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  • One of the Better Results of the Overused Formula

    I'll admit that this is one of those overused sitcom tween formulas, but this is one of the better shows using this formula. The characters are interesting and unique, it has better humor than iCarly, or any other sitcom formulas on Disney Channel and the plots are decent. Overall, this show has more hits than misses
  • Too bad it went out in cancellation, it actually had a flare for comedy

    I dont know why this show has a lower score than TUFF Puppy. Victorious was one of my favorite shows on Nick before it got cancelled. The humor is funny most of the time and you can relate to the characters. Sycowitz and Sinjin are not even in the main cast but I even liked them like they were part of the main cast. If you say this is a bad show, your wrong. Sanjay and Craig and Barney & Friends are bad shows but at least with Victorious, the cast feels real along with the acting.
  • Just your typical crappy nick show.

    It was nothing special, it was nothing to be proud of, it was nothing even to be mad at really. The show is just your same somewhat recycled plot with some mean-spirited annoying characters .The jokes don't really have any sense to them, they're just random quotes like "Chicken Soup" or something odd like that.

    I don't hate the show as much as I hate iCarly because this one was wisely cancelled before it could gather into a ginormous cluster-fuck. I know this review will probably get down-votes(because some people can't handle others opinions) so I'll give it 4.5 for you sensitive folk.
  • Golden, Then Crappy

    At this point, I'm pretty sure I've watched every episode (even if not start-to-finish) and I have to say one important thing: It fell off. It really did. I don't even know what I was watching by the final episode.

    Season 1 was just flat-out entertaining and their best season. Everything was A-plus.

    Season 2 was where the cracks started forming. It wasn't bad by any means. If anything, the jokes improved and it the hell, Season 2 was damn good. However, I couldn't help but think some of the show's wit disappeared.

    Now, Season 3 is where the cracks started forming. The writing got lazier, and it somehow felt like Dan Schneider was starting to tease us. "The Breakfast Bunch," "The Worst Couple," "Tori Goes Platinum," and "The Blonde Squad" were the standouts. This is where Victorious officially took out iCarly as they won the Kids Choice Award for Favorite TV Show (an award that iCarly had won three years straight). At times, Tori was an asshole, Cat was just stupid beyond compare and Jade pretty much.

    Season 4 was just an absolute piss stain. A piss stain to Victorious fans everywhere and a victory for those who love to criticize Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Dan Schneider really pissed on us here. The season opener went pop instead of bam. "The Hambone King" was a failed sequel to "The Breakfast The B-plot for "Robbie Sells Rex" was trash. "The Bad Roommate" just irritated me by the end. And the series finale was crap as well. "Brain Squeezers" was God-awful. This might be the worst episode in Victorious history, and at most the worst thing Dan Schneider has ever written. How is it that I was ten times more entertained by Marvin Marvin than Victorious that night? Trust me, that's not a bad thing because Marvin Marvin was damn near excellent every episode when Victorious wasn't. I'm not saying every Season 4 episode was pitiful. It's just that there were way more failures than successes.

    In the end, Victorious was something special. It was a pretty good show that could have went out on its own terms. I mean, it won two Kids Choice Awards. But too many things screwed it up. Nickelodeon cancelling it for no intelligent reason, high production costs, Sam & Cat (which doesn't hold up to either of the shows they came from), and really bad writing near the end. This is what Dan Schneider thought: "It doesn't matter how bad the show is. People will still love it because I'm Dan Schneider. I could have guys who throw flour, the gang getting physically assaulted on a game show that shouldn't even be on air, and the whole nine yards. If anything, the more stupid it is, the more popular it is. In your face, kids. I'm crapping on you, pissing on you, and stomping you out, and it will never matter because I'm Dan freaking

    Overall, a show that went from really good, to decent, to absolute piss stain/finished in three years. At least iCarly waited four years to do that.
  • Bring back my fave and funny show

    I think show was actually goody u haters have no sense of humor.
  • Tori + Beck=beautiful love<3

    I thinnk TORI & BECCK reallllyyy need too date in thhe show pleeeeasseeeeee<3
  • I wonder how other countries portray us?

    If nickelodeon is going to keep making shows like this, then they should sell the channel to MTV. Especially Dan Schneider, who tries to make sitcoms, but instead messes up and creates reality tv. Every show like this should be cancelled and burned. And the puppet is dumb.
  • This show is just disappointing.

