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Nickelodeon (ended 2013)

Victoriou has officially finished filming for the final time. 20th of July 2012.

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    [21]Aug 26, 2012
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    I'm not so surprised. Stuff like this would happen to potentially successful shows on TV. The stuff that goes on in the background is what runs the show. We just give it that energy boost to keep it going from the fanbase and popularity. But when it comes down to it, it's the business matters that make the choices, not us. It's ending, so we better enjoy what's left.

    I can't even watch them live on Nick right now, since my dorm in college doesn't have Nickelodeon on cable. Sucks.
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    [22]Aug 28, 2012
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    I'm actually really saddened by this. Though I don't usually like shows with teens trying to get famous, there was something different about this show that I really loved. It was really cute and funny and I just thought it was so nice. I love the relationship between Jade and Tori, it's freakin' hilarious! and I love Cat. I also love Avan Jogiaand Leon Thomas, they are pretty attractive, haha. It's pretty sad that they are getting rid of the last two good shows on Nickelodeon. I don't understand why Victorious is getting cancelled, it's a fairly new show considering it's only 2 years old..

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    [23]Sep 8, 2012
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    Its sad that Victorious is ending so soon. Nick shows have been going up to 4 seasons for the last few years. I hope the cast finds some new roles in time. They are all so amazing. The characters are great especially Robbie and Jade. oHe Liz Gillies and Adrana Grande should record more songs. I want a moviewhere Liz Gillies stars as the main character.

    As for the show, Robbie needs to have a girlfriend he's the only main character who hasn't been in a relationship. I hope Cat and Robbie get together they have couple written all over them.

    I'm going to be sad to see the last episode of Icarly and Victorious.

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    [24]Sep 13, 2012
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    There is still another full season to go.
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