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  • "A Very Cute Show"


    So I recently bought volumes 1 and 2 of this show. I really liked it. I thought I was a nice, clean show about music and acting. I like this show better than Icarly. It's has better characters and actors. My favorite episodes are stage fighting, Jade dumps Beck, Wi-fi in the sky, freak the freak out, prom wrecker, Helen Back Again, Who Did It to Trina?, Cat's New Boyfriend, and The Wood. My favorite characters are Trina, Jade, and Robbie.

  • Nickelodeon's Lowest Point


    WARNING: This review is extremely long. Read if you have a lot of time and patience.

    With this review, I will try to be as rational and as forgiving as possible. I grew up with shows like Drake & Josh and Spongebob, shows that I laugh my head off at. And even today, as I watch reruns off of the DVDs I longed for, I laugh at the same jokes because they're so funny.

    I have watched Victorious thrice. The first time was the debut, where I thought the show was decent. Back then I would have given it a 3/10 or something like that. I mean, I hated the sister Trina (she has a lot of nerve to say half the stuff she says; I thought of her as being written to be overly conceited, and come on, her actress is way too old) from the start. I actually have always thought that Andre was okay, though. I just think he has a bad place in a bad show like this. I'll talk about him and Tori later.

    Point is, the debut wasn't as horrendous as I feared. The only part of it that bothered me was that it was the introduction to the recycling bin of shows that Dan Schneider and other Teen Pop shows have seen come and pass. Examples: Hannah Montana (pretty much the entire premise and a load of the plots). True Jackson VP (don't tell me that show's still running, its days are numbered). iCarly (it's still showing, but every single character and joke is ripped off from iCarly to Victorious). Do you see where I'm going?

    Episode 2 was something about Tori having to audition for a scene in this strange man's acting class by reciting something about a bird. I'm only 14, but I'll say that in my entire life, I don't think I'll ever see a worse plot in my life. As for the third episode, it has been tossed from my memory. But let's get on to the characters.

    Do you typically love protagonists? Then you're going to HATE Tori Vega. I see her as bratty and self-absorbed. I mean, in the debut, we learn that she's talented, and now she goes to a prestigious school full of other pretentious teenage brats. We all have our talents, and Tori is just an annoying expression of teenage talent. Her ego is incredibly large, and her personality is incredibly annoying; someone mentions singing and she jumps up and says something about her singing career. I can't stand Tori because she is too perfect. No lead character is as perfect as Tori. This is a nightmarish example for teenage children who need to see other teenage children who have flaws and personal problems as their examples. When other characters have dilemmas, she has to butt in and ruin it even more because of her oh so annoying personality. She's a brat, and she can't keep her nose out of everyone's business. You sure want your teenage gils to turn out like that.

    Tori acts like she's all that (and the writers sadly make it so), and somehow, she has become the self-appointed leader of her group, and her cronies can't do anything without her, not even the boyfriend-girlfriend couple in the group. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fine example of spousal abuse on the girl's part, and in no way do the Simpletons writing these scripts try to calm down on such a bitterly angry and mean girl beating down on her typical boyfriend. Her boyfriend is emotionless, and Tori seems to flirt with him way too often for him to be having a girlfriend in the first place. I can't even write on the boyfriend because while every other character is 1-dimensional, he's 1/2-dimensional.

    On to other characters, you have Andre, who I will now elaborate on. He's a good character. He's a little pointless, but he has a nice personality. His dilemmas seem to be kind of pointless to anything, though (in one episode, he has his own separate dilemma of desiring to get stung by bees while something else that's Tori's fault is going on in the background — !?!?!?). What really annoys me is that he writes 90% of the music for this show, and all the credit they give him is showing him with an electric piano playing two or three notes, and then Tori starts singing, and Andre/Leon Thomas III gets absolutely no credit, and it's obnoxious. If I were to pick an actually talented character in this show, it would be him, but he gets no credit.