    My fifth TV review.

    Unfortunately, all I can say about this disappointing show is that I'm glad that this show got cancelled earlier this year, and this show is just horrible, and even if it isn't shown on TV anymore, it still should be avoided at all costs.

    My rating: 4.0 out of 10
  • Mediocre at Best

    Nickelodeon has done it yet again. Attempted to create a show that will appeal to the teenage demographic with stupid idiotic humor and "likable" quirky characters played by mediocre actors who are suddenly "famous" and "lovable" because of their portrayals. This show does have some moments, but overall it just tries to hard, and ultimately falls in my opinion at least. Victoria Justice, superstar? Why have I never heard of her?
  • I loved this show!

    I really wish they didn't cancel This hilarious show. The only people that I didn't like were Trina and sometimes Robbie.

    Trina was a jerk to everyone and I despise her character. Robbie just depends on Rex too much and he needs to let the puppet go. I hate it when a person says something about Rex being a puppet and Robbie says that he isn't one. I find that extremely annoying.

    Other than that I love this show. I love jade and I will never say anything bad about her. I know that some people really don't like her and that is their opinion. I for one really like her. The reason I gave this show a 9 was because of Trina and Robbie. They needed to be written off.
  • Alright I guess

    The show has its moments. But the overall stupid plots of every episode, the mediocre acting, and the ***ation of that girl Cat, are enough to turn me off of this show.
  • Here is my review.

    Ok, there's so many things wrong with this show. First, i'm gonna explain the characters and what they need to fix.

    Tori- A Whiny little brat that can sing and that goes to hollywood arts.

    Kat- A really, really, so stupid girl that it's not even funny.

    Andre- A Nice normal guy.

    Robbie- A nerd who hangs out with a puppet.

    Rex- A puppet that talks that is very rude also.

    Beck- A guy who is considered "Hot" to other girls, and is Jade's boyfrend.

    Jade- A cold hearted, dark, devilish, evil, devious, little creature who is mean to everyone.

    Trina- A little fat Diva who thinks she's better than everyone else but really no one likes her.

    Ok then, awesome characters, right? WRONG.

    Tori, stop being so WHINY and man up. Just because something doesn't go your way doesn't mean you have to drag it on and on, it's done and over with! You never let the little stupid things go because you make such a big deal out of it and you expect people to pity you but really nobody is going to pity you because first: It's mostly because of a stupid little thing most of the time. Second: You're such a Drama Queen. Why would you expect people to help you? Like on that one episode where sinjin makes you that soda machine that you hide in. What have you ever done for him you inconsiderate bit*h? You've never been there for anybody and you're just so selfish and ungrateful, you want help, but you don't want to help others. Talk about being rude. Speaking of the devil, look who's here, Tori! How nice to see you! Oh wait you're just a hobo, sorry, mistaken you for Tori. Thought you guys were twins.

    Kat, stop being dumb as a brick and use your brain! Oh wait, do you even have one? Well, like I was saying, You need to stop dillydallying all the time! You always do the weirdest stuff like talk about your weird brother and the stuff he does. Do wereally wanna hear you talk about your brother's psychological problems? NO! Go talk with a psychiatrist is yo0u're going to talk abou that sh*t! Just use your brain once in your life.

    Andre, there's almost nothing wrong with you, except you make everything worse for other people! Like you say something that makes the other person even more angry or sad than they already were. Just use your words wisely, because you're obviously waisting your breath making others miserable. Like when somebody tries to make someone else feel better and it works, then you just come in and say the exact opposite! IIf you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all.

    Robbie, STOP HANGING OUT WITH THAT PUPPET! MY GOD, GET A SOCIAL LIFE AND HANG OUT WITH REAL PEOPLE, NOT INAMINATE TALKING OBJECTS!! And you always say, "Well why don't I have a girlfriend?" BECAUSE, YOU HANG OUT WITH THAT DANG PUPPET ALL THE TIME, NOW YOU WONDER WHY YOU DON'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!! And man up, standup for yourself once in a while, put your foot down, learn to say, "NO I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT! STOP ASKING!" You are such a chicken sh*t.

