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    I only watch this because of Ariana Grande.
  • how good they are

    i <3 watching your show all the time that girl jade schould go with beck he should go with tori because tori is nice.
  • Terrible Show

    I hate this show. I absolutely can't stand it. It's pointless like all the other shows on Nick are now a days. This show only cares about looks, being popular, dressing like sluts, getting everything you want and being rude to people that care about you is okay. Tori Vega is very irritating. Her voice is annoying and she whines about everything. Jade is always rude to people, and it's getting very old. Cat dresses like a slut all the time in the show. Trina is just a pointless character. Beck is not even funny and annoying. Robbie is okay. Rex is very irritating also. The laugh track is also annoying. I mean it goes off every other line when they say something. It's not even funny either. Everything about this show sucks. I love the old shows from the 90's. Even As Told By Ginger, which was from 1999-2003 or 2004. They ruined Nick for me which is why I don't watch it anymore.
  • Cupcakediva123 I agree! Lay off Tori for a while!

    I personally think the shows great as icarly and the music is great too except when tori sings! Her voice and her singing gets really annoying sometimes *edit*(always) and I think cat and jade are wayyyyyyyyy better singers than tori!!and some of the jokes are perverted in iCarly!does anywolf agree?!
  • My Review of Victorious

    All in all, it's a great show I guess, it's really fun to watch and sometimes the episodes can be stupid but in a good way I guess, in the funny way. I love their movies, it's really thought out and I think the writers are trying their best to make this show popular. I love Victoria, who plays Tori, and she is extremely gorgeous. Cat, Ariana Grande, is fun and bubbly and always is happy, but sometimes a little stupid. I would go on about other characters but then I would just bore myself to death, and the people who take time to read this.

    Well, if I love it so much then why'd I give it a 9.0? Because, I have turn offs about this show too. Tori, yes, it begins with her, whining constantly, about something she CAN'T do, or CAN'T get. I mean seriously, Tori, we can't do a lot of things, you don't see us complaining, and we don't get everything, oh and that sometimes makes us mad, but we're not complaining to the first person we see. So please cut down on the whining, that gets seriously annoying. Second turn off, the whole show revolves around Tori, what Tori's feeling, and everything like that. I haven't seen one scene without Tori so far. Oh, and can you please let Ariana and Liz sing their own song instead of you hogging the spotlight? I mean, they have amazing voices too. Ariana, great voice, do I need to say anymore? Liz, deep soulful voice, which is very beautiful. Kinda like Adele's. Those two needs their moments also! So yeah, if you could fix that, that would make the show ten times better.
  • Eeesh...-_-

    I hate the show; its dull, stupid, and the character Tori seems to be whiney and waay too soft.
  • This show is so much better than "iCarly"

    Another show that Dan Schneider is working on and it's called "Victorious" and I think that "Victorious" is a much better show than "iCarly". This show has some good music and it's a very funny show in my opinion. The only character that I really don't like in this show is Jade. I can't think of which of these girls are worse, Sam from "iCarly" or Jade from "Victorious", I'm gonna have to say they're equal. I think that Tori and Cat are smoking beautiful girls in this show. Andre is funny and so is Robbie. I also love of the idea of Robbie holding a puppet named "Rex". Beck is a good character also and I guess I like Trina but all she thinks about is herself though. Very funny show and I recommend this show to everyone. "iCarly" is an okay show but "Victorious" is even funnier than "iCarly in my opinion even though some of the humor can come from "iCarly" sometimes. Cat is so gosh dang beautiful, whatever she says... I want to hug her so much because she is so adorable. Overall, this is a perfect show to air on Nick and it's very fun to watch. 10/10
  • Much better than Icarly

    I love this show even though I only seen a few of the episodes.I also wish the puppet Rex wasnt in this he's annoying but this show awsome not matter what.It's also my fave Nick show along with Kung Fu Panda LOA.
  • Victorious is good!

