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    I loved Victorious and I wish they had a proper season finale because it was such a good show!!

    Season 1: best season yet especially "Freak the Freak Out" episode

    Season 2: gooood stuff

    Season 3: mediocre

    Season 4: downhill tbh it wasn't funny anymore just bland


    Tori: she's super sweet and a great friend but should share the spotlight with her friends more tbh

    Andre: he's one chill type of guy

    Cat: super nice but I wish they didn't make her sound stupid as the show progressed over the years and not made her voice sound like an 8 year old kid with it being so high-pitched

    Beck: he's a hottie kinda wish him and Tori got together instead of him and Jade tbh

    Jade: i know she's acts like bi*** to make people afraid of her but she over does it tbh to the point where I'm like wtf

    Robbie: if he didn't carry that stupid puppet everywhere he would be more sane instead of a senitive emotional wreck that he is

    Trina: she needs to calm tf that girl is annoying af i don't how she got in to Hollywood Arts in the first place(they actually showed a crappy episode how she got in) but overall i don't like her personality

    Tbh before canceling the show I think they should have had proper season finale like where everyone graduates in the last episode like a 1 hour episode type of thing.

    My vision of what the last episode should have looked like was all the characters were graduating and Andre got a record label as well as Beck getting an acting job in a big movie and Tori also landed a part in the music industry which things take a twist (but the only people who didn't were Cat, Robbie, Jade and Trina) where something goes wrong and somehow she gets in huge trouble from the school and almost doesn't graduate and the all characters have to help her in order for to graduate and not get canceled deal with the record label if they find out what she did at the school so that happens and at the end of the show they all make speeches about them going off into their lives and how the school has benefited them in many ways and how they had so many wild and crazy adventures and they should all chant "We are victorious" and that's the end of the show!!! (KEEP IN MIND This would have been perfect because Cat could have met Sam would have met each other over summer and had babysitting gig to keep themselves buzy which plays out)
  • Not One Of Dan Schneider's Worst Shows, But Like Most, It Suffers From Major Flaws

    Victorious is not that good of a show to tell you the truth, mainly because it seems all over the place with most of the episodes. Victorious is about a group of high school students who have some adventures & situations they get in. Some of these students include: Tori, the main character. Andre, who I suppose is a musician. And Cat, who is kind of like Carly from "ICarly" if she was much more hyper & happy go lucky. What this show suffers from the most is the high school stereotypes they have, and they don't present most of these high school stereotypes well. The only ones that they do well are some of the ones I mentioned before, which are Andre & Cat. The rest of the characters are not terrible but they're kind of mediocre. There is a puppet that this one character carries with him and I will admit I got some laughs out of that puppet than the actual human character himself. There is also a teacher that they have who I honestly thought was funny also, so that leaves 4 characters of this entire show that I thought were great, while the rest aren't good. The writing for this show is decent too, but it never felt like it expanded with what it really could do with its writing, most episodes felt lazy in my opinion. Overall: Victorious is a show that suffers from characterization, awkward stereotypes, average writing, & that writing doesn't help as the laugh box always gets in the way. You could give it a watch, it would harm you, but it most likely wont impress you in a way.

    2/4 Stars
  • Awesomeness

  • Sexy Too

    IF only there were picshot
  • sexy ;)

    Only watched to jack off to Jade, Tori and Cat
  • Stupid kids

    When i saw that my daughter was watching the show I slapped her and broke the TV . Only idiots like this show. Its an exact copy of i Carly. I bet only ugly indian kids like this show.
  • How did I ever like this show...

    For whatever reason, I used to like this awful show. Now I realize that this is like every other Nick show: awful acting, plots, humor, and characters. I mean they've got Tori, a brat, Cat, a complete idiot, Beck, who has girls flocking over him WHEN HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND, Robbie, who has a PUPPET (how pathetic can they get), Jade, a goth bully who happens to be Beck's girlfriend, and Trina, who is extremely annoying. I'm glad this show was cancelled.
  • So So

    This show is okay l, I guess. I just think they try way too hard to be different from other tv shows. They make all the characters as weird as possible, which just ends up making them look ***ed.

