Season 1 Episode 5

Jade Dumps Beck

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 02, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • An enjoyable "Victorious" episode with only one flaw


    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Victorious". Not my favorite episode but most of the parts in this episode did make me laugh pretty hard. I did feel like the writers could've waited a little longer to air this episode because this is barely the 5th episode of "Victorious" and they started the Beck/Jade break up storyline too early. That's NOT the one flaw I had with this episode though. The one flaw that made my score a little low was how Trina is threatening and forcing Robbie to write a good review about her one woman play or else she is gonna come after Robbie and attack him. Poor Robbie, you should only write reviews if you actually think that play, movie, or whatever is good and not let that one person force to write a good review. Seriously? Trina kinda got me angry. Anyways, there were a lot of funny and enjoyable parts in this episode. Jade crying after her breakup with Beck and coming to Tori's house for help to get Beck back was very funny. Jade crying on Tori's pillow (made by her grandma before she died) was very funny. Tori's line "That's okay, I'll just ask my grandma for another pillow...... if she ever comes back to life" was very funny. Trina's one woman play being terrible was absolutely funny. Also, did anyone notice Jerry Trainor in the audience? because I did and I thought it was cool when they did that. Also, the scene with Tori and Jade bringing a dog inside Beck's trailer and that dog ended up attacking Beck's dad instead was very funny and unexpected. I actually thought it was Beck being attacked by that dog. The ending with Jade and Beck getting back together was also pretty good. Of course, what angers me about Jade is that she is still mean to Tori in the future episodes when Tori did that nice thing for Jade. Overall, a superb episode of "Victorious". 9/10

  • Dumped

    Jade dumps Beck but soon wants to get back together with him. She goes to Tori for help. Will they be able to come up with a plan that will get Jade and Beck back together? Trina puts on her own one-woman show which Robbie reviews. Is the play worth seeing?

    An OK episode, about average. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. My score is a 5 point 5, so my grade is probably a C+ or so, which is what I have given most if not all episodes so far of this series. Still watchable however... interesting
  • Lots of dumping at Hollywood Arts!

    I didn't care much for the main story. Beck has becomes friends wioth a socialite, causing Jade to dump Beck. Tori was dragged into this after Jade try to make up with him. This involve a large dog and a trailor. Can't nsay no more. You have to find out for yourself. In the secondary story, which is better than the main story, Robbie is reviewing a one-woman show, put on by Trina. I saw this one-woman's pla and it's not good. Trina is warinbg Robbie is warned by Trina to write a good review or else. TRwo fairly good storyline, made this a 8.
  • My favorite episode! Trina's chicago play was the best!

    There were funny parts such as Jade going to Tori for help because she doesn't want anyone who's cool to see her cry, Beck saying Jade hasn't done one nice thing in 2 years but Jade says they've only dated 1 year and 11 months, and the dog almost killing Beck's dad. It was funny when Beck showed up and Tori said "How are you out here", then Jade said "You're in there being mauled by a dog!" (though it was his dad). These parts were overall classic since breakups happen often with couples.

    As for my favorite part: Trina's chicago play! I love her horrible singing and how she keeps on torturing Robbie for not writing a review of her show and then for reviewing it as a comedy. Overall a classic episode and my favorite!
  • 105

    A fair entertaining episode with a predictable outcome with a few stand out scenes, but really nothing to write home about here. Hearing Dan's announcer voice was one of the stand out things, just gave me flashbacks of All That, and it was just a great add in, especially for older viewers.

    So who else knew from the start that Jade & Beck were going to get back together? I definitely know I did, and the whole plan with Jade and the dog was uninteresting and I was just surprised that the Jade & Tori interactions were not the best.

    The Trina & Robbie scenes saved the episode. These two need to interact more and Trina is really starting to grow on me even though she is a carbon copy of Sam from iCarly with some minor tweaks. Entertaing and a good enough episode overall, even though it wasn't very memorable.
  • Jade dumps Beck but soon regrets it, and Robbie has to review Trina's hilarious one woman show.

    So after learing theat Beck is friends with some random actress, Jade comments on how she has to approve everyone of Beck's friends. Beck doens't like that and they get into a fight, and she dumps him.

    Meanwhile robbie is chosen to review Trina's one woman show (Chicagoooooooooooooo!!!!) and it sucks so bad that he is afriad she'll kill him if he does a bad review. Andre suggest reviewing it as comedy, and she is angry at first, but on the premier everyone laughs and she likes it.

    So later, Jade wants to get back together with Beck, and asks Tori for help. She tells her to do sth nice for him, and she telsl her how Beck always wanted a dog. They then sneak a rotveiller to Beck's trailer on his parents garden (his roof, his rules), but it then mauls Beck's dad. Beck appreciates the gesture and gets back together with Jade.

    Overall: A good episode. I liked more the subplot cause I don't like Jade that much. Also, no Cat! What's up with that Dan? 8.5/10.
  • 105

    Wow, I was pretty surprised to see a Nickelodeon show make a Jay Leno joke. That got a laugh from me.

    I continue to be surprised at how many genuine lol moments this show produces. I'm an adult and I find it funny (the scene with the dog attacking Beck's father was classic) so I can only imagine how much kids enjoy it. Victorious holds about 99% of iCarly's viewership, so that is a good sign that people love this show.

    There were a few awkward scenes here tonight, mainly the Trina ones, but another decent outing from a very underrated show. Everyone should be watching Victorious.
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