    Onto the other two characters, you have Kat, who is supposed to be the stupid character. Every show has to have the stupid character — That 70s Show had Michael Kelso, Drake & Josh had Drake, etc. Kat is so amazingly stupid that she doesn't even qualify as a stupid character. She acts mentally ill. And I'm not trying to be rude at all, but Kat's lines are so stupid that words can't even explain how hard the writers try to make her an imbecile, and it's so desperate. Robbie is a future institution patient who carries a puppet who he sees as real. He carries it everywhere, and it talks in such a stereotypical gangster-black voice and says such mean and racy things to everybody. In reality, Robbie is the shy, kind-of-dorky, kind-of-nerdy character, and the puppet is pointless.

    I can't stand how in about 70% of all scene transitions, Tori does something like a Facebook status posting from her phone (they call it SlapFace in the show, something ELSE stolen from iCarly)… It's totally unnecessary. They spend about 3 total minutes of their 22-24 minute time slot to have Tori slowly type out her message to the viewers and then "UPDATING…" and turn it over for another 15 seconds so we can read it clearly. It is absolutely pointless.

    The laugh track is abnormally loud and obnoxious. Someone could say "Hi" and the laugh track bursts into laughter. Someone could stub their toe and the laugh track gasps. A character could say, "You're in trouble" and the laugh track mumbles like a little child saying, "You're in trouble…" It laughs at everything, funny or not, and what's sad is that the writers probably think that half the stuff is funny. For one thing, we don't need to be told how to laugh and what to laugh at; we all have our individual tastes in humor and can laugh accordingly at what's funny, thank you very much. For the second thing, about 5% of what the laugh track laughs at is actually a joke. For the third thing, about 2% of what it laughs at is actually remotely funny, worthy of a smile or a forced chuckle. For the fourth thing, about 50% of that 2% of remotely funny stuff is actually kind of offensive (like when Kat asks a question [with an obvious YES answer] like, "Are we doing a parade?", and Jade responds, "No, we're having kidney replacement surgery." That kind of stuff is potentially offensive. They could at least get a real joke…)

    Overall, this is a show I don't recommend. Sorry you had to read so much. But those are my two cents.

  • Live Action on cartoon channels needs to stop, starting with this

    I've said it countless times, others won't stop saying it, and yet the a-holes at the network just don't seem to get it: No one goes to watch live action on a cartoon channel. And yet this pour out this crap. In it, Victoria Justice plays Tori, a girl who after filling in for her sister at a recording, is given the chance to go to a gifted and talented school or something like that. Ok, so the characters suck, all cliches. Plots are horrific (The Bird Scene!? Really?) and the humor, none. Overall, absolutly horrid, another show not to watch on tv. 1/10 F-
  • What do you get when you look at a fashion magazine and try to make characters and a story out of the randomly selected teenage models? This crap!

    OK i don't feel like doing a long review, but I just have to speak on this show right quick. Straight up, this show sucks. I can't even find a right word to describe the extremely high amount of suckness that this show displays.

    Let's get on with this! The characters are 1 dimensional faces with no solid personalities and are just mixed up and regurgitated aspects of other Nick characters, from shows that were garbage to begin with. The main character Victoria or Tori or whatever the fluck you wanna call her(I'll call her WhoreChick for the rest of this review), is pretty much the same thing as Carly from iCarly, Miley from Hannah Montana, Zoey from Zoey 101, and True Jackson from True Jackson VP. They just gave this character a different name, actor and hobby like they always do when they want to make a new terrible show for kids to look at. And yes, there's a difference between "watch" and "look at". You don't wanna watch this garbage, trust me. Anyway, WhoreChick has no personality of her own, and is nothing we haven't seen already. She's the leader of the group for no apparent reason (as usual) and can't do anything on her own.