    There are no normal characters on this show. Maybe Beck, but that's about it.

    The rest of them are weird, stupid, mean, and annoying as all hell. Trina, especially, is fucking irritating.
  • Awesome

    This show is simply awesome and hilarious. From the characters to the acting to the storylines, it's the perfect view of a performing arts school and the lives of its students. Almost every episode is clever, creative, and enjoyable. It serves its purpose which is to entertain the audience. Even though some episodes are less good than others, but that's obviously common and prone to happen. I didn't find any episode to be bad except for a thousand berry balls, april fools blank, brain squeezers, and maybe cell block. It's just as good as iCarly. One is not any better than the other, although this show doesn't always seem to focus on a problem or something bad happening like in iCarly. Rex is funny and I like that they added a puppet to the show, but he's often rude and I don't always like that about him. On one hand I think the show would've been better off without him because it sort of ruins Robby's reputation which is why he doesn't have a girlfriend and people think he is weird and strange and nerdy, but on the other hand he's just trying to be funny and he definitely is and that's why I like Rex. If this were real life and Robbie eventually ditched him, having a puppet for the time being in school may be OK, but again it's hard to form a permanent opinion about it. But what I for sure don't like that he says it's not a puppet though and treats him as if he's an actual person even though he knows he's not real and that's just sad. Yes Cat got dumber in season 2, but that's what makes the show funny and I like it. Except for a few instances where she just talks irrelevant nonsense and can be kind of annoying and wish she could have kept her smarter more charming personality from season 1. And yes I wish they kept her real voice because it was better and think it's a bad idea to change it for no reason, but I don't find the fake one annoying. I mean it is compared to her real voice, but not in itself and I still like it so it's OK. Overall, an awesome show that ended too early just because of Nickelodeon's stupid ridiculous unfair 60 episode limit that makes no sense. Should've gone as long as iCarly because it was just as good and that's why they did iCarly over 100 episodes. Apparently they didn't think so. End of review.
  • Thee best

    All there is to it, thee best. Just wish it had a proper ending
  • It would fit my Top 10 shows overall

    Victorious is not the best show I've watched but it's at least watchable compared to some other shows. I kinda feel bad for the cast. I think Cat could have been a little smarter but I think she could still get asked out on a date but I think she should have dated Robbie. Tori was a very likable and sweet girl and very attractive (all main character women were attractive, even Trina who just needs to show better signs that she is pretty) other times she is stressful, I feel bad for her that she has to take care of a lousy bragging sister who no one likes. Andre I had NOTHING against him. Beck too likable and doesn't deserve Jade. Jade is the most EVIL, DEVILISH, And scariest character of all Nickelodeon shows, and the worst part is she is all attractive so boys who don't know her get tricked by her. But it is still good to look at Jade on the show since she is attractive. I wish she would have treated cat better though. Robbie STOP HANGING OUT WITH A STUPID PUPPET and maybe you would be more likable I wish you and cat would have made a couple.. Rex no offense but your little puppet life means.. NOTHING. Sikowitz I really can't blame you for not liking Cat. Sinjin: All I'm gonna say is WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Fantastic show

    I totally love the show! Far more better than iCarly and Sam & Cat (both of which are terrible). But I still wish the series had a more better ending. No matter what, I still love Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande.
  • a great show

    this show suddenly came with a blast, then its gone.. idk why?

    its a great show with great vocals
  • A better show than iCarly, which had to be cancelled, WHY?!!!

    I understand that iCarly was canceled because it had 5 years on the air, but Victorious ONLY TOOK 2 YEARS IN THE AIR AND A HALF, and the opinion of being canceled was taken the same year as that of iCarly be canceled. ...

    For me, Victorious was always better than iCarly show with more characters, more imagination, more music, more comedy .. And it was very sad that I canceled.