    Rex, stop being rude to other people! You always have something to say that hurts other's feelings, yet you take the chance to make a rude comment and do it without considering the consequences! Use your brain before you do something! Oh wait, you don't have a brain, you're a freaking puppet! You are so mean to others! Shut your fuc*ing plastic mouth and go fu*k yourself.

    Beck, stop letting girls flirt with you, don't wave yourself around like a parade float! You have a girlfriend, no wonder she's always mad at you. It's because you're becoming a freaking Womanizer and you're leaving a woman here, taking a woman, leaving her there. Learn to choose a woman and stick with her, don't be a player!

    Jade, I have alot to tell you. First off, you're cold hearted. Why is that? Why are you so mean and devious? Youhave no heart and you don't care about anyone else, not even Beck! You've never bought him a gift before, all you've ever did in your worthless cold life is be mean to Tori. Why do you hate her and torment her so much? What did she ever do to you? Nothing, exactly. She never did anything to you, so what makes you think it's ok to do it to her? Learn to be nice, not a little bit*h. You always have something o say to people and you really hurt their feelings. You obviously don't know what it's liked to be harrassed by a beast like you considering the fact you're the bully and that you're so angry all the time and despise everyone. And you're so inconsiderate. You never do anything for anybody never, yet in one episode you convinced Tori to convince Beck to take you back. It worked. WOOO! Now, what did you do for her in return? Nothing? See what I mean Jade? You don't know what care, or love is. You make everyone miserable. Just because you're miserable in your worthless life doesn't mean you have to make others miserable. Two wrongs don't make a right, dipsh*t.

    Trina, you act like you're better than everyone else in the show. Your no better than anyone here, you're actually worse since you only worry about yourself all the time and aren't considerate enough to be there for others when they're having rough times. Tori made you a good birthday present and you just took it for granit and instead, took Tori's opportunity and went to the studio where she was supposed to be and sang the song she wrote for you. It's really not nice to take other's opportunities that they deserve and take them for yourself when you didn't even earn it. You like getting stuff, but you don't like earning it and training hard to meet your goals. That makes you a little whiny ungrateful fuc*ing b*tch ith no emotions or feelings or careness towards others.

    Now on to the plots: They're sometimes just too bland and just unappealing. They're not exciting enough, because most of the time you already know what's exactly going to happen next. And it's not fun to watch episodes a second time because they just run out of that pizazz and it gets bland since you already know what's going to happen.
  • Good show.

    I like Victorious. When I really got to watching it I found it surprisingly funny. The cast is great, jokes are great and a little bit double edged at times. I enjoyed it. I was disappointed that there wasn't much of a series finale though. Therefore, I made my own! *don't judge me, I have time on my hands. here it is if you want to read on:

    _______Tori's mom gets a new job offer out of state that she can't refuse, so the family has to pack up and move. Tori is devastated that she has to leave behind her friends and life at Hollywood Arts, but she is unable to deal with her emotions as she has to deal with the aftermath of telling her friends.

    _______She tells them about the move at their lunch table. Everyone's saddened by the news, except Cat, who goes into denial, and Jade, who gets inexplicably angry. Sikowitz overhears as he is passing by and breaks down in tears, which he does throughout the epispde whenever he sees Tori.

    ______Cat, refusing to accept that Tori is leaving, keeps making crazy future plans including Tori(in typical Cat fashion), and promptly exits any conversation in which Tori's move is brought up.

    ______Trina, realizing that no one at Hollywood arts is going to miss her, tries to do something memorable to leave behind a legacy and gets up to crazy Trina antics at school.

    ______Meanwhile, the boys are planning an over-the-top going away party for Tori:

    Andre~ Is trying to come up with the perfect song as a going away present for Tori, but has writters' block. He also keeps getting side tracked by constantly having to fix problems with the party.

    Beck~ Is dealing with a very angry Jade who is being even more mean to Tori than usual. He also suspects that she is trying to sabotage the party.

    Robbie~ Is worried about Cat and tries to have her accept what is happening. Tor's moving gives him a wake up call and he decides he's going to try to tell Cat how he really feels about her.

    ______At the party, which is being held at the school the night before Tori is set to leave, Tori sits on the steps, not ready to join in just yet. Sinjin approached her with a gift. It is her locker door. Tori finally breaks down crying on his shoulder.

