Season 2 Episode 8

Helen Back Again

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Everyone must audition to get back into Hollywood Arts after the school gets a new principal.

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  • My least favorite episode of the whole series

    Okay im sorry fans but i could not stand this episode at all! this is definetly my least favorite and probaly the only victorious episode ive seen that i hated. first of all Helen annoyed me she was too biased. second i really hated trina she kept interupting tori's sentence. i also didnt laugh once seriously. it kills me to give an episode of the series this low of a grade and i tried to like this episode but i couldnt no offense to any fans out there this will also probably be my only negative review of the show.

    GRADE:0.5/10 F------------------------------------------------------------moreless
  • 208

    Yvette Nicole Brown guest starred on the show tonight and already that should have been enough reason to dislike this episode. She's just not funny and hopefully people realize that sooner rather than later. Her presence distracted from what was actually not a terrible episode of Victorious with some good Jade moments including her awesome video.

    Not too memorable an episode, but I am just glad the show is back. Just don't make Helen a recurring character and I'll be happy.moreless
  • Is it me, or is it a bit too rushed?

    Okay, so there's a new principal in Hollywood who is Helen from Drake and Josh.

    I love to see Dan Schneider combining the world of his previous Nickelodeon shows. It was just as cool as seeing Craig, Eric, and Gavin from Drake and Josh, and Stacey from Zoey 101 in iStart a Fan War. Also, Drake and Josh is mentioned 4 times. That's awesome!

    Helen wants everyone to re-audition so they can stay in the school. All the auditions were hilarious, especially Cat's 90 second audition, Jade's horror movie, and Rex humiliating Robbie on stage. So right after the auditions, it just so happens that Trina made the audition, but Tori didn't.

    So after some goodbyes, it just so happens that the names for Trina and Tori were mixed up. But Tori doesn't have the guts to tell Trina, so Tori convinces Robbie to pretend to steal Helen's purse, while Trina stops him. That was really funny how Robbie was so scared. So with that, now both of the sisters are back at Hollywood Arts.

    The paragraph above all happened in about 5 minutes. It really felt quick and done. However, it's still great like the show. So overall, rushed, yet decent. 8.5 out of 10.moreless
  • Helen (Nicole Yvette Brown) from "Drake and Josh" is now Hollywood Arts new school principal

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious". One of the reasons why I think "Victorious" is so much better than "iCarly" because not too much humor feel forced or rehashes, I laugh 10 times harder than "iCarly", and "Victorious" has more charms than "iCarly". This episode definitely proved why "Victorious" is such an awesome and hilarious show. I love that Helen (played by Nicole Yvette Brown) from "Drake and Josh" is now Hollywood Arts new school principal. There were so many parts in this episode that just had to make me laugh very hard. Robbie buying a bike from Sinjin and the car (driven by Helen) crashing the bike in the beginning of the episode was funny. I also love that this episode mentioned four things from "Drake and Josh". First of all, they kept the name "Helen" which was Nicole Yvette Brown's character name so Helen is the same person here. Second, Helen mentioned that she used to be in her sitcom "Happy Times" even with the "That is not my job" line which she mentioned the in the Drake and Josh episode "Helen's Surgery". Third, she mentioned that she works at the Premiere Theater. Last, Helen mentioned Crazy Steve at the very end of the episode when she said "And I thought Crazy Steve was crazy". Like I said, I laughed at a lot of parts especially with the Hollywood Arts students RE-auditioning to stay at Hollywood Arts. Jade's horror movie made me laugh so hard especially because Helen and the others (especially Sikowitz) were terrified. Cat's Re-audition was adorable and hilarious. I never even knew that Cat can juggle :D LOL. Rex's lines in this episode were hilarious as well. Tori saying that she hates Cream n' Wheat was also funny. Tori not wanting to let Trina know that she is actually the person who is getting kicked out of Hollywood Arts was funny and nice. Although. I kinda wished that Trina heard the news about that. Oh well, this episode was terrific and hilarious. Overall, an excellent episode of "Victorious" and definitely one of Season 2's best episodes I've seen. 10/10moreless
  • perfect

    what i liked- the references to Drake and Josh- Helen being Helen, the reference to her job as owner of the Premiere Theater, Happy Times, a long with her "That is not my job" line/catch phrase, and her saying "And i thought Crazy Steve was crazy" at the end, Jade's video she wrote for her re-audition, Helen singing in class after Jade asks her what she knows about talent, the ending with Andre dragging Robbie away, and Helen does not know where Robbie is and just does not care, Helen thinking it was so hilarious when Rex kept interrupting Robbie, etc.

    Great episode, though it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I mean, if Andre passed his re-audition, surely Tori would have. I mean, they did a duet, how would one of them have passed and not the other? Though i did like the emotion of Tori thinking she did not get in. I liked the revelation that it was Trina who did not pass her audition, and I liked Tori getting her back in (when Trina thought it was Tori trying to get herself back in). Great episode, I felt. A+moreless
Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Nicole Brown

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Eric Lange (II)

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