Season 1 Episode 10

Beck's Big Break

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • fair

    beck gets a role in a movie and his friends get to be extras. however, the lead acress, named melinda murray, gets mad at beck for supposedly messing up his lines. tori reads the script and finds out beck read them right. melinda murray is mad at her and fires beck and his friends. tori feels guilt, can she come up with a way to make things right? Elsewhere Robbie is having nightmares where Rex hurts him.

    OK episode. The dream Robbie has about Rex, and the 'big bowl'... was disgusting and actually came close to making me change the channel. And what was up with Mr. Sikowitz playing that instrument thingy he left in the bathroom, after it having been in a toilet? Is he THAT gross? That wasn't the least bit funny, neither was his line about a "disturbing taste." And I'm kind of tired about how almost every time there's an actress in a show, they have her be mean to everyone. They do it a lot and it isn't funny or creative. But overall, OK episode- C