    This show is good! The cast is great but there is 2 characters I kinda dislike. Cat has an annoying voice and says the dumbest things that somehow get's the audiences to laugh (laugh track)...And Trina is kinda annoying but she's boy crazy! The best character is probably Robbie, he's so funny! But the humor isn't as funny or great like Drake and Josh or any other older Nick show. Compare them two shows and you'll see which is funnier. The show has some great episodes. The only episode I'd say was bad is The Breakfast Bunch episode. That episode is boring as f. Although this show is pretty good.
  • one of my favorite tv-shows

    This is one of my favorite tv-shows. It's really funny and it never really gets boring
  • awesome show

    Unlike most of the shows they air in nickelodeon today this show has a unique feel to it i love how there is always character development and that all the stories are well-written most of the jokes make sense and are actually funny the main reason i love this show is because it doesnt focus on only 1 person it focuses on many other characters

    overral this show is superb and is one of the few shows on nick that is actually successful
  • Not great but not horrible....

    I watch Victorious when I don't want to think a lot and just want to enjoy a random laugh once in a while. There are many episodes I HATE and would never watch again because they are completely pointless and just plain stupid. BUT the good episodes are actaully really good and funny. Whoever just said they have better plotlines than iCarly needs to... um rewatch these episodes. Yeah I restrained myself there. There's no continuity in this show each episode is random, which isn't the worst thing in the world but it leaves the show with no depth and no solid emotional foundation. Overall It's just fun to watch when you need to kill some time.
  • Victorious is Awesome

    Victorious is about Victoria Justice playing a beautiful girl named Tori Vega who gets into a school called Hollywood Arts which is for talented singers & actor/actresses after the principal was impressed with her at a talent show.Now she goes to the same school as her beautiful but untalented & egotistictal older sister Trina Vega and her friends the popular pretty boy actor Beck Oliver,the intimidating & easily jealous but beautiful gothic actress/singer Jade West,the beautiful but strange actress/singer Cat Valentine,the singer/song writer Andre Harris,and the weird ventrilaquist Robbie Shapiro who hangs out all the time with his puppet Rex Powers who thinks he's an actual person.They have a weird but helpful teacher named Erwin Sikowitz who comes up with many activities for them to do that seem strange but end up being helpful later.Tori may be pretty & sweet,but her life is nowhere near perfect.She has to deal with Jade always acting mean towards her due to the chemistry Tori & Beck have,Cat is always saying the weirdest things that probably gets on her nerves,Robbie is always being bullied by Rex even though Rex is just his puppet,and she has to deal with Trina being in denial acting like she's better than everybody in the school when she's the worst along with the fact that she's willing to do anything to become famous.There are so many plots that you'll never know what will happen and there are so many questions that need to be answered.

    Who will end up with who?

    Will Tori ever stand up to Trina and make her realize she isn't as talented as she thinks?

    Will Robbie realize that Rex is just a puppet?

    Will Tori & Jade become actual friends instead of frenemies(friends & enemies)?

    Will we ever meet Cat's brother?

    Will Beck ever get jealous?

    Only time will tell.
  • Yeah, well, a teenie-sitcom

    As my title says, it's a sitcom for teens. It's not very deep and sometimes not even logical (but "adult" sitcoms can be dumb too).

    I watched many Nickelodeon shows and this, I liked the most.

    Of course, I like the musical feeling, the actors are okay (well, Ariana Grande will never ever win an Oscar but who cares?) and the stories are sweet.

    It's entertaining and that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. But that's good.
  • is it jusme or is becks hair HOT !

    i luv watching dis show it will never beat icarly or drake n josh but still veri funi n de music is veri gud i luv cat x x but beck is huba huba :P

  • Awesome

    Awesome show. Heck, this and iCarly has nothin' in common if you really think about it. Of course they may use the same words like chiz and wazz; but both were created by the smae person! But, Victorious is waaaaay better characters and plots than iCarly.
  • Come on guys! This doesn't rip-off iCarly