    Balance of seasons:

    * First season: Victorious decent season with memorable episodes, (7.8)

    * Second season: A good season butt tet missing more humor (7.6)

    * Third season: Better than the previous season (7.9)

    * Fourth Season: The worst season of all, there were episodes that were good, some bad and last without comment. (7.4)
  • Why did it have to go down?

    We finally reached a 7 and now it's back down to 6.9? Yet Marvin Marvin has a 2.0 instead of 1.9? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! This is just like Liv and Maddie and TUFF Puppy! All I can say is haters gonna hate!
  • VICTORIOUS is my life

    I love this show more than everything

  • their are victorious

    is good
  • Victorious should come back.

    This is the best show ever it was better than icarly and wayyy better than samandcat best show ever seen.
  • The last good show Nick has ever made.

    Victorious was an awesome show. It had much more hits than misses, and offered improvement over iCarly. Then, without warning, some moron at Nick thought it necessary to cancel it forever! And even worse still, what do we get in its place? Marvin MORON, and Sanjay and Cancer. Once the spinoff Sam & Cat ends, and they finally give SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents the boots, Nick will officially be dead. May this show live on forever on DVD!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 16): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1: I totally agree SodaDog! Same for you Naygirl13.
  • An amazing show that never ever got a proper ending.

    I really liked this show better than iCarly when it came out because it had memorable musical numbers! I really wish that show got a proper ending.
  • Victorious should come back

    It was an awesome show Sam and cat is wack!!!
  • My third favorite show of all time (after Friends and Suite Life on Deck) - and the best show on Nickelodeon!

    So, the only reason this show got a lower grade is because I compared it to Glee. I gave Glee an 8 and even though this show is my third favorite, it's nowhere near Glee. Let's see why:

    Plot - the plot was really great. The only thing I didn't like about the plot is that it basically said that everybody's dreams come true, which is not true. As much I hate to type it, some dreams don't come true, and the plot implies that they all do. But other than that small detail, the plot was extremely intriguing and fun. Except for Rex. He could somehow talk on his own. I'll never understand that.

    Acting - flawless. Absolutely flawless. All the actors (especially Liz Gillies and Daniella Monet) are outstanding and the show couldn't have asked for better actors.

    Characters - they're all really good! I just really hate that the show treats Tori (her actress, Victoria Justice, too) better than the rest of the cast! Like in season 1, the episode Robarazzi, Tori was picking a zit and the audience went 'hahaha!'. In the same episode Sinjin revealed that he was collecting teeth from cousins of ex presidents and the audience went 'ewwww'. A few episodes before that when a heat wave hit LA, they were all dehydrated so Robbie decided to drink some water from the aquarium and the audience went 'ewww' again. Now, normally, this would be ew, but he was suffering a heat wave and was dehydrated! Also, in the blooper episode, Christopher Cane introduces Victoria the last, as if she's some sort of a sugar on top, saying that she's the 'star of the show'. Alright, she is, but she's definitely not my favorite character and Liz and Daniella both act better than Victoria. Other than the writers treating Tori better, the characters are all so fun, funny and just great!

    Romance - not that good. It would be SO much better if Tori and Andre ended up together! Ever since the pilot I was certain they would, and then they both end up alone. Like wth? Oh, and I also hate Beck and Jade together. They're a horrible couple. Jade is always so mean to Beck and doesn't let him have any girl friends. Their relationship is based on making out. I would have preferred Cat and Beck. Beck was always so nice to Cat and always protected her from everything. Cat was always interested in what Beck had to say, unlike Jade who only cared about being mean to Tori. I don't care who Jade ends up with, but if I had to choose I'd say Robbie. And Trina, I really don't know. Maybe the Shawn guy.

    Drama - there was a perfect amount of drama in the show and I have nothing to say about it. It was brilliant.

    Humor - eh. The writers were trying to be funny too hard so the humor became pretty unrealistic after awhile. Also, the laugh track was kind of spammed sometimes. But overall, the humor was cute and ditzy and I liked it.