    I'm gonna make names for all the characters since I don't care enough to remember their real ones. Use the poster above to keep up. Anyway, Blackman (see poster above it's obvious) is no different from The Blackmans from Zoey 101 or iCarly. Except he lacks the ability to even look like he gives a crap most of the time. The writers were just like "Well we have to keep up with teen slang and style, so let's just throw a black kid in there to make us look good"
    Next there's FutureSerialKiller, a skinny nerd with glasses that carries around a reject-Chucky from the auditions for Child's Play. He acts like every other nerd stereotype you've ever seen ever, except he talks to a dummy. I guess they were trying to make him different, but it just makes him look psychotic. He looks like an older version of Michal Myers before he became a killer. You can see it in his eyes this kid is gonna be a rapist or something. WhoreChick is most likely gonna be his first victim

    RejectedTwilightAuditioner is the dude all the way on the right. Like Blackman, you can tell he doesn't care. Unlike Blackman, he doesn't even try to hide his desire to be stabbed. Like all the other characters, he's nothing you haven't already seen, the typical loser trying to act cool on TV. The other girls, as I call the Barbies, really have no other purpose but to just be there. One of the Barbie sluts has this rivalry type thing with WhoreChick, but it's watered down and exactly what you've seen in all the other millions of shows or movies depicting Teen Girl rivalries. Enough with the pathetic excuses for characters, let's move on to the epically failed attempts at comedy and emotion. For one, everything on this show sucks, and the execution doesn't make you attached to these characters at all, so when it tries to make you cry or make you feel for these characters, you just end up falling asleep or laughing at them while they're down. And the comedy sucks. There is really no joke here you haven't heard in a thousand other whack sitcoms, in the midst of predictable and overused storylines carried out by boring, overused and predictable characters played by actors who can't act to save their lives. In short, this show is just a regurgitated cross of iCarly, Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, True Jackson VP, Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place etc. It uses the same unfunny jokes, the same flat characters, the same predictable stories, so it's not original by any means and isn't even funny or engaging to back it up. This show seriously has no redeeming quality whatsoever.
    Overall- 0.5
    If you miss So Weird, Jett Jackson, Taina, Drake and Josh, and all the wonderful teen shows that Nick and Disney have given us in the past, this is the show for you!!! cry about for hours while desperately trying to relive the nineties
  • Ok, so maybe I sort of underestimated this show at first. It's not perfect, but this is like Drake and Josh compared to iCarly.


    Victorious is Dan Scheiders newest show, and it's not half bad. It stares a girl named Tori Vegs (played by Victoria Justice), at a wacky school called Hollywood Arts whith her friends Andre, Beck, Cat, Robbie, Trina, and Jade. This show at first seemed just as annoyingly cruel and random as iCarly, but it's definatley not as bad. Victorious has a good, large cast, and I have only a few issues, and quite a few compliments.

    Compliment #1 Improvement from iCarly- If anything, this show is way less annoying than iCarly, Scheiders previous project. Victorious isn't as cruel, which means there's less violence to others, more morals, and way less use of borderline words such as "holy crap" and "boob".

    Compliment #2 Cast- The cast, (which is huge) is very very exellent. All the actors do very good at their parts, not overacting or underacting. My favorite is Cat. She is absolutely hilarious with her random mental phrases. It's very funny. Trina is awkward and agressive, Tori is good at being the main character, Jade is very good at being a jerk, and Robbie is good at being guilty or embarrassed. Overall, this cast needs an applause.

    Compliment #3 Plots- The plots are nicley unique, and not stupid like iCarly. For example, in one episode, Robbie needs blood donated because he's in the hospital. Tori needs to get to a play she's doing, but she reluctantly agrees to give Robbie the type of blood he needs. The blood donated by Tori keeps getting misplaced, lost, or busted, and she has to get more. By the end of the episode, she has given way to much blood and does awful in her play. It's very funny. And, she is showing teens how to be kind and helpful to others, in a hilarious way.

    Compliment #4 Expressing Yourself- Especially with teenagers, (and I'd know becuase I am one,) sometimes it's knid of scary to express yourself, but this show takes place in a setting where teenagers are singing, acting, creating, writing plays, and playing instruments. It gives people courage that they can just be themselves. It's great. This is not in iCarly, where teens are being harassed and violated for speaking their mind.

    I have a few problems, of course.

    Problem #1 Orginazation- Not as much as in iCarly, but this show is sort of still "all over the place". Random phrases are sometimes spit out. I mean, sometimes it's very funny, but sometimes it's pointless. I think we should atleast be grateful it's better than in iCarly.

