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episode discussion: Star-Spangled Tori

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    * squaddle, suffer for your art.

    * why would he carry around thigh cream? but secondly, did the thigh cream taste good?

    * i dunno, the unsupportive mom used to be kinda funny, but now she's becoming borderline Child-Protective-Services neglectful and mean.

    * actually, Tori did the professional thing there: always finish the song, dog-drag or not.

    * one thing about living at school: you can sleep, it's dead quiet at night, no teens within miles of the place, except for the pranksters.

    * it's tempting for all of us, Robbie, but you must never touch Jade...

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    [2]Jan 27, 2013
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    First off, the main plot, didn't care for it one measly bit until Andre and Beck blew the guy through the roof, mainly because the guy was an idiot for not thinking of a better prank to torture Tori with, but I digress. At the start of the episode Tori is asking what several words mean, including "perilous". I'm guessing she gets her intelligence from her mom's side.

    Ah but how refreshing to see Robbie, Cat, and Jade in the subplot, all the interactions with each were great. Not sure why they resolved that Cat would live with her grandmother because that would of left open a loose end for which the "Sam and Cat" pilot could work with. This plot also apparently pleased Rade shippers, but next week I'm hoping for a satisfying closure to Cabbie, as long as that happens I don't care that it isn't getting a "proper ending" Because 1. The finale would revolve around Tori and 2. I'd rather end with a Sikowitz challenge episode, those are the best.
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    ^Exactly. Especially when the first season ended with a funny Sikowitz challenge!

    This episode wasn't too bad; primarily because of the other main characters.

    Cat's plot wasn't too bad actually. Jade was so selfless here! Same with Robbie. I felt so bad for Cat, when we saw that she lived at the school. Glad to see Jade found Cat's aunt to have her live with.

    The main plot was okay. Nothing special until it ended halfway through the episode. The next part of it was ridiculous. Beck and Andre sabotaging the hosts' prank on Tori made him get the prank turned around on him. Tori's song wasn't too bad either.

    Sad to see that next week is the last episode. Least it ends with a final Sikowitz challenge.
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    i loved this entire episode. i loved the anxiety everyone was giving tori about not forgetting the lyrics, i loved how andre and beck blew up that guy that was lovely. and when tori was getting dragged by that dog and continued to sing i laughed so hard. im not sure if it was a stunt double or not but either way i loved it

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    I knew this, but Tori has ONE HECK of a singin' voice!! When she sang "Gave THROOOOUGH to the night" Dang!! There were other things I thought about as well. I kinda meant to write a review last week.
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    Victoria Justice who plays Tori, also was scared about forgetting the lyrics at Christmas on this New York float parade. Quite realistic this episode.
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