Season 1 Episode 10

Beck's Big Break

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Thanks to Tori, Beck is fired from a movie. Elsewhere, Robbie has nightmares with Rex.

    So Beck gets this part in a movie with super actress Melinda Murray, and he tells his firends thast the studio is looking for some extras. So all of them get to be coffee house extras. So in the scnene Murray says that Beck screwed up ihs lines, but Tori points of how he was actually right. Melinda gets mad and fires Beck.

    Meanwhile Robbie has some stupid nihgtmares were Rex is huge and shoots mucus at him, so they go to couples counseling and that makes Robbie more independent.

    So later, Tori sneaks into the set whiel Cat distracts the guards, and tries to convince Melinda about letting Beck back. Then the arrow guy accidentally shoots the arrow to Melinda's hand, making her quit the movie. Everyone then is happy that Tori (Crystal Waters) got her fired as noone liked her. Beck was allowed back.

    OVerall: Good episode. The subplot sucked. I hate too much focus on Robbie. 8.4/10.
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