    ______Inside, Beck and Jade get into a huge fight when he finds out that she was indeed trying to sabotage the party. He demands to know why she is behaving the way she is. Jade gets mad and accuses him of being in love with Tori. She tries to storm off, but he pulls her into a hug, tells her that he loves her, will always love her, and that he too, will miss Tori.

    ______Robbie is on his way to confess his feelings to Cat(who is pretending that the party is actually a birthday party for Tori), when he encounters a despondent Trina who failed in her attempts to become memorable and likeable enough so that people will miss her. He tells her that even if they are Tori's friends, they'll miss her too, and that the school will never be the same again without Trina Vega.

    ______Tori enters her party and meets up with Andre, who apologizes for not being able to write her a song. She tells him that he didn't need to, that he's a best friend, and that she'll never forget him.

    ______Beck, Jade, Robbie, Cat, and Trina join them. Cat yells "Happy Birthday Tori!", Robbie and Beck hugs her and tells her they'll miss her. Jadeapproaches like she is going to hug her but instead gives her a pat on the b ack. Just as Trina and Tori are sharing a hug, Tori's phone rings. It's her mom. It turns out that they don't have to move after all. She tells them, everyone rejoices(including Jade who quickly tries to cover it up). Cat says "You're not moving? You had us all stressing out over nothing?". Everyone at the party starts chanting Tor's name. She gets up on stage and sings the theme song to Victorious: 'Make it Shine'.

    Fin. :)

  • Not that good.

    This show was really not that good it got old fast and was boring 4.5/10 Below average.
  • Victorius is very stupid.

    Shows these days have the same plot, the people always get famous and are singers! It is not realistic, it like saying to kids that you have to be famous or you will never be good. Then there is the cast, tori is ok but she tends to get on the stupid/thoughtless track, Jade and Andre are actually not the worst characters, Andre is like a down to earth person and jade is funny! Jade, even though she is dark and sometimes scary, her jokes are actually funny. Robby is so weird, all Robby does is walk around with a puppet but thinks he is real, which he never spends time without the puppet and it is weird even though the show makes it so good that even you think he is real. THEN THERE IS CAT, Cat is so stupid and annoying I can't even describe it! It angers me that Ariana grande agrees to do that stupid crap. Ariana Could really get a more better show. She doesn't show we potential and just stays at nickelodeon where she is stupid. But if she tried hard enough she could become a great actor an not a meteocer actor. And Bec, to be honest is hot but enjoys it to much. He is not the worst character in the show but not the best. Trina is the all time worst character, she is spoiled, rude, and disrespectful to anyone who isn't cool or good looking. And she thinks he can do whatever she wants by getting guys to do her work, and she has a horrible voice but she is so in denial that she can't face the fact that she sucks. And what annoys me so much about shows is that there always has to be a stupid person on the show. And tv souls make a moral show again, but not make it cheesy like full house. More like the Cosby show. To end this review I want to say that you should never watch it, it's a horrible show and the creator should be ashamed
  • Another show that is just as bad as Icarly but its worse than Icarly.

    Victorious is another show created by Icarly and Drake and Josh creator Dan Schneider. Although It is worse than Icarly and it is nowhere as good as Big Time Rush and there are so many reasons on why this show is worse than Icarly. There's more flaws within the whole show and the execution is just awful and the whole idea is badly realized thanks to the flaws that the show suffered a lot And here are my reasons on why I didn't like this show. First of all it has a badly realized plot that could have been better. Second the show itself has no humor at all and it doesn't deliver any goodies that the mediacore Icarly carries and last but not least the slapstick jokes are too much and boring as Icarly's overhyped jokes and its hardly funny or not for one reason. The only good thing about this show is Victoria Justice's and the rest of the performances of the casts. But overall much more forgettable than Icarly.
  • VicTORIous was a very soild show

