Season 1 Episode 10

Beck's Big Break

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Ugh!!! one of the worst "Victorious" episodes I've ever seen


    In my opinion, this has got to be one of the "Victorious" episodes that I have ever seen. I love "Victorious" and it's WAY better than "iCarly" in my opinion but this episode was just NOT worthy of being an excellent or funny episode. Jade was being annoying in this episode when she keeps pointing out to Tori that she ruined Beck's chance of being in a movie. Also, that snobbish and rude Hollywood actress (whose name I don't care) was really getting on my nerves. Oh my gosh, this episode was just getting unwatchable.... seriously? no joke about it. The only very funny scenes in this episode were Sikowitz' part especially when he plays his harmonica that was in the boy's room's toilet... although kinda nasty. Tori pretending that her name is "Crystal Waters" was very funny. Cat fooling that security guard Otis was also very funny to see. The scene with the stunt man flirting with Tori and then Tori telling the stunt man that she is 16 years old which makes the stunt man walk way is also funny. One of the crew members accidentally shooting an arrow at the rude celebrity's hand was also funny but a little over the top. Nothing else made me laugh after that. Robbie talking to Lane about him getting nightmares about Rex was also very entertaining. The thing that really disturbed and was just absolutely one of the disgusting things that I have ever seen was the nightmare with Rex's boogers falling over Robbie... oh come on, that just seemed WAY over the top for me (uh bleh yuck). I know Rex is just a puppet but that was just disgusting and unwatchable. Tori getting Beck's job at the end of the episode was good but the ending had to be ruined because Jade made Tori and Beck stop hugging. Overall, this has got to be one of the worst "Victorious" episodes that I have ever seen and it's just unwatchable. 5/10

  • 110

    Victorious returned tonight with yet another very enjoyable episode. I flip flop between this and iCarly as being my favorite Nick comedy, but tonight this was just a very funny installment of the young show. Victoria Justice continues to impress with me how easily she "gets it" just 10 episodes into her first leading role. She is definitely going to be a big star in the future. The snot dream was a little bit childish, but the scenes on the movie set definitely made up for it.

    Overall, two thumbs up for Victorious, a kids show that is funnier than most adult shows on TV these days.
  • fair

    beck gets a role in a movie and his friends get to be extras. however, the lead acress, named melinda murray, gets mad at beck for supposedly messing up his lines. tori reads the script and finds out beck read them right. melinda murray is mad at her and fires beck and his friends. tori feels guilt, can she come up with a way to make things right? Elsewhere Robbie is having nightmares where Rex hurts him.

    OK episode. The dream Robbie has about Rex, and the 'big bowl'... was disgusting and actually came close to making me change the channel. And what was up with Mr. Sikowitz playing that instrument thingy he left in the bathroom, after it having been in a toilet? Is he THAT gross? That wasn't the least bit funny, neither was his line about a "disturbing taste." And I'm kind of tired about how almost every time there's an actress in a show, they have her be mean to everyone. They do it a lot and it isn't funny or creative. But overall, OK episode- C
  • Thanks to Tori, Beck is fired from a movie. Elsewhere, Robbie has nightmares with Rex.

    So Beck gets this part in a movie with super actress Melinda Murray, and he tells his firends thast the studio is looking for some extras. So all of them get to be coffee house extras. So in the scnene Murray says that Beck screwed up ihs lines, but Tori points of how he was actually right. Melinda gets mad and fires Beck.

    Meanwhile Robbie has some stupid nihgtmares were Rex is huge and shoots mucus at him, so they go to couples counseling and that makes Robbie more independent.

    So later, Tori sneaks into the set whiel Cat distracts the guards, and tries to convince Melinda about letting Beck back. Then the arrow guy accidentally shoots the arrow to Melinda's hand, making her quit the movie. Everyone then is happy that Tori (Crystal Waters) got her fired as noone liked her. Beck was allowed back.

    OVerall: Good episode. The subplot sucked. I hate too much focus on Robbie. 8.4/10.