Season 2 Episode 2

Beck Falls For Tori

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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    The second season of Victorious continues to impress and we have two more episodes coming next week and the week after. Hooray for consistency!

    Only one storyline in this episode, something that is becoming the norm with this show, but it was a good one. Tori got a part in a movie, but as a stunt double and she had to fall 40 feet in the role or risk being blackballed. First of all, I don't think a high school girl would be blackballed for not doing a stunt, but I digress. There were a lot of laughs here, and a nice twist ending.

    Victorious continues to be one of TV's freshest comedies. They delivered another quality episode tonight.