Season 3 Episode 6

Car, Rain, & Fire

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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Cat's favourite actress dies, so she attempts to visit her house.

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  • Very....interesting

    This episode of Victorious was one of the craziest they've ever done. I like the fact they they weren't at school or at home, but on the street in a dodgy car. I loved the ending as well.....

  • Yeah, I wasn't really feeling this one

    Cat's favorite actress dies, so she attempts to visit her house. Well, um... I don't really know what to say about this recent "Victorious" episode. I mean, it's not terrible but I just wasn't really feeling this episode if you know what I mean. Both storylines in this episode were pretty pointless and get boring. The subplot with Beck and Andre then later on Robbie fighting over Trina was stupid and didn't make any sense at all plus it was stupid and not in a funny way. And to end the subplot, it just turned out that Beck, Andre, and Robbie were teaching Trina a lesson about lying. I admit, Trina's dad thinking she is crazy and saying "If you go to college... make sure it's somewhere far far away" was pretty funny and Beck, Andre, and Robbie using puppets was pretty funny as well but those two funny parts are in one scene apparently so yeah. The subplot was pretty pointless, dumb, and really didn't make much sense. As for the main plot, it was pointless as well but I liked it a tad more than the subplot. Jade and Tori driving Cat like 2 hours to visit the actress's house because the actress died was kinda nice though. The main plot was pretty boring and didn't like it too much but I'm not lying when I say that there were a few mildly funny parts along the way. The very ending of the episode when Tori and Cat watching the news was kinda funny as well but it was also (yet again) mostly dumb and pointless. So this is overall a mediocre episode of "Victorious"... not to say it was bad because it wasn't but it just could've done better. 5/10moreless

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    • Jade: Well, why does your brother have a bag of fake feet in the trunk of his car?
      Cat: I'm not gonna lie. My brother's pretty weird.

    • Cat: Jade?
      Jade: What?
      Cat: If my brother lets us borrow his car, will you drive Tori and me to an old lady's house after school?
      Jade: No.
      Tori: Wait! Please? Cat's really sad because this actress passed away last night, and...
      Jade: Whoa! She passed away just last night?
      Cat: Yeah.
      Jade: Then, yeah. Yeah, I'll drive you guys to her house.
      Tori: Why'd you change your mind?
      Jade: Because it's been less than 24 hours. Which means her spirit is still lingering. So I'll be able to breathe in the fumes of her soul.

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