    Problem #2 Laugh Track- The laugh track is getting just ridiculous! Each time is plays, this thing like blairs in your face. And becuase there's so much "humor" in the show, the laugh track plays A LOT!!!

    Well that's pretty much it. This show's worth it, most of the time. If Good Luck Charlie, Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Regular Show, or Drake and Josh aren't on, this is a good choice for a hilarious sit-com.

  • Better than it should be.


    Better than it should behe series revolves around aspiring singer Tori Vega, portrayed byVictoria Justice, who attends a performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts, while getting intoscrewballsituations on a daily basis. Lets get something straight, this is 100 times better than icarly will ever be. Hilarious episodes consistently(unlike icarly), Good actors(unlike icarly), and the main characters don't start dating(unlike icarly).The characters are hilarious.


    Victoria Justiceas Tori Vega
    Leon Thomas IIIas Andre Harris
    Matt Bennettas Robbie Shapiro
    Elizabeth Gilliesas Jade West
    Ariana Grandeas Cat Valentine
    Avan Jogiaas Beck Oliver
    Daniella Monetas Trina Vega
    Jake Farrowas the voice of Rex Powers (uncredited)

    Good cast. Anyway good show though I don't think i will be reviewing individual episodes. See ya!

  • Just as good as iCarly!


    Victorious is a great show! One of nick's best actually. I would say it is just as good as iCarly. Maybe even better. This show is about a girl who can sing that gets the chance to be in a talented school. First thing you expect when you here talented people in a show is crazy character (which there are) and I love it! The jokes are hilarious and in a crazy way (especially Cat and Jade). I just hope they continue this show for a long time as they don't usually keep shows on Nickelodeon for more than 3 or 4 seasons (apart from iCarly)!

  • God, Justice is hot! (I didn't know how to start this)


    Dan Schneider is like bread and butter to Nickelodeon. Making hit sketch shows like All That and The Amanda Show, to sitcoms Kenan and Kel, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, and most recently, iCarly and Victorious. This isn't the best, but still enjoyable.

    This is about a girl named Tori who is part of a performing arts school. In the school includes school plays, sports, audtions, romance, rivalries, and more with some wacky hjinxes thrown in.

    The main character, Tori Vega is caring and sweet to many, but sometimes can't handle situations alone. Andre is a gifted piano player and songwriter who always has something witty, and helpful to say. There's also Robbie, a dork who has a puppet that insults him. Trina is Tori's sister who has no talent, but ironically she is at the school. Beck is relaxed and open-minded. There's also Beck's girlfriend Jade who is a goth who is cold, selfish, and hates Tori. However in the later episodes she has a mutual relationship with Tori Vega. That's really nice there's some character development in this show. And lastly, the best character in this show, Cat.

    Not only is she adorable and hilarious, she has a critical mind, doesn't get creeped out over strange things, and has a short attention span. I just love her!

    Also, all the characters and jokes are very enjoyable and funny. This makes me laugh harder than iCarly.

    Overall, pretty funny, and great show to pass the time. 8.5 out of 10.

  • good

    If I had written this review back when the show started, it would have probably been a lower score and grade. And I would have regretted it. If you watch just the first couple episodes, this show is pretty dumb, but the more I watch it the more I like it. I really think the show is getting better. That's not to say it's a really good show, I just like it considerably more than I used to. Tori Vega goes to Hollywood Arts, a performance school, and has a lot of friends- Beck, Andre, Cat, Robbie and Rex, and you could probably consider Jade a friend of her. Don't judge this whole show based on the first couple episodes. The first couple episodes of a show are usually weak, or at least, somewhat weak. Watch a few later episodes and see if you like it anymore, like I did. Grade- B- or so
  • the show has great potential, but it's not using it.

    At first, we have to accept the fact that the show's a rip-off of iCarly. The same humor, plus we have our carly(Tori), freddie(Robbie) and sam(-a bit more emo-Jade) There are only a lil-bit addings, but nothing more. I loved the idea, the concept, It is pretty interesting but It is not unique. You can watch it to kill time but you won't find yourself having fun as much as iCarly. But I liked the thing that this show has a HUGE potential. Not only they are trying to use it, they are also on the right way. The only problem is, they're taking it too slow. They must show us that their show is able to be watched. So you'll ask me why I gave them a 9.0? Easy, I wanted to raise the raiting. And I succeeded, I made it 7.3 from 7.2. I hope they manage to find their own concept and get out of the iCarly rip-off.
  • I hated this show at first but now I sort of like it.

