Season 2 Episode 5

Prom Wrecker

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 21, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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    I finally managed to catch a season 2 episode of Victorious. I really need to catch up. Anyways, this episode was actually really good. Victorious continues without a flaw, I was really pleased with this episode. Glad to see Dan going back to the roots of what made the show good.

    What with Cat's weirdness, Jade & Tori scheming against each other, and a crazy party to top it off: you got yourself a classic episode of Victorious. I thought Jade's scheming against Tori was well deserved though. It seemed as though everyone was on Tori's side. What about Jade?

    My only complaint was the absence of Beck. It definitely didn't go unnoticed and it was lame how they explained his disappearance. Beck in Canada? Come on, you have to give me something better than that. Overall, good installment.
  • After Tori plans prom on the day of Jade's project, Jade seeks revenge by ruining prom.

    I thought that this was an overall great episode of "Victorious" for the most part. It wasn't the funniest nor the best episode I've ever seen but it definitely that horrible episode "Tori Gets Stuck" from last Saturday... mostly because of Jade. Just like "Tori Gets Stuck", Jade got me furious in this episode and definitely not as much as last Saturday's new episode... I was ten times more furious with "Tori Gets Stuck". Some of the jokes in this episode really wasn't the best but it still worked enough for me to give this an overall great score. I did find it hilarious when Sikowitz was taking his grandma to the hospital in the beginning of the episode. Shenjin helping Trina to win prom queen was also a very funny storyline. Cat telling Robbie that she has prom dress but Robbie doesn't believe her was also funny. Of course, my score is just a little low because Jade trying to ruin prom for Tori and the other Hollywood Arts students. Jade really has some issues and that's why I despise her so much. There really was no Andre plot though... it just him and that girl making out (which was pretty pointless and boring to me. That diaper dude was pretty funny. Cat (the most adorable girl in "Victorious" looked so adorable in her prom dress (I know what you're thinking... Why does tigerdude22 have mention how adorable Cat is in almost every episode? it's because she is adorable to me and I can't help it). Anyways, I felt bad for Cat when Robbie didn't believe her about her prom date BUT at least she didn't cry... that would have actually hurt me. It was also funny when Tori got revenge on Jade by saying that she won prom queen and that diaper dude won prom king. It was hilarious when Trina (who is the ACTUAL prom queen winner) gets furious with Shejin because she lost which she actually didn't. I also loved the song that Tori sang called "Best Friend's Brother" at the end of the episode... Cat (who had an amazing voice) also sang that song with Tori. Overall, this was a great "Victorious" prom themed episode. 8.5/10
  • Victorious is a lot better than Icarly...Just saying

    The Comedy on Victorious is more interesting than Icarly. I religiously watch this show every week and Icarly I watch occasionally.

    This is another episode that is showcasing Jade, my favorite character. Jade is in "word that rhymes with witch" mode again but i can understand why.

    She was upset about the play and Tori could have reschedule the Prom for the night before...But of course, this is TV and they needed Jade to get mad to make prom bad

    The Jokes were funny, I love Jade imitating Tori's voice and even the subplots were funny.

    Sinjin is the Gibby of the show....I love Trina but they need to replace Trina with Sinjin because she really doesn't do much and sinjin is very funny.

    Becks missed 2 episodes and the first episode wasnt explained as to why and this episode was he was in Canada. I don't like his character but have you noticed when Jade and Beck are together she is tamer but last episode...and this episode no beck makes Jade more evil?

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    After a dismal episode last time around we get a good episode of Victorious tonight. The show had all the elements of a good Victorious: Jade and Tori fighting, a Sikowitz appearance and another catchy new song. I thought that the idea of a prom was going to be boring, but this show made it work and it was a fun little party that they had here.

    You had some very predictable gags like Cat's boyfriend actually existing, and you had a "Chris from Kenan and Kel" moment with Sikowitz having to take his mother to the hospital, but this was a good Victorious. Funny, well-written and the fact that it was one of the few original programs on tonight certainly did not hurt it. Can't wait for Victorious' crossover episode with iCarly in two weeks.
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