Season 3 Episode 10

How Trina Got In

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 05, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • The REAL story about how Trina got into Hollywood Arts at the end of the episode lowered my score :( That was just pathetic

    The gang trade stories on how Trina was accepted to Hollywood Arts High School. Tori and Robbie can't pay for their meals so have to work it off. Okay, I was excited about this episode because it was about Andre, Beck, and Jade telling Cat the story about how Trina got into Hollywood Arts. As predictable as it is, the three of them each tell their fake stories about she got in (which was similar to "Who Did It To Trina?). I really liked the idea and I got into it but my score did lower down big time. Well, the episode actually would've gotten a 9.5 because of the pointless fake stories that Beck, Jade, and Andre were telling Cat but it lowered down to a 7.5 because the REAL story about how Trina got into Hollywood Arts was just pure pathetic and I got super excited about nothing at all. That was just NOT a good way to tell the story, not at all and I know the point of that scene was to be funny but it honestly didn't make me laugh at all. My mom watched the second half of the episode with me and when I turned around and saw her face, she looked all bugged about that situation so at least I wasn't alone. She doesn't watch much "Victorious" with me mainly because she doesn't really like the show and there are only like very very few episodes that she actually likes. But yeah, if you're wondering why it did bug me... it's because the REAL story was that Sikowitz is the only judge in the room judging Trina at the auditions and of course Trina's singing is horrible but Sikowitz drinks a bad coconut juice that makes him hallucinate very crazy and he thought Trina's performance was good (under all that hallucination) so he writes "yes" on his paper and the other judges's papers. And that is how Trina got into Hollywood Arts... pathetic right? I know. As for the subplot, that plot was hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the main plot but the subplot was twice as better than the main plot. A lot of parts in the subplot with Tori and Robbie having work to pay their restaurant bill were very funny especially the scene with Tori, Robbie, and that big dude were chopping the squids and they were all singing that sushi song. The very ending of the episode with Robbie massaging that big dude's toes were funny as well even though it was a bit gross. Overall, a good episode of "Victorious"... it would've been an ALMOST perfect episode but you already know what ruined that so I don't need to repeat myself. 7.5/10
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