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  • what a disapointment from nickelodeon

    Ya know this show is garbage right next in the line with icarly and house of anubis. Sh**y acting for one, the plots are stupid, the girls dress like whores especially tori if I do say so myself like what are we trying to teach kids these days?! What the he** is nickelodeon thinking! What happened to the good nick shows; clarissa explains it all, rocketpower, rugrats, pete and pete, are you afraid of the dark, ledgens of the hidden temple? I could go on and on, the new generation and what they think is cool is discusting..
  • it's a fail.

    I'd say Nick had the worst shows ever if it weren't for SpongeBob, Teen Nick, Disney and a few other redeeming things about Nickelodeon that save it from going down the tubes in my book.

    Victorious is crappy, no bones about it. And here's why:

    Characters first!

    Tori Vega: The main girl on the show. I disagree with what many of the other reviewers said: She's not a show off. She's just the good girl who's the best singer ever and is oh-so-wonderful that she gets picked to do anything, anything big at all, concerning singing. Yup, that amazing. At least Victoria Justice can sing.

    Jade West: Tori's, as of now, former enemy who still isn't much of her friend. She's gothic, freaky, violent, and, in my opinion, sings way better than Tori and deserves more screen time on the show.

    Cat Valentine: She's a lot like her name. Really weird and nave, but also good hearted and sweet, kinda-sorta. She has this borderline-annoying high baby voice.

    Andre Harris: Better than most of the characters on the show. A very good singer and frequently sings with Tori.

    Beck Oliver: I hate this guy. He can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I freaking despise him in every way. He's a show off with good looks (and uses them to his advantage) and is on his way to becoming a complete player.

    Robbie Shapiro: Idiot ventriloquist with a puppet that's cooler than him. Not much of a pretty boy, not all that smart, either, annoyingly feminine sometimes.

    Trina Vega: Tori's asshole selfish sister who wants to make it big but never will, because she can't see that she has absolutely no damn talent at all. Talk talk talks, overreacts about everything, SO. DAMN. ANNOYING.

    Rex the Puppet: Why hasn't anyone incinerated this stupid stick of wood already? I'm waiting for the day.

    The plot is, of course, scattered and nonsensical. The music is mediocre, better than Disney's, but not by much.

    Eh. I'm giving it a 3.5.
  • i love victorious

    all the characters are hilarious. but seriously robby needs to get rid of rex. he is such a dork. no offence. the only way to get girls is if he oh o don't know got a haircut, lost the glasses and bam. wait! he also has to wear one of those jeans that he wore in "robbie sells rex" other than that he is soooo great. love the show. please don't end. never mind about the hair cut its fine

  • This show aint that bad

    This show reminds me of Hannah Montana. Tori shes kinda a wannabe. Tori was my favorite character but now shes not. Cat is my favorite character right now shes pretty, she can sing WAY better than Tori, shes random, she acts slow in a funny way. Cat Valentine is so awesome!! But victorious is going downhill. Nickelodeon is goimg downhill!!
  • Victorious + Victoria Justice = a very bad show!

    Victoria Justice is not a good plus she can`t sing auto tune she a great thing for her. plz cancel show its sucks. the only people i like on the show is Trina and cat.
  • Victorious = CRAP!

    This is the worst Nickelodeon sitcom ever. It is about some idiotic girl who just sings and goes to high school. BORING!!!!!


    Tori - stupid and a showoff , and just kills the show.

    Jade- some stupid goth girl who needs to get a life and take a chill pill. rude and repulsive, makes me throw up.

    Cat- Clueless and is the third worst character in the entire show (first being Tori Vega followed by Trina).

    Robbie - a loser with no friends . Classic. He looks like he took some drugs, and is suffering from a disorder. he craves human interaction.( which is why he has a frickin puppet.)

    Beck- sucks and looks he hiding a secret ? mabye he has a puppet to.

    Trina- SNOB! and is a f*ckin diva get alife you ll never be famous!

    Andre - a bit of a showoff and acts like a test monkey. lacks originality but ok.

