Season 2 Episode 3

Ice Cream for Ke$ha

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • WOOHOO! This was a ROCKIN' good Victorious!

    So, after Trina brings back an old deal from ten years ago, Tori then reaizes that she has to be Trina's assisstant for th next MONTH. However, when Tori finds out about a Ke$ha concert contest, she tries to win so she can stop serving Trina.

    This episode was a PERFECT episode, and to top it off, there was a ROCKIN' music video by Ke$ha! Perfect episode, by far! 10/10 A+ A perfect episode of Victorious, in which so far is the best i've EVER seen of Victorious, even topping off my old favirote. So, Good Job, Dan!

    See You Next Time!
  • 203

    Victorious does it again. Another strong episode of the Nickelodeon original series and I just do not know how people don't like this program.

    I am not a huge Ke$ha fan, but I am sure a lot of the Nick fanbase loves her wacky songs, so this appearance brought those added viewers. As long as Victorious does not have big name guest stars every week I am fine with the occasional celebrity stopping by.

    Loved how the whole cast was working together to find the ice cream. I like when shows just have the main storyline and not a boring "B" storyline just for the sake of having one. Some great interactions between everyone tonight. Would have liked to see Sikowitz show up, but I understand why he was not needed tonight.

    Another great episode. Not much more else to say.
  • Oh my gosh!!! Absolutely one of the best "Victorious" episodes of Season 2 so far

    I was so impressed with this episode and I absolutely loved it. Season 2 has been very good so far. "Beggin' On Your Knees" and this episode have been the best episodes of Season 2 so far while "Beck Falls for Tori" wasn't my favorite "Victorious" episode. As always, I loved Cat in this episode because she is so adorable and so innocent when she talks and laughs. I thought the plot was very funny. I loved the idea of everyone looking for all the letters inside the ice cream to spell "Ke$ha" so Ke$ha can perform at Tori and Trina's house. It was very funny when Tori had to be Trina's assistant for a whole month and the only way that Tori can stop being her assistant was if she won a private concert from Ke$ha. I am not a huge fan of Ke$ha but I'm pretty sure alot of Ke$ha fans watched this episode because of her. This episode proves that "Victorious" really is funnier and better than "iCarly". I also thought it was hilarious when Tori, Cat, Jade, and Robbie asked that little boy if they can have the $ for "Ke$ha" and his condition from Tori, Cat, Jade, and Robbie was that he would see Ke$ha perform at Tori and Trina's house and kiss Tori, Cat, and Jade. Overall, an absolutely perfect episode of "Victorious" and I recommend this episode to anyone that wants to be blown away and laugh really hard. 10/10
  • superb

    Tori and her friends try to get ice cream containers containing Kesha's name, with letters for K, E, S, H and A. Whoever does this gets a private Kesha concert. Tori and her friends go nuts trying to find all the letters so they can win the private concert. Will they eventually succeed?

    Good episode. The ending kind of bothered me, with how Tori just locked that kid out of the house because he wanted to kiss her, Cat, and Jade. I mean I can see why she would not want to kiss him, but she could have at least tricked him in a way that made him feel like he accomplished what he wanted and got a kiss. The rest of the episode was decent, even though it did not have many good jokes
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