Season 3 Episode 13

Crazy Ponnie

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2012 on Nickelodeon
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New student Ponnie and Tori become friends, but Ponnie goes missing whenever the other students show up and they think Tori is losing her mind.

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  • Tori meets a psycho and poor Cat.

    This might be a bit awkward for me to review an episode of a show that has ended but I just wanted to tell you what I think about "Crazy Ponnie".

    Tori meets a weird girl named Ponnie and no one believes she is real while Jade tries to get revenge on Cat for waxing off her eyebrows.

    I never watched Victorious that much but I thought this episode was weird, in a good way. I felt bad for Ponnie at first until I realized that she was the villain and it was not Tori's fault Ponnie was kick out of Hollywood Arts.

    The subplot is the most memorable part of the episode and the entire series for me. I thought it was hilarious to see Jade with no eyebrows. When she threaten to kill Cat, I thought it was going to be like "Demolition Doofus" from SpongeBob, but I was wrong.

    While Jade did not kill or try to kill Cat, she did cut off all of her hair until she was completely bald. Poor Cat. I just wanted to hug her when she cried. I know I would be mad if someone waxed off my eyebrows but Cat still did not deserve to be humiliated by having all her beautiful red hair cut off. It was sweet, however when Beck and Robbie tried to comfort Cat.

    I will also admit that Cat looked cute without hair, but if she stayed bald in the rest of the series and in Sam & Cat, Sam would be like "I don't mean to be rude but why are you bald?"

    Overall this episode was superb!

  • Jennette McCurdy? is Crazy Ponnie? with black hair? and glasses? and plays a psycho girl who tries to make Tori crazy?

    New student Ponnie and Tori become friends, but Ponnie goes missing whenever the other students show up and they think Tori is losing her mind. My introduction started off with your questions... well, pausing questions if you ask me kinda like I'm surprised. Honestly, I thought they could've picked a better actress to play a psycho girl. Jennette McCurdy just didn't nail playing a psycho girl in my opinion, she is a pretty good actress but she can act in better roles than a psycho girl role. I'm sorry Jennette but I don't think that's your type of role that you can nail. But overall I guess she was alright as the psycho girl named Crazy Ponnie. This episode wasn't the best in my opinion but it wasn't that bad. I honestly wasn't looking forward to this episode but like I said, it was actually a pretty darn great episode to watch. I would recommend it to "Victorious" fans or just people who like this show in general. Usually when it comes to shows having plotlines about someone trying to make the other someone crazy then it just really bugs me and I don't find it funny at all. To my surprise, however, I found Tori's craziness in this episode to be absolutely hilarious and a complete stellar for me. Crazy Ponnie also didn't bug that much trying to make Tori crazy although that is one ugly-looking and weird girl. Crazy Ponnie did bug me a little though but not a whole lot. What lowered my score, though, was Jade trying to chase after Cat throughout the episode plus the fact that Jade shaved Cat's hair and made her bald was just complete nonsense and Cat did NOT deserve it... like she said, it was an accident. Jade chasing after Cat was pretty funny at the same time and Jade with NO eyebrows was just hilarious. Also, Tori's mom and that police officer Gary giving the hint that they might be having an affair like really? that just bugged me a lot for some reason and I didn't find that necessary so yeah. Some things in this episode are kinda random and don't make sense but in the end, I will say I had a great time watching this episode. The episode, as a whole, was very funny especially Tori's craziness throughout, it was kinda random and a bit creepy at the same time, and just fun things going on. Oh yeah, one last thing I did not like about this episode was the very ending of the episode, I just didn't feel like it was needed and Trina giving her boogers on a tissue on Tori's hand was just completely gross. I guess that's all the flaws I've had with this episode. Overall, a great episode of "Victorious" to watch and it should be an episode worth watching again in the future but Jennette McCurdy as Crazy Ponnie, overall, was just alright. 8/10moreless
Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy


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