    Overall victorious stinks and is the worse sitcom on nick ( worse than icarly!) do not watch this show ! if u had to pick suicide or this pick option 1
  • LAST good show on Nick

    Well, recently Nick has gone on a downward spiral -- BIGTIME. It's introducing the WORST SHOWS IN TELEVISION HISTORY. Fred? Marvin, Marvin?! Come on, Nick, you're WAY better than that. Since iCarly ended and Spongebob went DOWNHILL, Victorious is the only watchable show on that cable network. Such a shame it's ending in February. It's entertaining, the characters are somewhat annoying, but it's not as bad as Marvin, Marvin. The show has been going downhill and I intrigued to see how the finale unfolds.

    I absolutely love this show. it isnt on enough, and its really really funny. i dont know a single person that doesnt like this show and i hope it continues. :)
  • This is another average show that is nothing special and is definitely about as good as iCarly.

    This show is OK! It definitely isn't a great show, but it isn't terrible at the same time. The biggest issue with the show is consistency. Lately, the episodes aren't the way they would have been executed back in Seasons 1 and 2. The newest episodes in my opinion aren't good and are kind of cheesed off. Overall, an average show that isn't as good as Drake and Josh but is WAY better than Fanboy and ChumChum. Overall, this deserves a 6.5/10.
  • Decent

    Not near as bad as most, and for once there's an improvement with the acting, although some things in the show shouldn't be said knowing it has so many young viewers
  • Hit or miss show that mostly misses

    Before anything, to the fantards of this show: I am NOT A HATER of this show! Being a hater means that I'm basing my opinion off biased, ignorant bullshit that would only make me look like an idiot (like the majority of the opinions for a Twilight fan or Twilight hater). I am basing my opinion of actual thought & why I don't even like it. So don't thumb me down because you got butthurt over me not liking the show. Grow up & stop acting like moron 9 year old girls, like all of those Disney Channel idiots (because if you begin to act like a Disney Channel fantard, then you really must be stupid; & let me tell you that it is the saddest thing out there to be considered as stupid as a Disney Channel fan). And yes, I called all of you fans of this show "fantards" because you are all acting like a bunch of incompetent morons to whoever doesn't like this show.

    Enough ranting, back to the review:

    I never cared for this show because I honestly could care less for anything that Victoria Justice stars in, with the exception of Zoey 101. At first, it started out OK-ish, I didn't mind it. But then it started getting extremely illogical, stupid, ANNOYING, & completely random. It got so much of the previous stuff I mentioned that I honestly began to dislike it to the point where I couldn't tolerate it anymore & stopped watching it.

    The characters in this show are all either on the "eh" side, which are only less than a handful, to just plain out stupid or irritating. And not to mention that they're all massive stereotypes. Tori is the main character of the show (or at least she's supposed to be), but she is just unlikable most of the time, especially with her showoff-y attitude & whiny-bitchy personality. She is very random, stupid, always asking for favors, & doesn't seem to be very interested in doing things that she SHOULD be doing; . getting a damn driver's license like a normal teenage girl. She is so inconsiderate to others, cares only about herself, & doesn't seem to give two-shits of a cent about what everyone else needs.

    Kat is the most unnerving & irritating of the bunch. Her character isn't the worst one, no, that spot is taken by that geek & his stupid-ass dummy, but her character's voice annoys me to the point of wanting her to shut the fuck up. She somehow manages to have shit-loads of money to buy crap-loads of things that she DOES NOT NEED from catalogs, is somewhat of a whore (she asked a geek in her school if he owned a credit card, & she'd love to be his girlfriend if he got one), is unrealistically sweet, suffers from being a complete bumbling idiot, & frankly serves no purpose in the show. She is so stupid, that you just can't help but ask yourself if she's mentally challenged. And she is also an orgasm-machine for technology. If you rid her of her cellphone, she'll go batshit insane. I adore technology, especially stuff that involves touch-screen, but do you see me losing my Neptune-forsaken mind when someone takes my phone away? It's not right to remove someone's cellphone because they could really use it, but Kat doesn't give a shit about that, she only cares to text-rape the shit out of her phone.