    At first I didn't like Victorious but only because I heard from people that this and Big Time Rush suck however, I eventually gave this show a chance and it's alright, it's not as good as iCarly or Drake and Josh but it's alot better than Zoey 101!

    Victoria Justice stars in a school located teen drama comedy series about a girl known as Tori Vega who enrolls at the Hollywood Arts Academy. Tori is an aspiring young singer who gets into awkward day to day situations.

    The plot doesn't sound interesting but it's fairly decent although I'm unsure if this series is going to last long because the plot seems too thin. They'll either flanderize the entire show or they'll make a sequel about Tori being even more popular and an actual singer.

    The show has it's highs and it's lows and unfortunately it has disgusting humour such as a giant puppet's snot being poured all over Robbie. *gets the sick bag*

    It's not a bad show.

    7.0/10 = B-
  • Sorta decent, but the laughter NEEEDS TO STOP!!!

    Sorta decent, yes, but like the other bad reviews the one thing I want to focus on is the laughter. The freaking canned laughter needs to stop. Like I said on the Carly review, are we goldfish that need to be taught to laugh at jokes? The jokes might have been good if the laugh track didn't get in the way. many fake laughs can they get out of a tiny machine? This isn't the fifties, people. The fifties made it look actually funny when shows used the laugh track, but when the use of it died ruins the show. For another time, I'll tell how she puts her stupid emotions on a touchpad thing, when we know what she feels...
  • Great show.

    So Trina Vega has the lead part on a show, but she can't act so her sister Tori has to fill in. She is a freaking sensation and enrtolls theart school of her sister. Now Hollywood Arts is a differnet kind of school, cause everything is wacky artistic, form teachers to lockers.

    So yeah, Tori is the main character, and is still getitng used to th weirdness of the school. Trina is a super selfish big sister. Jade is the goth who hated Tri but is now her friend. Beck is Jade's Bf. Andre is Tori's best friend (and is black). RObbie is somenerd who carries a puppet around (which apparentyl has a mind of his own), and finally the funniest character to ever appear on TV: Cat Valentine. The most wacky hilairous and random perosn ever who makes me laugh everytime she is onscreen.

    Overalll: it's agreat show. Even if you don't like the premise, watch it for Cat, she's freaking awesome. 9.5/10.
  • It's another one of those shows like iCarly, that's for kids, but I think people of all ages can enjoy this show. It's creative, funny and has a great cast.


    Victorious is one of those shows like iCarly, produced by Nickelodeon's good buddy Dan Schneider, that is aimed at kids and teens. Okay, Dan has said that his shows are meant for a wider audience than that. He knows that adults watch these shows just as much as the younger folks, and so he throws in some mature humor. Keep in mind though, the target audience is still for kids- some older folks might find the funny stuff to be a bit silly. There's more to the show than the comedy though. Hollywood Arts, the school that this lot attends, is a school for the Arts. The lockers are decorated, the teachers and assignments are insane (the drive-by acting exercises? Both hilarious and cool). I think that a lot of people will say that YES, they would love to attend a school like this! Now the characters... very good choices in my opinion, for the main cast. Victoria is a very diverse character. She's funny, talented, smart but she can be goofy too. There's Andre, her talented best friend (or good friend), who has a knack for music. Actually, they all do, and it's real, I'm happy to say- hear them sing in real life, and it sounds just like in the show. There's Cat, who is a bit out-there (they exaggerate it too much in later episodes), but proves to be pretty smooth and smart. Beck and Jade... well they're the "couple". But they're not the kind that gets together at the end of a show. No, they've been dating from the start, and they make it work! Jade is violent and grouchy, while her boyfriend Beck is a smooth operator, thankfully, because I don't know how many other guys could put up with Jade like that. And Robbie. Robbie is The awkward guy. And he has a puppet, which he treats like a real person. I find that odd, ha. Give the show a chance if you haven't. And pay attention to the creativity, the talent that these actors have. They do a fantastic job. There is really no other show like it, so I find it refreshing. Overall, great show.