    Overall - the drama, the plot, the acting and the characters were really good, the humor's okay, and the relationships suck. It's still the best show on Nick though. Luckily I have a different kind of Nickelodeon which keeps showing reruns and didn't even show season 4 yet, so I'll watch it for a while :D But when it goes away, I'll definitely miss it :( I'll still download it from time to time though, and I'll always remember it. A decent C+ to B- in my opinion.

    UPDATE: I gave it a bad grade after comparing it to Glee. Glee sucks now so Victorious is better to me.
  • Bring it back

    Victorious was the best show I have ever watched on nick in fact I still watch the old episodes. Nickelodeon is stupid to cancel it and they need to make more new episodes. Sam and cat will never be as good as victorious but they might have a chance together . Bring it back!!!!
  • In tears laughing

    Unlike other nick shows, victorious is actually unbelievably funny. It has fresh, unique plot story's which are random and funny. It's different to other shows because things actually go wrong for the main characters and it isn't cheesy
  • Good show

    It's too bad this show got cancelled, but it was still fun to watch.
  • A Decent Sitcom

    You want to see bad TV? Try sitting through an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine. I'd rather watch a Janet Reno pole dancing video. Seriously, this show is OK. Delivers consistent laughs without insulting the viewer's IQ. Has humor and jokes for a wide range of ages. Of course, Dan Schneider starred as Dennis in the 1980s/90s sitcom Head of the Class with Howard Hesseman, best remembered as Dr. Johnny Fever from the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Schneider brings the feel of HOTC to this show in that it also features a collection of gifted and talented characters with some seriously unusual bents. The best episode in the series? The parody of The Breakfast Club. Anyone who hasn't seen the movie just will not get the jokes Same with the April Fools Day episode, with the parody of the 1970s game show Match Game. Great impersonations of host Gene Rayburn and stars Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Nipsey Russell and Richard Dawson by various cast members. No, it won't make anyone forget about Seinfeld in terms of sitcoms but it's a lot better than most of the garbage that's been offered in the genre since Seinfeld went off the air.
  • The Title Explains it all

    If you are wondering what my review title is saying (no, I wasn't referencing Clarissa Explains it all), I meant that "Victorious is The show triumphs as one of Nickelodeon's greatest shows, and also as one of the best in the Teen-Tween Sitcoms ever.
  • Overall A Good Show

    Victorious did have a few flaws but is overall a very enjoyable show. I fell in love with every character. All being very unique and funny with the ability to keep the show interesting. For the most part I liked each plot. The relationships between the characters were amazing. I love how Andre and Tori are best friends but they finally have an episode where they get into a fight which shows another realistic side to their friendship. I think Robbie and Cat are cute because they're both strange but they seem to get along so well. I also like Cat and Jades friendship because they're opposites which makes them very entertaining to watch together. But my favorite character relationship is Jade and Tori's. I love the whole love/hate thing and how even though Jade is mean to her Tori still wants to be her friend. And how even though Jade thinks she's not Tori's friend, she always comes to Tori for help. They also share cute moments together. I really loved Beck and Jades relationship at first but then it started to get annoying how they'd break up and then make up over and over again. I could write more but it's getting long so overall I enjoyed this show a lot. Loved the characters and their relationships with each other. Loved most of the plots. Loved the humor. I'm sad this show was cancelled because its a fantastic show that not only kids, but adults enjoy too. :)
  • Spoiled Rich Kid Problems

    That's what the show should be renamed. Seriously, this show sucks. Occasionally bits of Dan Schneider's quirky, classic humor sneak in, but not enough to make it a good show. Here are my main issues with it:

    1. The Characters

    Tori is a super-talented girl who gets everything she wants and gets really pouty when she doesn't. Most of the plots that center around her are basically about her wanting something or getting some opportunity that she either blows off or ruins, or whining because other people aren't giving her exactly what she wants. That's her in a nutshell.

    Cat is dumb. That's all. She's kinda sweet, but mostly she's just dumb. She lives in her own world and does nothing but talk in that high voice and make completely irrelevant comments about everything because I guess she's incapable of picking up on conversational cues.