    Then we come to Jade, possibly the only female character in the show that is likable, & extremely hot. She's a big stereotype, but how else can you portray a goth/punk chick like her? Her character is practically a sadist, expressing what she feels, has very clever jokes & one-liners, is good comedic relief, & is played by an actress that is far too good for this show. She is also always trying to find ways to kill Tori, which I honestly don't blame her for, seriously (I'd want to kill Tori myself if I had to be around her all the time). Trina, also known as Tori's sister, is possibly the most unlikable female character in this show, more unlikable than her sister. She is not only completely stupid in every meaning of the word, but she is a terrible older sister, has no redeeming values, & is without a real personality. I really, really hate Trina.

    As for the guys, I have to say Andre is more tolerable than the rest. He is very cool, has some clever jokes, & is somewhat stereotypical, but in a good way. Beck, not a bad character, but not very likable or bad; he doesn't have much of a personality, seriously, but the most irritating thing about him as how he is so self-centered, & is practically asking to be gang-raped by all the girls that stare at him at school. Main stereotype for Beck is that he's the high school pretty boy. Finally, we have Robbie & Rex; not only are these two the worst most unlikable guys, but they are the worst most unlikable characters in this show, PERIOD.

    Robbie is a sad excuse for a comedic relief that can only be seen as what his stereotype looks like; a loser, geek, creep, nerd, & an asshole. His pal, Rex (who always has a hand stuck up his ass), is no better. Rex is an ugly (seriously) living ventriloquist dummy with a mind of his own, literally. He is a douchebag always hitting on Tori, putting others down (especially Robby), is unlikable, & serves no purpose in the show but to be hated. Robbie constantly takes shit from Rex, & Robbie is a random personality loser who will do what it takes to be popular or get what he wants, a very poor comedic character, & is annoying in every meaning of the word. I HATE these two characters with every fiber in my being.

    So with characters like these, this show doesn't have much potential. If you ask me, they should have made a show simply for the punk/goth chick along with better actors (Miranda Cosgrove & Keke Palmer, anyone?) with a clever idea. Maybe the show could be about how Punks are misunderstood & try to prove the world wrong in comedic ways. They could have background characters with other more likable actors (any of the actors from Drake & Josh) to support the show.

    The show itself is completely pointless as well, & each episode has very inconsistent or little plot. You can say the same for iCarly, but no, major fucking differences: 1. iCarly has a point, & that is to be an entertaining webcast of a show & please it's fans. Victorious is just about these kids who went to some acting academy that doesn't even sound like an academy, but more like some boarding school for teens who are desperate. 2. Each of iCarly's episodes have a solid plot & story that can be read easily & will stick to it. Victorious' episodes are either pointless or have little plot riddled with inconsistencies, stuff that have nothing to do with them, plotholes, & random crap. And 3) iCarly's characters have depth, development, & are realistic. EVen if you don't like them, they are likably realistic & teach things to kids. Victorious' characters are all massive stereotypes with little to no depth or development & portray very little realism, give little morals to kids, & are incorrectly portrayed as teenagers.

    Many of the songs in here are as the show, hit or miss. You can like some of them or you can hate some of them, either way, doesn't matter. But then again, most people who don't even like Nick anymore or even modern music will start throwing out their "It's all editing & autotune" bullshit, without even knowing what the hell any of that stuff is. Yes, some of the singers in here are awful, have editing, & a few tweaking, but NOT ALL OF THEM. If you want to see awful singing, bad editing, auto-tune raping, & no talent in general, then watch Shake it Up, & anything Disney Channel has made.

    Tori, as well as the hot goth chick in this show need better roles than what they have here, because this show is really unnerving now. It's jokes are also hit or miss, but mostly misses because they are forced, unoriginal, predictable, & at times seriously awful. And the show itself makes very little sense. Such as the one episode where Tori needs a ride to school; her sister(?) gives her a ride first, & in that ride, she is shaving her legs, while the car keeps going straight, & no one beeps at her. If that wasn't illogical enough, it gets stupider. She then puts both her legs up to shave, & the car itself is still moving; she isn't even looking at the road, & somehow she doesn't crash or have anyone crash into them, no cops are following her, no stop signs are passed, etc. I can go on. In the end, Tori gets to school sweating hot, because her sister turned the heat up to 140 degrees for some strange yoga thing; which makes no fucking sense because at that level of heat, you'd be dead (or have some serious burn degrees on your skin).

