Beck fans, but it's true that Beck wouldn't just simply fall in love with Tori unless something MAJOR happened between Beck and Jade, I believe that's clearly emphasized throughout the show. B/T fans might rate it badly because of that, but they just don't understand, if Beck cheated on Jade, then it would throw his entire character into a bad area.

    All in all, GREAT episode, although I do think it could have been a bit better
  • great

    The only things in this episode that keeps it from being a higher score, are Jade and Cat. Honestly, Jade's 'impression' of Tori got old the instant she did it, yet she kept on doing it and doing it. And Cat, whilst she can be funny some of the times, 'random humor', which is the majority of the humor with Cat, is not always funny, in my opinion.

    However, Sikowitz trying to do the back flip when talking to Tori was one of the rare times this show has made me laugh out loud. I thought the plot was nice, and Beck literally 'falling for Tori' was pretty good and nice of him. Like I said, both Jade and Cat annoyed me slightly, which keeps my grade from being higher. B- or so as my final grade
  • 202

    Victorious continues to deliver quality installments week after week. Even though the story line was a bit far-fetched, it was an enjoyable episode. I really liked the ending, no matter how ridiculous it may have been. I'm glad Tori ended doing the stunt anyway because that would be the biggest cop out ever if she didn't end up doing it.

    Jade was great in this episode. She continues to impress me week after week. Psychowitz also had some great lines. That opening scene in which he "crushed" Tori's dreams were hilarious. I think Cat's stupidity is getting a little bit too exaggerated but that would have to be the only flaw.

    Good installment of Victorious. Great addition to the show's second season.
  • 202

    The second season of Victorious continues to impress and we have two more episodes coming next week and the week after. Hooray for consistency!

    Only one storyline in this episode, something that is becoming the norm with this show, but it was a good one. Tori got a part in a movie, but as a stunt double and she had to fall 40 feet in the role or risk being blackballed. First of all, I don't think a high school girl would be blackballed for not doing a stunt, but I digress. There were a lot of laughs here, and a nice twist ending.

    Victorious continues to be one of TV's freshest comedies. They delivered another quality episode tonight.
  • Jade is the reason why my score is a little low

    For the most part, I thought that this was a great episode of "Victorious". It wasn't as funny and excellent as the previous "Victorious" episode "Beggin' On Your Knees" but it was great. Sikowitz always knows how to make an episode funny whenever he appears and he was absolutely hilarious in this episode. Cat is the stupidest of the stupidest in this episode but that's what I love about her... Ariana Grande was meant to play a strange and stupid character because she is so adorable no matter what she does. I thought it was very funny when Cat made costumes such as Bo Peep, a secret agent, and she even dressed up like Sikowitz which was the most hilarious out of those three costumes she wore. Rex may be just a puppet but he knows how to make me laugh hard as he always does in every episode. I thought Tori being scared to do a stunt for a movie was pretty funny. It was pretty surprising that Beck would dress up as Tori and do that stunt that Tori was scared to do. The main reason why I gave this a great score was because of Jade. I hated Jade so much in this episode that I wanted to punch her so bad (just like Sam in "iCarly"... although Sam has been less abusive to Freddie lately). Anyways, Jade making those rude and mean comments to Tori made me so angry especially when she kicked Tori off the chair and pushed Tori at the end of the episode (which Tori decided to do the stunt because she felt guilty that Beck fell down for her). I don't mind if Jade barely makes one rude comment in each episode but more than that just gets me really furious. Overall, despite Jade, this was a great episode of "Victorious". 8/10
  • What a lovely episode

    Honestly, what a lovely episode of victorious. Although, the title of this episode was kind of a trick, i enjoyed it. Victorious has gotten a lot better over the last season and I enjoy it more so then icarly.

    In this episode, Jade really shined with her quick oneliners. Her impression of Tori had me laughing quite a few times. Definitely my favorite character.

    Cat, however, seemed dumber then usual. Usually, she seems relatively smart just a slight bit weird and strange but in this episode she was just plain stupid. Like literally. She was halfway brain dead.

    Tori is the main plot. I love victoria Justice but i just hate the character of Tori. Her plot was relatively amusing. She had to do a stunt for an actress(after she lied on her resume) but she was afraid. After whining half the episode, beck dressed as Tori falls for her. Then at the end, she feels bad that she didn't do it and wants to do it again....SHE still does not jump. It takes Jade shoving her for her to actually fall.

    Not the best episode but Jade made this great.
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