Season 1 Episode 12

Cat's New Boyfriend

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Cat's biggest catch.

    This episode forcuses on the relationship between Tori and Cat over a guy. The guy in question use to date Tori until she breaks up with him. Her ex-boyfriend hooks up with Cat and Tori's vewry jealeous over that relationship. I like Jade's reaction over the breakup and hookup. Jade is my second favorite character on the show right behind Tori. In the seconary story, Trina brough some illeagal fish for feet smoothing, which brough almost the entire cast to the hospital. I also like Tori's reaction to the new hookup, which reminds how human Tori is. One reason why i love Tori Vega. She's just as human as the next person.
  • good

    Cat is going out with a new boy, not knowing he is Tori's ex. Tori claims she is fine with her friend going out with her ex-boyfriend, but is she really as fine with this as she is letting on?

    It was OK. Kind of a forgettable episode, but I did like the conflict and thought it was handled in a realistic way. Tori was kind of annoying, I thought, but at least she had a good reason (jealousy), as opposed to just acting the way she did for the heck of it. Overall, kind of a dumb episode, but it did have some good parts, so my final grade is in the C+ range.
  • Cat goes goes out with Tori's ex-boyfriend Daniel not knowing that Tori and Daniel used to go out with each other

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Victorious". It was very funny and it had a good plot. The plot is that Cat is going out with Tori's ex-boyfriend Daniel which kind of makes Tori jealous but Cat didn't know that Tori and Daniel used to go out with each other until Tori and Daniel told Cat. The subplot is that Trina bought illegal pooka fish that makes your feet smooth and everyone dips their feet on the pooka fishes to make it smooth. Sikowitz was very funny in this episode even though his part wasn't that big in this episode. Trina, Robbie, Andre, Jade, and Beck dipping their feet on the pooka fish so those fish can make their feet smooth was very funny. Tori blasts the cheese fountain on Cat and Daniel when she starts to get jealous. Tori tells Daniel that she didn't mean to blast the cheese fountain on Cat and him and then Tori and Daniel kiss and Cat comes out of the bathroom and sees them kissing which hurt her feelings. Aww... poor Cat, she is a delicate and cute girl. It was very funny when Tori was catching Cat and then when Tori said that Cat should punch her, Cat actually punched Tori and broke her nose. The ending was also very funny when Trina, Robbie, Andre, Beck, and Jade were at the hospital because the pooka fish can make them ill. My score was just a little low because of Jade in the first half of the episode... she just wanted to make the moment awkward for Tori when she saw that Tori and Daniel used to go out... Jade was just driving me crazy in the first half but at least this isn't the worst she has gotten me irritated because she is worse in other episodes. Overall, a superb episode of "Victorious". 9/10
  • Jade: Tori KNOWS Daniel.

    Sooo, Tori bumps into Daniel, her ex bf, who tells him she's dating one girl of the school, which turned out to be Cat. Tori is kinda unconfortable seeing them kiss but accpets it. Then at one of the monthyl parties of the school, she like, gets momentarily out of control and soaks them with cheese. While Cat is cleaning herself, Tori and Daniel kiss, and she catches it and gets mad. Then the next day Tori chases her thorugh the school & then apologizes and asks her to punch her in da face (which Cat does) and they make up. There was this subplot of Trina using some latinamerican medicinal fish to make her feet smooth, and Robbie, Andre, Jade & Beck doing it to, and then turns out as medicinal as they are, they're toxic too.

    Overall: Ehh. The subplot was great (thanks to Trina, she rocks) and Jade was hilarious thorughout, making Tori unconfortavble on purpose. But Cat lost her charm/cuteness/funny-ness with Daniel. 8.5/10.
  • 112

    Above average episode of Victorious tonight. This show always have some scenes to write home about and this episode definitely had a lot of them. Sure Tori being jealous of her ex and her best friend isn't the most original plot but hey, it had to happen some time, right? Disregarding the cliche story line, Tori blasting the cheese fountain, Cat punching Tori in the nose were all just such great memorable scenes.

    Tori does come off as unlikable but I never really liked her so there's that. The fish feet thing got tiresome after a while. It was really funny at first though and I genuinely laughed at a few parts. The hot dog bit was absolutely hysterical and Psychowitz was just hilarious.

    A good episode with a feel good tie in, better than the average Victorious episode, really enjoyed this one.
  • 112

    Finally, we are getting some weekly episodes of Victorious. This great shows has just not been on the air enough, but we got three in a row, so Nick may finally be getting their act together as far as scheduling is concerned. While this was not as good as last week's installment, it was definitely chock full of laughs. Victoria Justice continues to grow as an actress and tonight we finally saw her be a little villainous with the Tori Vega character, a necessary episode for the long term growth of the persona.

    Psychowitz was hilarious in his small role as always too. Though the whole fish feet thing I could have done without.