    So all in all, the shows went from "eh" to just plain out idiotic. Is it better than the crap Disney Channel makes? Definitely, because at least the writers of this show look like they're trying SOMETHING (for what it's worth). Is it a good show anyways? Not really. Is it better than the previous stuff Nick has made? No. iCarly is better than this, & that's not to say iCarly is a bad show to begin with (because it's not). People who say Dan Schenider lost his touch when he introduced iCarly clearly don't know what the hell they're talking about. iCarly was the last good show Schneider produced, & the last good show Nick had. Anything else after that certainly fell to bad.
  • The musical version of iCarly

    It reminds me of iCarly but with music. The teens are rude to adult, stupid jokes, and plots. They don't have morals or talk about real teen issues. All they care about is music, money, clothes, trends, and FAME. They treat Trina like crap and where the hell are their parents? It's one of the worst Nickelodeon shows ever.
  • Top 10 Best Reality Sicom

    This show brings so much to the table a talented cast and a great plot this show is like iCarly 2.0 not saying this show is better than iCarly but you cant lie having a bigger cast is 2 points up for this show but what i hate so bad is that this show hardly ever gets showed on the network but this show is great it has the 3 beautiful girls Victoria Justice a nickelodeon Veteran, Ariona Grende The Nick Rookie And Elizabeth Gillies The Nick Goth Girl
  • Somebody needs to kill this monster!

    When first seeing the advertisements for this show, I had a hunch that this show would turn out bad. It ended up being worse that I originally thought. To start things off, get a load of the characters. We got a goth chick, a kid with long greasy hair, a skinny nerd with a talking puppet, a mentally challenged red head, and the main character Tori, who also has a loud, obnoxious big sister. There isn't much potential in any of those characters. Most of them have been copied off similar TV shows from what I've seen on the TV.

    You thought the characters were bad, well things don't stop raging yet. We got ourselves some crappy producers and directors, the same ones that made ICARLY. These ass clowns never had made a good show besides Drake and Josh, so things got ugly when they created it. And you know what that means? Loud, noisy, headache, ear drum splitting, cookie cutter episodes for everyone! *Sarcasm*.

    And to top things off, the show features an overused laugh track that plays almost every 15 seconds. How refreshing!

    I'd take a little word of advice and avoid this hunk of deranged garbage.
  • Not a good show

    It has some funny moments but Victorious is stupid and not as good as other Dan Shneiders show [Drake and Josh or ICarly].
  • boring

    that is what the title of this show says just as bad as shake it up
  • I get it...

    I understand some of you think its a dumb kid show... But its supposed to focus on preteens! Its not like it'll be something EVERYONE likes. Little kids like Dora and I think its the worst show EVER but they DO like it.

    For me, it reminds me of fun times with my best friends. When you think of it in a way,

    Tori always sticks up for her friends and this show does have morals.

    Jade always stands up for what SHE thinks.

    Cat isn't afraid to be herself.

    Andre shows his talent to the world.

    Beck is transparent and suggests everyone to be that way.

    Robbie (I REALLY don't know what he teaches us :P)

    At the end of the day, morals and values are what we learn besides the comedy.

    Sometimes something weird happens to you and your like "Ha! He got hit by a pie!" But when its on TV you think its boring. Think about it.

    The music is also great. Everyone has to like AT LEAST 1 person in the show.

    Also, their musical talents are GREAT! I play the guitar, piano and drums and there is no way its boring and EASY.

    And think about it... doesn't everyone want to be Victorious?

    I can admit sometimes they may act dumb but give it a chance.

    Shows like Hannah Montana WERE dumb... except the morals they teach cause come on... Who has a wig and turns into 2 differ people?!

    Victorious is REALISTIC. Some people don't realize it. Yeah its to entertain, but when you see TV, you look up to the people and what they're doing.

    Give it a chance cause maybe you're:

    -a shy girl who doesn't want to be stepped on

    -a gothic girl who doesn't want to be ignored

    -a guy who doesn't chase their dreams

    -a weird girl who wants to fit in

    -or a nerd who wants to be something besides a nerd...
  • I'll try not to be too harsh; I know this show has a fanbase somewhat

    But this is solely based on my opinion.

