Season 2 Episode 2

Beck Falls For Tori

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2011 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Tori will be a stunt double in scene 21 of 'Catch Me, Kiss Me'.

    • The camera man in the movie 'Catch Me, Kiss Me' is 'M.Spodnik'.

    • The director in 'Catch Me, Kiss Me' is 'J.Dalama'.

    • The movie that Tori will be a stunt double in is called 'Catch Me, Kiss Me'.

    • The director's son was bitten by several monkeys and taken to the hospital delaying the stunt.

    • One of the people at the set, reveals that the last stunt double missed the air sac on the ground just by a few feet.

    • Tori's stunt involves falling off her chair through the railing and drop down 40 ft to the ground on a air-sac.

    • The movie posters in the movie audition room were 'Beaches and Cream' and 'The Adventures of George Glass.'

    • In the second scene, Cat dressed up as 'Boba Pete'. Cat dresses up as a superhero next.
      Then, Cat dresses up as Sitowitz.
      And last, Cat dresses up as a International Spy.

    • Rex reveals that Robbie doesn't know how to ride a bike.

    • Cat reveals that her brother was shot by a clown on a bus, who happened to be their cousin Jesse.

    • In the first scene, Beck plays the role of a kidnapper and Cat/Andre play the role of the investigator based in New York Police Department.

    • In the first scene, there is a sketch of the Swan Theatre in South Park, England of what it appeared in 1596.

    • In the first scene, there is a quote by the famous English poet and playwright 'William Shakespeare' on the whiteboard.

    • Tori's fifth update said, "Wooo! I did my stunt. Kinda. Sorta. Well... ah, shut up." Feeling: GUILTY)

    • Tori's fourth update said, "I'm about to fall of a chair, then DROP 40 FEET. I'll miss you, life." (FEELING: DOOMFUL)

    • Tori's third update said, "OMG! I was just saved by mean monkeys I don't even Know! THANK YOU MONKEYS!!!" (FEELING: RELIEVED)

    • Tori's second update said, "Well, I now have a BOOT PRINT on MY RIGHT KIDNEY. Thank you, Jade".(FEELING: SORE).

    • Tori's first update said, "Yikes! I'm about to AUDITION for a REAL MOVIE! Ahhhh!!!!!". Feeling: TERRIFIED).

  • Quotes

    • Andre: (about Tori's headshot) You look twelve in this pic.
      Tori: Well, that's the last time I was shot by a professional photographer.
      Cat: My brother got shot by a clown.
      Robbie: Why?
      Cat: Because my brother kept poking him and saying, "Whatcha gonna do about it, clown? Huh?" It happened on a bus.
      Jade: (gives Cat a coloring book) Cat, color the tiger.
      Cat: Yay, crayons!

    • Tori: (to Sikowitz) Why are you upside down?
      Sikowitz: Why are you right-side up?

  • Notes

    • Though credited, Daniella Monet does not appear in this episode.

    • In the second scene, the song in the background is actually the same song Tori sang in the episode called, "Beggin' on Your Knees."

    • In the second scene, Tori hands out her 'head shot' picture. That is the same head-shot picture she used in another show called 'Zoey 101' that she starred in and also produced by Dan Schneider.

    • The duration of this episode is '23:37.'

  • Allusions

    • The movie that Tori will be doing a stunt in, is held at the Paramour Studios. That is a reference to 'Paramount Studios'.

    • Sikowitz's friend, the casting director 'Jenny' is a reference to the actual casting director of the show 'Jenny Treadwell'.