    In my opinion,I find Victorious underated,and I don't find it a rip-off. This show is about a girl named Tori Vega,who fills in for her sister in for a talent show,and as a result,she gets a scholership for Hollywood Arts,a school full of people who have talent. Now,this show isn't perfect,because there are a few things I hate about it. The characters are likable,but there are 2 characters I hate. Tori is the first character I hate. She is hot,but she constantly has to whine about her doing something she can't do,and treats herself like she's the best student of the whole school. However,half of them are just funny characters. Andre is OK,and could bring laughs half of the time. Jade is a great character who is funny,and a jerk that is actually brings laughter,unlike Sam Puckett. Beck is one of the serious characters of the show,but he can be funny at times. Cat and Robbie were my favorite characters. Cat is hot,and is absolutley hilrailous,while Robbie is just as funny as Cat,and I love how he carries Rex,a puppet around. It actually makes me think of My Cousin Skeeter. Trina,however,is another unlikable character. She can be as hot as she wants to,but she is really a jerk to everybody,and just like Tori,she treats herself like the best student of the school too. She actually thinks that she has more talent than Tori,but in reality,she has no talent,and her singing voice makes nails on a chalkboard sound like AC\DC. I also did not like how many musical numbers there were. I mean,in almost every episode,there was a musical number. And while some of the songs were pretty good,the rest were awful,like the horrendous song remake of 'I Want You Back". The scene transmissions were another bad thing. I mean,they always have Tori texting something,and then she puts a feeling. And some of the feelings were not really feelings. I mean,when was "GRRR" a feeling? But the humor didn't fail me. I actually laughed a lot of times,but some parts felt like this wasn't a kids show,like when Rex shot his snot at Robbie,and when that actress got an arrow through her arm. Overall,I love Victorious,and while it's no Drake and Josh or Kenan and Kel,this show is better than iCarly

  • I'm not watching this show. THAT'S OFFICIAL!

    I didn't watch episode 2, but in episode 3 I'm starting to feel like I'm watching a spin-off of Hannah Montana. Plus, the jokes and humour don't live up to a high quality. Maybe I would rather watch Big Time Rush than TV shows featuring female stars as main characters. Yep, that's final. I'll watch a certain TV show starring a boy band. The Jonas brothers are the only exception. Well, in case you don't get me, I won't watch Jonas.
  • A likable show with a lot of potential

    I enjoy watching Victorious. I find the plots entertaining, the humor cute, the characters lovable, and Victorious sends good messages. However, there is a lot of room for improvement. Here are some problems I have with the show:

    1. It's shallow

    I would like this show to cover deep issues that teenagers face, not just far-fetched whacked out situations none of us will ever be in.

    2. The characters are one dimensional

    I don't feel as if I actually know these people. That's how you become attached to characters: you feel like you know them. Most of these characters are just stereotypes.


    Unless you are filming in front of a live audience, there is no need to hear laughter in the background. I have my own sense of humor and I don't need to be told what to laugh at and when to laugh at it.

    4. Put more focus on the other characters

    Everything in this show revolves around Tori. How Tori feels, what Tori goes through, what Tori's struggles are...I think we've all had enough of Tori by now. Why should we only hear how Tori feels in her status updates? Don't Andre's, Cat's, Jade's, Beck's, Robbie's, and Trina's feelings matter too? Less Tori, more everybody else.

    Here is what I think of the characters:

    Tori Vega

    Things I like about Tori: She's reasonable and smart. She's talented. She cares about her friends. She wants to help people. She's a good role model.

    Things I don't like about Tori: She's whiny and self-centered, and obviously thinks she's greater than everyone else.

    Trina Vega

    Things I like about Trina: She's pretty and full of self-confidence

    Things I don't like about Trina: A little too much confidence

    Jade West

    Things I like about Jade: Ummm...

    Things I don't like about Jade: She's a bully

    Beck Oliver

    Things I like about Beck: Beck is actually my favorite character. He's smart, funny, and sweet.

    Things I don't like about Beck: He is way one dimensional and was obviously put there to give Jade and Tori something to fight about.

    Andre Harris

    Things I like about Andre: He's talented, and the only character who is actually 3 dimensional. I feel like I can relate to him.

    Things I don't like about Andre: The writers obviously put him in there so they wouldn't look racist, always having all-white casts and all

    Robbie Shapiro

    Things I like about Robbie: Robbie's actually really sweet

    Things I don't like about Robbie: Dorky in an annoying and stereotypical way


    Things I like about Rex: The only character who makes me laugh audibly

    Things I don't like about Rex: Why does Robbie think he's real and treat him as such? It would be WAY less creepy and psychotic-looking if Robbie treated him like a puppet and not an actual person.

    Cat Valentine

    Things I like about Cat: She's sweet, and bonkers in a good way.