    (When it comes down to it, I'd much rather watch "iCarly" or this than a Disney sitcom, so I'm giving it a higher rating)

    Dan Schneider, I loved Drake and Josh, but.... STOP YOU'VE LOST IT.

    PLOT: A teenager. Wants to be famous. Goes to school for people aiming to be famous.

    Nothing original or anything unique. The plot is about as dry and dull as the show's humor.

    CHARACTERS: Tori Vega. Does this girl actually have to work for... I don't know.. ANYTHING?! It just seems to me that she has everything handed to her on a silver platter. I don't like how people treat Tori's sister. It's supposed to be a running joke that since Trina isn't as good of a singer or as pretty as Tori, she is constantly turned down by everyone and made fun of. The gag's intention was to be funny, but it just came off as... mean. Sure, Trina herself is annoying, but she really doesn't deserve what people do to her/say about her. Beck is nothing special; just your average 'sexy' high school guy. Robby and his lame puppet; the nerd of the group. Kat, the stupid girl. Jade, the unreasonably horrible girl who hates the main protagonist for no reason. The only character I like is Andre. He's charming as a character and has a really great voice.

    HUMOR: It's lucky if I even smile during an episode of this.

    ROMANCE: *sighs* Clique, at best.

    I'm done. There. If you really have to watch something on Nick, check out a show that's actually GOOD, like "The Legend of Korra".
  • Man, another awful mainstream product!

    For me, this is horrible as those generic reality series produced by nick. Dan Schneider is up to his creepy schemes again. It's just an obvious carbon copy from disney. Watch me get thumbs down from its fans. this show is filled with mistakes and stupidity. Music industry is ruined.
  • Screw all you haters, but I guess people have their own opinion

    So far, as of now, each of Dan Schneider's show keep getting less and less interesting because I gave Drake and Josh a 10, Zoey 101 a 9, iCarly an 8, and now Victorious a 7. Don't get me wrong because I still love this show just not better than the other ones. Alot of episodes give me good laughs so I do enjoy them so that's why I respectfully give this show a 7 out of 10.
  • Hmm, could this be? A great Nickeolodeon show we can finally enjoy! Nope, it's another shit show added to my list of shit Nickeolodeon shows!

    Well, well, well... It seems Nick just ain't trying that much anymore. It's one of the few networks following the path that Disney's going through. Now, Nick has brought another shit teen show to the stage, Victorious! Let's just get this over with...


    As usual, the characters have stereotypical and generic personalities and the acting skills are either questionable or forced. Let's start with the main characters:

    Tori = The stereotypical new girl who tries to make things better. She whines about her life too much and every few minutes we see her updating her stupid status on SlapFace which is a shit parody of FaceBook. Nice one(!) Tori's singing sucks aswell and she tries too hard to be cool.

    Trina = The older sister of Tori who has NO TALENT. She whines a lot about not being famous and is a jerk. She is too self centered and hardly cares about Tori at all. She is pretty much an older copy of Tori but at least she doesn't spend every day updating her stupid statuses.

    Jade = The stereotypical goth. I don't understand why she's mean and cold hearted towards Tori when she hasn't done anything to her. Jade doesn't have a heart and she is just a BULLY so she is the goth equivalent of Sam from iCarly.

    Andre = As usual, a black guy is put into the show so that Nick doesn't seem racist. Another brilliant idea, isn't it? He is sub-par and is kind of overshadowed by Tori, but at least he's one of the few likeable characters in the show. He does spend too much time writing songs for that preppy bitch, Tori so Andre, get a damn break!

    Beck = The stereotypical 'player' of the show. He is surrounded by girls although he's Jade's boyfriend and I have no idea how that came to be. He needs to stop allowing girls to try and get with him and realise that he has a girlfriend already.

    Cat = The stupid girl. She don't even qualify to be stupid, to be honest, she takes it to a whole new level and is at the point of needing to go to a bloody mental hospital to get some HELP!!!

