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Final Five Episodes - "Bad Roommate" - Episode Discussion

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    [1]Jan 5, 2013
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    Well, this episode was pretty below average.

    Andre was alittle jerky at the beginning, and halfway through the episode. Just because Tori got mad at him for playing on the piano late at night, and eating their Family Pot Pie. He just leaves with a rude attitude, and says he had better Pot Pie. Wow. What happened to Andre?

    Their song was pretty good though; too bad the Baby hated it. Daw. xD

    Cat's phone page on The Slap transistion was pretty cool! I did not expect that. XD

    Anyways, Jade's plot was okay. Beck is being a good boyfriend though; he deserves credit here.

    Cat... Cat, calm down sweetie. And Robbie, eh. He didn't stand out much for me.

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    [2]Jan 5, 2013
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    * Seinfeld episode "The Pick", google it.

    * i don't blame Andre's grandma, when those ceiling fans get up there in speed, they frighten me, i think they're gonna fly off and slice me.

    * even worse than a participation trophy is a bought trophy.

    * when Tori loses sleep, she's in a very vulnerable position...

    * it gets better...through laughter.

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    [3]Feb 24, 2013
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    Not bad of an episode, thought the bad roommate plot would be much longer. Andre only did 2 or 3 bad things in Tori's house that I can think of.
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