    I really like it, I find it so easy and pleasant to watch. The reviews and scores and completely off, what's going on? I guess this show is not as lovable as some others to its target audience but is it a bad show? Not at all. There is just not one single episode or plot or subplot that is childish or has downright terrible writing. Look again, great acting and good details on the stories, solid background. The exception is the blooper episode, but those kinda filler episodes are present even in the best sitcoms. This show has its own style and it really is centered on the comedy aspect. From Schneider's bakery. But really they get their act together and it never fails to deliver, every episode is on par with each other. But it is very different to all other shows because it is basically the premise that Tori doesn't fit in Hollywood Arts because it's too weird for her but turns out she is one of the most talented students there and blends in. The show is totally over the top, I mean that's the idea. But it is always reasonable, down to earth, even relatable. Crazy, yeah but it's supposed to be. It turns out to be a very decent show with a funny feeling to it and very comedic at times. And it lasted the basic Nickelodeon/Disney policy of 55-60 episodes so it's already over :( The thing is that it went too slow, could've had more episodes per season. But really it couldn't go on anymore, the actors have aged just right to get over high school already. I mean like Kenan & Kel and Drake & Josh, they were too old back then when they started supposedly playing same ages as this cast. I think Victorious ended just in time, but without a proper finale and that sucks so damn much. What show doesn't get closure after 4 seasons? Unbelievable. It does ruin the series a lot, it could have been even better than it was/is.

    That's lovely that Victoria Justice got her own show, "Lola" from Zoey 101. And Tori does have the funniest lines in this show for my taste, that's nice. Andre is cool and the most talented I think. Gotta say that Rex is very funny when making fun of Robbie or putting him down, I dig the ventriloquism. Cat is random and silly but pretty and adorable so somewhow Ariana Grande has a big fanbase, she can sing too. Jade does provide actually funny stuff at times, she is a meanie but you can love her indeed. Sikowitz is a funny relief for the show. There's also Beck the handsome boy, who is a good friend to all the gang. Trina, I mean that character you are just not supposed to like her but Daniella is funny at times, simply reckless.

    Really this show ended up being better than iCarly in the end (because it overstayed). Is better than shake it up, wizards, hannah, just about everything else made after 2008 and even before too (also better than zoey and many others) from both nick and disney. And that is because aside from the musical aspect, Victorious is not as corny and cheesy as all those other shows, amazingly. Kudos for that. And it just appealed to me even though I was already old when it started, I enjoyed it and now I miss it.
  • Another Fail

    Victorious. At first, I loved the first season. Great acting, great jokes. I was happy to see Victoria moving on now. But now it's painful to watch the second and third seasons. It's just like iCarly. It's getting too random and weird and they think that's cool. Tori is really annoying and whiney, and she thinks she an amazing person and they focus mainly on her. (Does iCarly come to mind??) Cat is so annoyingly stupid. I just want to curse at her nowadays. She has mental problems. Jade is just a bad example for kids. Always has scissors in her hands, thinking that that is safe. Violent and bullying Tori constantly. Jade has gotten to the extent that she never evens listen to what Tori says, and she is bullying Tori for everything Tori does. (Does a someone from iCarly pop in mind?)

    Trina is self absorbed, thinking she's the greatest and she should get whatever she wants. She's like Tori, whiney and complaing. She never supports or appreciates her little sister when Tori needs her anymore.

    Andre, is annoying and become dumber by the day. He thinks he so cool, and no teenage boys wear that. It's like he's just stepped out from an Abercrombie or GAP commercial. Ravi is so ANNOYING AND STUPID. He's a big wimp and even his annoying, smart-aleck puppet named after a DINOSAUR in cooler than him. Ravi needs to grow up and stop playing with Rex. And how can this Northlake girls be attracted to a PUPPET? Beck, I don't really have any problems with him, except his acting is getting worse by the episode, and he's getting dumber. Sikowitz needs to find some shoes and a new haircut and start being normal and really teaching the kids about drama besides all the other crap he blabs on about. Sinjin is just yuck. The other characters are annoying and are bad actors. You can really see Victorious's downfall, just like iCarly's. It's painful to watch this now. The jokes are overused, the plots are stupid. I want to be an actress. My mom says you have to have some experience with acting, so I am currently taking drama classes. Not once have I seen Tori have any experience with acting, and apparently they were going to hire her for a movie??? What the CRAP? Ugh, just ugh.