    Robbie = A nerd with no life. He needs to at least find some proper friends other than that stupid puppet of his. I have no idea how that puppet became a part of his damn life in the first place.

    Rex = I'm not going to even mention him other than the fact that he's a damn puppet.

    The plots:

    The plots make no sense whatsoever and everything revolves around Tori, Tori and guess what, more Tori!!! When do we see a plot with the other characters being more involved, huh? Why do we have to see Tori updating her stupid status on her PearPhone (a poor iPhone clone)? Nobody gives two shits about your status.

    The jokes:

    Stupid and corny as hell with the annoying laugh track over and over again. That's all I have to say. Why can't we have a real audience laughing instead of a fake recorded one?

    Summary and rating:

    Another stupid show with no moral values and corny jokes plus Tori is a bitchy diva whining over and over. Why is Nick doing this? To make it worse one of Nick's greatest creators has created this and iCarly. Nick is trying to bring back classics but still, it needs to try harder before becoming a cheap ass copy of Disney.

    Characters = 0/10

    Plots = 0/10

    Jokes = 0/10

  • What....the....$#@*

    As if iCarly isn't bad enough, and on my top 5 most hated shows list, Dan Schneider decides to lower the bar again, and makes something that could be worse than iCarly. Victorious centers around Tori Vega who attends a prestigious school called the Hollywood Arts High School, for after being recognized for her singing talents after taking her sister's place when she gets into an accident. The premise actually sounds very similar to Disney's Shake it Up! another bad teen sitcom. It's never a good sign when a premise rips off another show's idea especially if it's a bad show. All of the characters on this show are just flat out unlikable. No one is given any development, and are all very annoying, and are very stereotypical. By far the worst character on this show has got to be Tori herself. She constantly whines and complains about her life, and is one of the most depressing protagonists ever. Don't even get me started on the rest of the cast, but I will say they are horrendous, and are just stereotypical, and unfunny with no development. At least iCarly had some very basic character development, but not Victorious it throws that out the window. As for humor, it is just God awful horrifying. There are no funny moments at all in this show. Not once did I laugh or even give the faintest smile to these "jokes". I've seen funnier moments in a Carrot Top comedy routine, and I don't find him funny. As for the stories, they are just bland and utterly forgettable. Nothing is new or interesting in these plots, and are just predictable. There is nothing good I can say about this show at all, and is one of the worst creations by Dan Schneider. It's right up there with iCarly, I mean it's stupidity is all over the place. It's premise is bad, the plots are boring, the humor is not there, and the characters are just horrendous and unlikable. Dan Schneider should retire, and stop making shows once and for all. He was good on The Amanda Show, and Drake and Josh, but Dan has officially lost his touch ever since airing iCarly. Don't waste any amount of your time seeing this show, and avoid it at all costs.
  • Woohoo! It's finally been cancelled! Looks like 'Victorious" isn't so "Victorious".

    Woohoo! Thank god, this show and "iCarly" sucked, nothing at all like Dan's like other shows "Drake and Josh". Nickelodeon needs less cheesy sitcoms about kids becoming famous, and more Nicktoons. They haven't had a decent cartoon since 2005, the same year they got a new President at the network. Everything slowly went to crap and the ratings show. Nickelodeon has had one of the most massive ratings drops in television history over the past couple months. Anyway, glad to see that this show is finally done. All they need to do now is get more ORIGINAL (nonDreamworks) cartoons and cancel "Big Time Rush", "Fred", and" How To Rock".

    UPDATE: "How To Rock" has been cancelled too! Looks like Nick's back on the right track.
  • I wish people gave this show more chances than iCarly