    Jade is derisive, sarcastic, and abusive to everyone. Everyone. Supposedly Cat is her best friend. If my best friend held her hand over my mouth while I struggled and screamed and then pretended to be me over the phone I would probably punch her in the stomach and report her to the police. She is unnecessarily cold to everyone and extremely territorial and jealous when it comes to Beck.

    Beck is all right, I guess. He doesn't do much. He's handsome and I guess that's his thing. He's kind of nice. He's not a bad guy. But he doesn't have much going for him. I'm not even sure what he does.

    Robbie is--well, interesting. He has his weird puppet named Rex whom he is apparently convinced is alive and real. No seriously, Tori tries to break him of his unhealthy habit by "injuring" Rex and staging his death, and then she gets all disturbed by how freakishly distraught he is and restores the puppet to life. He's not all bad, though. He's weird, his sense of humor doesn't make sense. But he's not a jerk, at least.

    Trina is intolerable and everybody hates her because she can't sing. She does disgusting things like blow her nose in Tori's underwear and dip her face in mayo. She's incredibly shallow and materialistic. Like a more obnoxious, in-your-face version of her sister. I'm not sure why she's in that school. I think it was mentioned in an episode but I forgot. Oh well.

    Andre is cool. He's like a really talented composer and I feel like he deserves better. I mean, people completely use him to write songs for them and stuff and then barely acknowledge him for it. He hardly ever gets the spotlight.

    Sikowitz isn't a major character but I'll review him anyway because I actually like him. He's honest and blunt. He regularly points out how selfish and materialistic the kids are and is totally straightforward with them about their flaws. He doesn't sugar-coat anything. I love this guy.

    And that's it, I think. I don't know, I just feel like the characters are completely one-dimensional. They have a few core traits that they never deviate from. They don't grow. In the beginning of the series there was this uncertain stage where the writers didn't seem to know what they were doing. Then they gave the characters some solid traits and stuck with them for the entire rest of the series. They're all just cardboard cut-outs.

    2. The Lack of Realism

    The whole premise of the show is unrealistic. Performing Arts schools aren't like this. Because kids in Performing Arts schools actually GO TO CLASS. Seriously, these kids are outside of class for like 90% of the show. They have one class with Sikowitz every day and then they roam around and do their own things.

    I feel like the characters' talents are generally overstated. The kids get invited to do all kinds of things that just wouldn't happen in real life, like singing at big music award shows and signing record deals and starring in movies and crap. I mean, that's not to say kids never get these jobs, but it just happens way too often, and it's never a realistic depiction of how show business works. People don't just show up at your school one day and give you some fantastic opportunity. They find qualified adults for the positions and rarely ever consider kids unless they happen to have their own talent agents and happen to be extremely good. Even when kids do get involved in show business and music, it's nothing like this. The real thing is a lot of work, and it's sort of insulting to real performers and musicians how the show depicts everything they do as being totally effortless.

    I get that it's supposed to be a kid's show, and it's not about being realistic or normal. But what's so wrong about a normal performing arts high school where kids actually learn how to hone their skills and develop into artists? There's so many Hollywood fantasy shows where everyone's talented and has automatic autotune and doesn't need to improve their skills at all. It teaches kids that they can just get whatever they want on raw talent alone, and that it's all about fame. That's not what the performing arts is about, though.

    3. The Immature and Offensive Humor

    There's a lot of humor in this show that's frankly offensive. Mainly cultural things. The kids get invited to perform in some foreign country that's in the middle of a civil war. Some ladies try to steal Beck's hair to sell it, and Andre gets bitten by some kind of poisonous bug and treated by a child doctor, and they can hear bombs going off from inside their hotel, and they end up getting locked in a prison with people who have horribly cheesy accents because Tori knocked out the chancellor's eye with a shoe and then they somehow killed his precious pet octopus/squid thing. I mean, what is this supposed to be? Is this what Dan Schneider thinks the rest of the world is like? Dirty, incompetent people with completely senseless cultural traditions?