    The teenage actors need to grow up. They're 18-20 years old. They should go back to school and to college.
  • Victorious: LOVED

    I loved Victorious, Victoria Justice is an amazing actress. All the other characters are good too. My favorite would be Cat (Ariana Grande) she is so cute. It's too bad that it got cancelled. I don't know for sure but I think Nickelodeon cancelled it because Victoria Justice was going on tour and that's why Victoria and Ariana are in a fight.
  • Victorious

    First of all, I would like to say that I don't give a shit about what you say or think about this show, but in my opinion, Victorious is one the BEST shows Nick has aired. I love how each character has a very different personality. The plot-lines are extremely entertaining and it is very original. I was truly devastated when I found out that Victorious was cancelled, but at the same time happy because Dan Schneider is making a spin-off, Sam & Cat, which I cannot wait to see!!! Overall, Victorious is one of the BEST shows on Nick, and they should have at least made 100 episodes. Oh, well...
  • Has a great story

    It`s a good show that ultimately has goal. They go episode by episode it`s either drama which I don`t mind becuase it is a good show and does drama right. Or shows them growing as people and becoming better actors. Things I like Jade- she is like the mixture of depressed people all over and it`s kind of funny when she is taking her feeling out on people. One time she was cutting the heads off roses from the Adams Family it just reminds me of that. Beck- favorite character he just chills he feels like a real character he`s nice to people works hard. Almost all the time girls fight over him. Cat and Robbie- weakest point of the show drop them they just say random sttuff and sometimes ruin dramatic moments. roobie does nothing except play with his dumb pupet that doesn`t make any sense.Andre- he feels like the guy who always is sereis about the music the worst part is when he pulls a Robbie and says stupid stuff. The show makes good use of the music and dance with it being a premforming arts school. The Issue is they need to be more spontaneous but most of the songs are good. They better end the season quick though some of the epsidoe plots are getting a bit annoying I would hate for the first part of the season to be great then go down hill.
  • This show is much worse than iCarly.

    I watched this show a couple of times and it's really not that good. The characters in this show are not developed all that well. The humor is horrible. The music is not all that good. This show is overrated and this Dan Schnieder's worst show created. I think the only people who like show are hardcore teen pop fans, teen sitcom fans and people that have no memories of the 90's when these types of shows were better. I don't why Dan put in the segment where Tori puts text in to a moblie touchpad and puts her emotion in. It's very annoying because we all know what she's feeling. The most annoying thing about this show is the simulated laughter (laugh track). Ok Dan, please discard the simulated laughter, it's so pointless and it's obvious that the jokes are not funny to begin with. I apologize to the people who like this show, feel free to click the thumb down button if you wish, but this is my honest opinion. What's happened to Nickelodeon now-a-days? Take the garbage off the air off the air and put good shows back on.
  • Dan Schneider, please tell me you're joking.

    I didn't have a lot of hope for Victorious when I saw the previews, and while it was a little bit better than I thought it would be, it's still a disgrace to Nick. What's even worse about it is that it was made by Dan Schneider, creator of Drake & Josh and All That, and one of my favorite TV writers. I can't explain how he lost his game so fast, but I CAN tell you how bad this show is.

    Victorious is about Tori Vega, a teenager living in LA. Her jerkface-for-a-sister Trina was supposed to sing at Hollywood Arts High School (the main setting for the show), but she got some sort of allergic reaction that made her tongue swell up (I don't remember what it was that she was allergic to), rendering her unable to sing. Tori fills in for her, and the school was so amazed by her singing talent, they enroll her in the school. Basically, it's ANOTHER unnecessary show about singing.

    It gets worse when you see the characters. Tori isn't a good protagonist at all; Trina is an egocentric jerk (as mentioned earlier); Robbie carries a ventriloquist dummy everywhere and acts as if it's real; Cat is supposed to be stupid in a funny way, but comes off as mentally retarded; Jade is a little mean-spirited; and I don't know much about Beck, except that he's Jade's BF. Andre's okay, but it hardly affects my score.

    As for the humor, it pales in comparison to what we've come to expect from Schneider. The problem with this show--and his others--is that most of the "jokes" are lines that are supposed to sound funny, with a little bit of real jokes. Drake & Josh did the opposite (more jokes, a few funny lines). When they do use jokes, they're not usually funny; and the funny lines are stupid and pointless. However, the show DOES have it's funny moments--the Broken Glass song is my favorite--which is why I gave it a 3 instead of a 1.

