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Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Tori Vega gets the chance of a lifetime, after filling in for her sister's performing act, she is given the opportunity to attend the elite Hollywood Arts High School. However, fitting in proves difficult when she is targeted by Jade when she sees her with her boyfriend, which causes her to wonder if she truly belongs there.


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Jim Pirri

Jim Pirri

David Vega

Recurring Role

Jennifer Carta

Jennifer Carta

Holly Vega

Recurring Role

Eric Lange

Eric Lange

Erwin Sikowitz

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Tori, André, Robbie, Cat, Beck, and Jade are in tenth grade. Also, Trina is a year older than Tori.

    • On the second shot between major scenes of Tori updating her Twitter-like page, two spaces under Tori you can see the icon of DanWarp with the name by it, along with the message "hates blatant self-promotion ; )". DanWarp is the online name of the creator of Victorious, Dan Schneider.

    • The line written on the white board in Mr. Sikowitz's class in the last scene is an old theater line, "Theater is life, film is art, television is furniture."

    • In the second between-scene shot, right below Tori, you can see Jaxiecat asking for more cat food. Jaxiecat is the cat of Dan Schneider, creator of this show.

    • On the first between-scene shot three spaces below Tori you can see Hungry Girl making a comment about pie flavors. Hungry Girl is the wife of the show's creator, Dan Schneider.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Mr. Sikowitz: Okay, first I'd like to introduce our new student, Tori, and I'd like to thank Tori for her generous gift of two dollars, which she handed me outside this morning. Not necessary, but much appreciated.
      André: Why'd you give him two dollars?
      Tori: I thought he was homeless.

    • Trina: You know, you're actually not terrible. You're really going to quit Hollywood Arts?
      Tori: What do you think I should do?
      Trina: I think you should come back.
      Tori: Why?
      Trina: So I won't be known at school as the girl with the lame, little sister who quit on her first day...and I think you were really good in the Big Showcase.
      Tori: (Tori smiles) Thanks Trin.
      Trina: But I would have been amazing!

    • André: Okay, this school is not normal.
      Tori: (With sarcasm) Really?
      André: You're not normal either. I've seen what you can do on the stage. You're special, you're fantastic, you belong at this school. (Before walking away) Normal's boring.

    • Mr. Sikowitz: Tori, you're back. You ever thought about coming in through the window?
      Tori: No.
      Mr. Sikowitz: Think about it.

    • Trina: See, it's just a high school.
      Tori: Uh, this is not just a high school. These kids are all artsy and creative and talented and I'm just... normal.
      Trina: It's okay, there's nothing wrong with being average. Anyway, you're not alone. I got your back.
      Tori: Okay, though...
      Friend: Trina! Eric Paulson got his hair straightened!
      Trina: Shut up! Oh my god!
      (Trina and her friend walk off speaking unintelligibly.)
      Tori: I'm alone!

    • Mr. Sikowitz: (To Jade, who kisses Beck after just being picked by Tori to join her on the stage) Jade, kiss your boyfriend on your own time.
      Jade: (In front of Tori) Oh, I will.
      Mr. Sikowitz: Okay, if you start your line with the wrong letter, (Buzzes) you're out! Robbie, give us a letter.
      Robbie: (Through Rex) P.
      Mr. Sikowitz: P!
      Robbie: Aww, I was going to say P.
      Mr. Sikowitz: Okay, the scene can be about anything you want. The first letter of the first line is P. Tori...action!
      Tori: (To Jade) Please go take a shower.
      Jade: Quit telling me what to do.
      Beck: Relax, girls. Let's all try to get along.
      Cat: Totally!
      Mr. Sikowitz: (Makes buzzer noise.) Cat, your line had to start with an s.
      Cat: Salami!
      Mr. Sikowitz: Too late, Cat
      Cat: Oh, my life's the worst!
      Mr. Sikowitz: Here's a piece of candy.
      Cat: Yay, I love candy!

    • André: Hey, whatchu doin?
      Tori: Calling my mom to tell her I want to go back to my old school.
      André: Why?
      Tori: Cause I don't like having black coffee in my hair.
      André: Then I'll get you some cream and sugar. Everything'll be chill.

    • Tori: Hey, um, can you tell...
      Cat: Oh my god, you're Tori right?
      Tori: Uh-huh.
      Cat: You were so awesome in the Big Showcase!
      Tori: Aw, thanks.
      Cat: My name's Cat.
      Tori: Like the animal.
      Cat: What's that supposed to mean!?
      Tori: Nothing. I...I love cats.
      Cat: Me too. They're so cute...
      (Cat walks off.)

    • André: No grandma, listen, there's no way you can drown at my school. Look... look... I gotta... I gotta... I g... I ca... I'll call you later!
      Tori: Your grandmother's coming to the Big Showcase?
      André: Yeah, it's gonna be the first time she's left the house in six years.
      Tori: Why?
      André: Cause the woman's afraid of everything. People, umbrellas, rabbis, bikinis, breakfast foods...
      Tori: So if she saw a rabbi in a bikini eating pancakes...
      André: The woman would burst into flames.

    • Tori: Lets see... the bread mold.
      Friend: (Typing into his laptop) Bread mold.
      Tori: (Looking at it with a magnifying glass.) Furry.
      Friend: Furry.
      Tori: Mushy.
      Friend: Mushy.
      Tori: (While moving to the other side of the table) Next, the fish mold.
      Friend: Fish mold.
      Tori: (Smelling the fish mold) Stanky.

    • (After André plays extremely well on the piano.)
      Tori: Oh my god you're fantastic!
      Trina: He's okay.

    • André: You go to Hollywood Arts too?
      Tori: Oh, no, I'm not a performer. Just my sister.
      Trina: Yep. I got the talent and she got the strong teeth. You know she's never had one cavity?
      Tori: I try not to brag about it.

    • Tori: Oh, hi. You're André's grandmother?
      André's Grandmother: (screaming, ducking behind Tori's seat) I don't know you!

    • Tori: Can you show me where Mr. Sikowitz's class is?
      Robbie: (Through his puppet) Second door on your right.
      Tori: Thank you. (Gives Robbie a strange look before walking off)
      Robbie: (Through his puppet) Whatever it takes cupcake!

  • NOTES (14)


    • iCarly:

      On the Vega's icebox you can see a sticker that says "". Also, during the shots of Tori updating her page, you can see iCarly listed under "trending topics". iCarly is also another one of Dan Schneider's shows.

    • Sgt. Pepper:

      During the first two between-scene shots, you can see "Sgt. Pepper" listed under trending topics. This is a reference to the famous Beatles album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

    • Lady Googoo:

      During the first two between-scenes shots, this can be seen under the label "Trending Topics", which is alluding to pop icon, Lady Gaga.

    • Pear Products:

      The laptops that both Tori's friend and Tori are seen using have a pear on the back of them. This is an allusion to Apple computers. Dan Schneider uses this allusion for most Apple-based products in his other shows as well.

    • Wahoo Punch:

      A vending machine for "Wahoo Punch" can be seen in the hallway. This is a reference to the actual beverage "Hawaiian Punch".

    • The Slap:

      This is a reference to the website Twitter, where people post what they are doing at different times of the day.