    There's also this sushi restaurant and the owners are a stereotypical angry Japanese woman with a bad accent and a sumo wrestler-looking guy who just kind of hangs around. When Tori forgets money to pay for their sushi the owner makes her pay by helping them prepare sushi, all the while singing a song about chopping squid and disappointing your parents. I mean, seriously? Could this be anymore blatantly racist? And it's not even funny racist like in a satirical way. It's just--painful.

    There's a lot more. There's one episode that makes fun of narcoleptics by stereotyping them as dumb people who just randomly pass out on the spot everywhere. And I can't think of anymore examples. But yeah, it's bad. I mean, even Dan's other shows had elements of this, but never as bad as it is in this show.

    4. The Materialism

    I've already kind of touched up on this in the section about realism, but I'll go into more depth. There is so much materialism in this show. These kids are so freaking spoiled. They have fancy "pear phones," they have unlimited access to amazing recording studio technology, they all wear fancy designer clothes. It's pretty ridiculous. And it wouldn't be so bad if the kids didn't feel totally entitled to all of this. There's one episode where Trina decides to be a total brat to her sister because she wrote a song for her birthday but she wanted something like money or shoes or whatever. There's an episode about the kids getting new phones. There's an episode about the kids having major withdrawals because Sikowitz challenges them to go a week without their phones. There's an episode where the kids obsessively buy ice cream so they can participate in a sweepstakes to get Kesha to perform at a party for them (and of course they win). There's an episode where the kids get paid a ton of money to perform for a rich kid's birthday but apparently this is a horrible thing because it goes viral and people want them to do it more and it ruins their reputation and stuff, because getting recognized in Hollywood is the worst thing ever.

    I just can't stand this show. It's an unhealthy, grandiose twelve year-old girl's fantasy about what it would be like to go to a performing arts high school. The characters are shallow, the plots revolve around petty relationship issues or nonsensical problems. I just don't understand why it's so hard to incorporate some real-life situations into the show. What's so wrong about giving the kids relatable problems or even *gasp* more than one side to their personalities? Occasionally characters show subtle bits of development. Jade manages to show empathy for Tori a few times. Robbie laments about being totally friend-zoned by oblivious Cat. It's not 100% flat. But almost. Dan Schneider used to be much better but he's just lost his touch. I'm disappointed that this is what kids are watching now. They deserve better.
  • Stop Nick

    Victorious a good show? Used to be.. It was like a childish version of Glee. I never laughed once. Nothing was really funny. Either because it was cheesy for because I have heard the same jokes on Drake and Josh and iCarly. I'm glad it was cancelled. We had way too many of those shows where somebody became a singer and was following their dream. Wasn't there Big Time Rush? Isn't there Ant Farm?

    Stop with those celebrity shows where somebody goes Hollywood etc. It's annoying. Now I'm mad at nick for (Rumour has it) canceling BTR. How many shows have a boy as a main character? How to Rock? Same freaking plot when Kacey tries to compete with those Perfs everytime and her friends pay the price too. Sorry let me get back on subject. Tori is like the Drama Queen and most annoying on the show. She gets her way and all dreams come true for everybody! Everybody's dream has to come true. That doesn't happen in life! But it's a show. It was kinda like Big Time Rush. That was the only reason I hated BTR. The episodes I hate the most were April Fools Blank. It made me want to punch my TV. The Breakfast bunch: I'M BURNING MY HOUSE DOWN. I hate that episode! It was crap, it wasn't funny only when the vbird exploded. It was crazy wacky and stupid. No offense to people who like it but don't watch Dan Schneider's shows. The new spin-off Sam and Cat will never last. They had different personalities and like different stuff. Sam will be annoyed eventually and bye bye that show. I just hope Gibby will be good. He was actually one of the funniest characters in my opinion. Dan. Get out of that Bakery. You must've eaten a poisonous muffin which made you lose your good ideas! We need the Drake and Josh creator back! I feel sorry for Robbie but he needs to throw away that puppet and get a girlfriend and some better friends. The boys seem to be smarter than the girls on this show (excluding Sikowitz)
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