    Nickelodeon has definitely played worse shows than Victorious, but that doesn't excuse them from playing it in the first place. Hopefully, Dan will work on a new (and better) show and cancel this one.
  • Horrible

    What happens when you take all live-action and all animated shows off the air? You get this, and a glut of horrible new animated and live-action shows. Victorious is no exception, you get yet again, an average teenage slut with nothing better to do than to complain about how her life sucks. The acting in this show is just terrible, and I am not fooled into thinking anything more out of victorious. The biggest joke that I see is the fact that you will find a cut-scene in the show of a cell-phone making a social-networking status update. I mean really? Nickelodeon has made the biggest decline ever. Canceling all their good titles and releasing crap like this. The only good show they seem to have on anymore is Spongebob, and I fear the day that gets canceled.
  • A mess...

    If you ever think of a good show Dan Schneider made, it would most likely be Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified, or the Amanda Show. If you ever think of a bad show Dan Schneider made, it would most likely be Victorious. Basically this show is about seven students who attend this prestigious high school in Hollywood. As if the plot wasn't stupid enough, it only gets worse. In fact, the worst aspect of this show would have to be the characters. Andre is completely pointless. Robbie is a stereotypical nerd. Jade is always depressed. Kat says some of the stupidest things ever, which are not at the least bit funny. Beck is stereotype of a cool guy. Trina is annoying and has zero talent. Tori is one of, if not, the worst protagonist to ever hit TV. She is always whining all the time, has no sympathy for anyone who is different than her, and thinks she's high and mighty over everyone else. Not to mention none of the characters are funny. And why is it that Robbie and Trina are the only ones who are treated like garbage? That is downright cruel and unacceptable. And no one, not even Kat, has any sympathy for them. The acting here is stale and seems as if no one is giving any effort to their part. All the plots are stale and are not interesting at the least bit. This show is just a horrific mess in the most ways possible, and should have given the ax after the first season. Mix all the bland and cruel humor, stereotypical and horrific characters, and the uninteresting plots, and you got yourself one utter mess.

    Presentation 4.0 Crummy story, and bland plots won't grab you enough.

    Characters/ Acting 2.0 Characters are horrific in so many ways, and the acting is nonexistent. Pretty much the worst part of this show.

    Entertainment 3.0 Nowhere to be found. The humor on this show is cruel and unacceptable, and the characters only add to the torture.

    Lasting Appeal 3.0 When you already have a stupid story, and a poor excuse for a plot, and atrocious humor, you will switch the TV in an instant.

    FINAL SCORE 3.0 Horrific
  • i drew the line

    does every good show have to be scrapped? u guys might be surprised im saying this about victorious but i'm dead serious. I loved season 1 because it was a simple well thought out concept. season 2 started a slump because the acting started to get off and all the time tori is raised up on some high pedestal as such an amazing person. what ever happened to live action shows featuring close to average, funny people? in drake and josh or kenan and kel, u don't see someone getting everything they want. season 3, I started getting pissed. I had a huge concern which started in season 2 but only gets worse in season 3 but i'll get to that.

    See, sometimes in episodes, they just have a cool ending which u'd expect, that was... back then. every ending now a days is either tori singing and getting everything she wants, or some stupid excuse for an ending to overcrowd tori's... VICTORIOUS nature. and i'll be more specific later on.

    See, my biggest concern ever is the adults. now, I know u guys might think it's the teenagers that reflect off the show most, and not the adults. but now, the adults have become more into episodes.

    #4: Layne- back then, he was ur normal guidance counselor but now, it seems like HE needs a guidance counselor. he has such huge anger issue and his tantrums come clean out of

    nowhere! he's been flanderized to the point of insanity.

    #3: Sikowitz- now this guy never really changed so I hated him at all points. he's either some crybaby or some psychotic freak show. I always hated the fact he was into tricking people like in the episode Cell block, when he teamed with the boys and tricked the girls.

    #2: uhh.... the manager of nozu (forget her name)- okay, this lady is similar to Layne, she has tantrums out of nowhere and brings up the same excuse to be such an antagonist to tori, because what tori did to her daughter in the play. but that's not much. this lady takes things out on Robby for no given reason.

