Season 4 Episode 5

Cell Block

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • Cell Block

    Finally, a mildly clever episode, but one that led to some amusing moments throughout and utilized the characters the best way.
  • As technology gets smarter, childern get dummer

    This was pathetic of how the gang handle the bet. They were childish seams that those stupid pare phones and pare pads are there only source of happiness. I can remember back in elementary school kids my age did not have cell phones, even for Most high school kids during the 90's didn't have cell phones. The gang should try out for sports or join to keep them busy because they just use cellphone all day texting watching stupid videos and wasting time looking at embarrassing pictures of other people. Plus there is no doubt about it that these so called high school students behave like children on kids TV. It seams that they also relied on technology even for the most simplest of things. For ex. They don't know how to look at a textbook, just to listen to music on the radio. Just watch the old series "Drake and Josh" 2004-2007 you will see the characters weren't so addicted to their technology. Let this be a message to all kids in elementary school that are addicted to their technology such as cell phones, you can live without technology if you can finds other things to keep busy like join a club sports time high school or private league or any kind of outside of home activity.