    Things I don't like about Cat: She's so dumb that she's not capable of any deep thought. How is she in school? In real life she'd be considererd mentally disabled.


    Things I like about Sikowitz: He's very entertaining and unique

    Things I don't like about Sikowitz: He makes no sense
  • I don't see the reason.

    I don't see the reason for all of these bad reviews. Sure, it's not the GREATEST show out there, but it's a show. I'd like to see some of you make a show and air it and see how many hits you get. It's not easy to do these shows, you know. It costs money to get the equipment and time that these actors put in to making it great. I don't see the need for a harsh review on every show. No show is ever as bad as you make it out to be. Every show has some type of audience. For a show to be truly bad, it has to have not one fan. The shows on here that all of you are hating on have plenty of fans, so they aren't that bad. Before you judge, think about how the producers would feel reading these reviews. Putting their hard earned money into making a show for entertainment when people are to greedy to be thankful that there are even television shows out there.
  • Why hate?

    It's not the best but I don't see whats wrong with it. I kinda like it
  • Well... It's Better Than iCarly

    iCarly used to be better until those stupid shipping episodes. Dear Dan, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY SHIPPING EPISODES IN VICTORIOUS
  • Why do you hate it so much

    well im been looking at the comments and almost every one of the comments say it not a good show well i love all the characters and the show and like you can come up with a good show mhmm
  • Another awful show from Dan Schinder (?)

    Yep, another awful created by the same guy that did iCarly. In my opinion, his two recent shows are nothing but a mess. I meant that they are not good shows at all. The plot for this show is very pointless. I don't hate Victoria Justice, but why is there have to be singing every 2-3 episodes. I am not into her music at all. Her acting is just decent to me. I only catch this show a month ago when my friends changed it to this show on Nick. As much as I suffered watching it, my least favorite has to Jade. She's mean, annoying, and not offense to the girl that play her. I don't get why Cat/Arianna Grade is so hot. I seen lot of comments about that and it's kinda my opinion, she's an alright looking person. Also, she is kinda annoying. The rest of cast...meh. That's all I can say about this mess. Overall, a terrible show on Nick. I wanna go back before March 2010. 2/10
  • i like it

    It isn't my favorite show, but i like it because have an excellent emotions

    Im Argentinian
  • not the best show i've ever seen, but it's certainly not the worst.


    This show is about a girl named Tori who got into a school called Hollywood Arts because she was a backup singer of a song originally starring Tori's sister, Trina. The acting is not the best, but it's not worst, so it's OK. the music is Great, but the song "Favorite Food" was stupid, Really.

    overall, the show is good enough to watch, so i give the show a:

    5 out of 10

  • Not a too good Sitcom, but remotely better than iCarly.


    "Victorious" has its own ways: This show is about a girl named Tori who got into a school called Hollywood Arts because she was a backup singer of a song originally starring Tori's sister, Trina. The acting is OK, but needs some more work.
    For the poor acting and somewhat OK plot, I would give this show a

    Score 5.5: Mediocre, but a barely passable grade.

  • a funny show on nick.


    a funny show on nick. This show is kind of like Zoey 101 but WAY better! Victoria justice is an awesome actress, singer, and my friends say she could be a supermodel. This show is better than Icarly, the troop, and definitly True Jackson VP. I love this show so much. I think Cat is hillarious. i like all the characters except for Trina she can get annoying. I am a big fan of this show. The clothes on this show are original and like nothing i've seen. another bad thing about this show is Rex. He just tries to be funny but he's a bum. And Rex is not that good of an actor. And Rex is a bully to Robbie. Jade is actually pretty funny in this show except in some episodes like Beck Breaks Tori's fall and Tori gets stuck. This show is awesome!!

  • I like it.


    It's a good blend of characters. There are also some good plots. The charcters are all so different it makes for an intresting show. I mean my favorite character is all of them except for Trina. There's a character like Trina Vega in every kids show. She really gets on my nerves sometime. She's the only one keeping this show from a higher rating

  • This show is so funny!!


    I love how funny this show is. I also love all the chaeracters on this show. My favorite is cat she is so clueless it is hilarious! The first time i saw this show i knew it was going to be one of my favorite shows. I also liked the episode i party with victorious. It was so funny how carly and tori liked the same guy

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