    #1: Tori's mom- it reminds me of timmy turner's mom. she's so neglecting to tori, she hardly gives a damn about both daughters. in the episode "freak the freak out" she left tori taking care of an unpleasant trina. I just threw in the towels when I saw the mom do that. I can't really say anything about the father because he's hardly in anymore episodes.

    pretty much every adult on the show is someone I hate, even the ones that appear in one episode. they're either like Layne (mean spirited) or a practical idiot. but there's one specific episode I have to mention which is why I gave up victorious and that is the Game Show episode. dear lord. this was just as painful to watch as to see the characters go through that pain. I didn't see the first half except for the last 2 minutes of the first half and I saw the guy who organized the teams. and oh god, what the hell were the fire crackers for? it's just a Layne Tantrum all over again. when Jade mention she was tori to get the better team, I was kind of pissed off at beck, robby, and especially andre. I say andre because he's tori's best friend and nowadays, whenever something bad happens to tori, he just laughs at it or ignores it. some friend. moving on.

    the second half was terrible. it was just some b***, yet another damn idiot adult, who was constantly harassing the teenagers if they got a question wrong. and the teenagers did nothing to stop the madness. it's not like back in the old days when jade spilled coffee in tori's hair so tori fairly got her back or in Zoey101 in the silver hammer episode when the characters gave up the club because it was unfair labor. no, no, no. here, the characters don't act like it matters to be punched in the gut with a bowling ball or hit on the head with a toilet. I was especially mad when jade got hit on the head with a car battery and beck just stood there like a bystander.

    the end was also cr**, tori's team one so just because tori was the captain, she got all the prize money. she deliberately gets awarded without being "doinked" once while it was her team that had to suck up all the pain. I guess these writers felt guilty if tori yet again, received everything so they throw in another stupid idea of some sumo wrestler on top of tori while tori has to reach for the money in under ten seconds. and the episode Worst Roommates had the same type of bogus ending. tori and andre perform a good song which a celebrity likes but no, it's not his opinion yet a baby's.

    and that's the episode and reason why I quit victorious. I guess the teenagers are kind of okay because they were designed nicely with individual traits but what I absolutely hate about the teenagers and I mentioned before, they're bystanders when their friends experience a problem.

    that was my review. plz leave a like
  • The REAL reason Victorious and iCarly have, or are finishing.

    It has come to no surprise to me as a parent from the UK, as to why this show and its companion show iCarly has been cancelled, and whilst the need of the now 18/20+ years old actors to grow up, go to college and so on and so forth is a good reason. I would argue the real reason for both shows early swan song is that; they have been nothing more than giant back door adverts for APPLE, with the shows, PEAR, Phone, Pad and Computer parodies of the iPhone, iPad and iMac, this is so wrong, both shows fill up at least an hour if not more on Nick every day. In fact this issue was investigated by the UK regulatior "OFCOM" which has the same powers and function of the US "FCC", although they did not punish Nick, they did warn them not to push it or else. They also handed evidence to the "FCC" as part of the process, as both the Shows were made in the US. So were both shows cancelled because of the "OFCOM" investigation and warning NOT to push it or else, could Nick have be told to get rid, or face huge fines, along with DAN and the Actors, now all 18+ for being iniolved?
  • So it looks like Nickelodeon is following in Disney's a DISASTER!

    As if we weren't bombarded already with shows about megasuperstardom and becoming famous from Disney, now we have to suffer when watching Nickelodeon too! Yet another uninspired, soporific programme that creates new episodes by recycling overused plot devices. The acting? Not the worst I've seen. The set design? It looks like a rainbow threw up all over the set of The Numberjacks. I advise you not to watch this. Please don't watch it.
  • This show is definitely better than icarly.

    The show is funny with interesting characters but I think they have Tori try to act too much like Carly from Icary. I know that both shows are made by the same person, but that doesn't mean the character have to be so similar. I guess that's why my favorite character in the show is Cat, even though she too stupid at times. Jade is very evil, but is funny in her own way. She reminds me of the way the kids act in my high school. Andre is a cool character; I often forget Beck is there because he's too quiet or is missing; and Robbie's character would be better if they would just get rid of his puppet Rex. Rex, who is voiced by the creator of the show, is terribly annoying and shouldn't always be held by Robbie. Overall, this show is pretty good although, like Icarly, I think it'll get worse over time.
  • I miss classic Nick shows

    I miss Nick shows from the 90's or earlier Especially Secret world of Alex Mack, that was my favorite, that i actually searched for for ages to get all episodes on my computer, sadly all the shows now, like iCarly and victorious r all the same sorta shows, set on basic sets, with no real depth or story
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