    As much as I love Drake & Josh and Kenan & Kel,Dan Schineder was great back then. However,after Zoey 101,he made that horrendous iCarly. Then,this show came and saved his life. Victorious is about a girl named Tori Vega who joins Hollywood Arts,a school with talented people. People call this a rip-off of iCarly,but it isn't. Tori is supposed to be the main protagonist of the show,but she can get annoying with whining saying "Oh,I can't do this". As for the others,they are better than Tori. Andre is one of the characters I don't care much about,but is OK,Jade is like Sam from iCarly,but even crueler and is actually funny,Beck is like Andre,Trina is hilrailous and it's funny that she has no talent. Cat and Robbie were my favorite characters since they were super funny to me. Mr Shilowitz(correct me if I misspelled his name)is a funny teacher,but doesn't look 34 and SinGin(Correct me again) is a disgusting boy who is so funny. However,I have several problems with this show. The first one being the laugh track. You can't go 30 seconds without hearing that laugh track. I counted 18 seconds without hearing that stupid audience. And if you listen closely,you can still hear them laugh at the parts that are not even supposed to be funny. The second problem being the scene transmissions. Seriously,why is Tori always posting feelings that sound stupid? One time on the show,one of the feelings were Grrr in an episode. How is that a feeling? The third and last problem are the constant musical numbers. Half of the episodes have a character singing like if this was High School Musical or something. Seriously,Is this Victorious,or is this another Disney Channel idea that's been used over and over again. Overall,this show is great. It's not as good as Kenan & Kel or Drake & Josh,but beats Zoey 101 and iCarly by a landslide.
  • I actually love it

    I know I've said I don't usually like sitcoms with teens who are craving a life of fame-but this show happens to be a favorite of mine. It doesn't necessarily focus on teenagers who are striving for a life of fame and fortune. It focuses on the troubles, comedy, and fun with friends involved in their daily lives on their journey to stardom. It makes the show very unique and different from other sitcoms like this. It's a shame to see that it is being cancelled. Dan confirmed that it would be cancelled after this coming season. I really don't understand why, because iCarly, in my opinion, went down to shit after the 3rd or 4th season, yet still continued to film episodes. It started getting less corny, yes, but it began deviating from the actual "webshow" portion of the show, which was really the entire point of the show to begin with. It definitely wasn't one of Dan's best sitcoms, yet there were still some good moments of the show that could be salvaged. I am actually sort of glad yet depressed that iCarly is going to be cancelled as well, because iCarly was actually, at one time, a childhood favorite of mine. Victorious, however, was always a favorite of mine because I loved the music, and it never went bad like iCarly did-In fact, Victorious got better. But, to sum it up, I really love this show and I hope it ends on a good note.
  • well... eh... :I

    Not the worst show i have ever watched but it could definitly do much bettrr.
  • Never, ever, ever, EVER!

    This is a quite long review, with most of the problems of this series.

    I watched a couple of episodes of Victorious, and I hated it.

    The laugh track spams all the time.


    Trina: I am SO UPSET!


    Trina: Andrew Harris, a 10th grader.


    Seriously, stop with the laugh track spam.

    And the characters:

    Tori Vega: A whiney, son of a bitch.

    Trina Vega: I like to describe her as a loud elephant, and thinks she is better than everyone else, but nooo.

    Andre: I like him in the show. He is like the only good character.

    Beck: Seriously, why date a dark girl? And she gives you a fucking can on lemonade for your birthday. What the fuck? But they are not dating anymore, THANK GOD...

    Jade: A dark girl who basically hates everything, and torments Tori. Like some users say, why torment a popular girl? I understand that she kissed Beck in the first episode, but you should be mad for her, and get it over with.

    Robbie: A wimp. Why does he carry a fucking puppet? NO WONDER HE DOESN'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!

    Cat: A very dumb girl, but in some episodes, she says some smart stuff about make-up, and then, dumb things. She's mentally ill.

    Well, the humour is dumb, and the plot is ***ed.

    My sister loves Victorious, and sees nothing wrong with it, well I do!

    This is my review of Victorious. I give this show a 1/10. The creator of this show created iCarly.

    Me in 2010: Oh god...
  • I like it! Great for kids and you have to admit! :D

    I like it! Sadly they are canceling because all of the actors are going to make other porject and nick always cancels the great shows and replace them with crappy ones.

    Victorious made nick get higher ratings because I hooked i up. Its a good shows for kids 7-16 to me. I just love this show and it shouldn't be canceled after this season.

  • Amazing

    I really like Victorious. It's one of my favorite shows.
  • Its So Funny!

    I Like It. Well Considering We Have Shows Like Shake It Up This Show Is Pretty Good!
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