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episode discussion: Three Girls and a Moose

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    [1]Oct 20, 2012
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    * oh to be Canadian...

    * Tinkle Aid, finally a cause a guy like me can support.

    * the straddler has the right of way.

    * moose hog > moose toosh

    * i think we have a new yellow ribbon song.

    * wow, in the end, Jade gets what Jade wants, huh?

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    [2]Oct 21, 2012
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    This was DEFINITELY a favorite episode of mine. So much activity, and some good throwbacks.

    -Jade shows interest in Moose after learning he loves the movie "Scissoring"; a movie she mentions in "A Christmas Tori"
    -Jade wears an exotic dress, that's replicated from said movie, and has the actual scissors from the movie, that was a present Cat recalls she gave to Jade from "A Christmas Tori"
    -Karaoke Dokie is back! We havent seen that place since "Freak the Freak Out"; good memories from watching that movie!
    -Both Jade AND Cat mock Tori on how she talks. Double the hilarity. xD I remember when Jade first did that in "Beck Falls for Tori"
    -Cat points out that Tori wears her glasses when she's home; something Tori started doing since "Helen Back Again"
    -We see Rex once again, but briefly, with Robbie at the later part of the episode. Haven't seen Rex since "Crazy Ponnie"/"The Blonde Squad".

    Tinkle-Aid was trending on twitter last night, and so was LABoyz. Both are awesome. xD Robbie comes up with the most interesting titles. It was so cool to finally see Tori and Cat do an actual duel together. Unless you count My Best Friend's Brother, but that song is mainly Tori's.

    I had so much fun watching this episode, and this season's getting really good. Probably one of my favorites of the whole show.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this show would get a movie to make closure, because these episodes are getting really good. Trends keep happening on twitter, and the show is well enjoyable now. I hope Nick will do something about that.
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    [3]Oct 21, 2012
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    Beat me to it. Lol. Expected it. Anyways, it was cliched, but entertaining. When Jade said "So not interested" or som'n like that when Beck was tellin' them about Moose before showed up, REALLY ticked me off! Ugh! I know they're broken up, but still. There were other things I thought about as well, such as Tori and Cat's/Victoria and Ariana's musical number, etc.
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    [4]Oct 24, 2012
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    definitely one of the more entertaining episodes of the season finally a song and for once jade came out on the winning side. i thought they were going to be cliche and let the main character win but they didnt yay lol

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    A weird obsession by the 3 girls, seen it so many times in Hollywood. I liked Andre in this episode, found him quite funny.

    Cat was adorable with her hamburgers in the 2nd last scene outside Beck's trailer. Not bad of an episode.
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