Season 1 Episode 12

Cat's New Boyfriend

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Jade: Tori KNOWS Daniel.

    Sooo, Tori bumps into Daniel, her ex bf, who tells him she's dating one girl of the school, which turned out to be Cat. Tori is kinda unconfortable seeing them kiss but accpets it. Then at one of the monthyl parties of the school, she like, gets momentarily out of control and soaks them with cheese. While Cat is cleaning herself, Tori and Daniel kiss, and she catches it and gets mad. Then the next day Tori chases her thorugh the school & then apologizes and asks her to punch her in da face (which Cat does) and they make up. There was this subplot of Trina using some latinamerican medicinal fish to make her feet smooth, and Robbie, Andre, Jade & Beck doing it to, and then turns out as medicinal as they are, they're toxic too.

    Overall: Ehh. The subplot was great (thanks to Trina, she rocks) and Jade was hilarious thorughout, making Tori unconfortavble on purpose. But Cat lost her charm/cuteness/funny-ness with Daniel. 8.5/10.