  • Do you really even want to?

    Alright, so... I don't think that there is that much to say. To me, Victorious is a copy of iCarly with a tweaked plot. Tori Vega is just as annoying, unfunny, and whiny as Carly. Her sister whatshername is just as obnoxious as Sam. Robby, Jade, Kat, and Beck are just /too/ annoying. I feel like shooting the television when they flash up on the screen.

    The laugh track is used on every other line.
    None of the jokes are funny. They make the viewer want to continuously roll their eyes. The plots are unoriginal and not that exciting. And you know, since it's basically just like iCarly, I'm going to predict that Victorious will remain successful and unfortunately continue to grace our televisions with its presence. 1/10.
  • Just not my cup of tea.

    well all i can say is this show is nothing more than a recycld concept of zoey 101 and a mixture of icarly. this seris is basicly nothing more than a whiny teenager victorious, who is having tough time in life and is having a tough time fitting at school. ugh this show is a complete clone of hanna montana, sure they both have differant plot but just look, in hanna montana you have a bratty teenager who is going through a tough time and is trying to fit in. this time she puts a wig on and becomes famous. this is basicly the plot of victorious. the acting is stupid and the show is just so boring. not only is the plot unoriginal but a little to far fetched like always with these teen sticoms. i cant beilive nickalodeon is producing all this teen garbage nowadays rather than the gold we saw back then on old nick. theres nothing special about these shows. nick is just paying all these random kids to come in and star acting stupid. the bad acting and mediocer jokes and stupidity is pretty mutch what this show is made of.

    this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!!
  • this show is horrible worst then ever i cant even find a showthat compares to the dumbness

    why nick whydid you choose march to air such garbage , ironically 1 year before 3ds launch why did you release garbage

    this is a new series really what show did it replace

    this show is so horrible my sources tell me never to watch the channel ever again this is worst then a rlstine book, or et for the atari 2600 , the way nickelodean is just canceling show after show they need to get off the air ways
  • Another one of those great shows by the genius producer Dan Scheider.

    This show is about a new girl named Tori Vagea who comes to Holywood arts high school, a specialized private shcool for really tanleted teens with in music and movie makeing production. It also shows some good and unexpected commedy like in Drake and Josh and Icarly and the joys and exicitements for any hollywood arts teens. The main character in the show are Tori, Trina, Andra, Kat,Robbie and his poppet Rex, Jade, and Beck. Each of these characters all haveing intresting personalites and traits all with a unique set of talents. I HIghly recomend this show to any teens.
  • EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are a list of "logical" reasons this show is terrible:

    1st Reason: The show is all about Tori Vega, and just her. She thinks she is all better than everyone chatting on her stupid SlapFace. It is annoying that everything centers around her and nobody else. Everytime they pass a scene she speaks her stupid mood like she's all cool. "HEY!, I'm Tori Vega, and I'm all cool because I'm in Hollywood Arts". It is TICKING ME OFF!!!!

    2nd reason: The show is a rip-off Zoey 101. The plots are the same, the characters are the same, and especially the moral, you know, fitting in a new HIGH SCHOOL, another knock-off Zoey 101. The show is also a rip off iCarly (another bad show). Tori is a rip-off Carly from iCarly, Robbie is a rip-off Freddie from iCarly, Andre (Leon Thomas III) is a rip-off his character, Harper, from iCarly Saves TV. The show also ripss-off "Hannah Montana" in premise. Victorious is a knock-off three tween girl sitcoms.

    3rd reason: The music is terrible. The music, "Make It Shine", is terrible, too, because it has terrible sync beats and lyrics that will make your ears literrally bleed. Victoria Justice rip off Miley Cyrus and Miranda Consgrove's music. All the other songs are bad because again, thier beats and lyrics make your ears bleed. So Overrall, not even the music is good.

    4th reason. Terrible acting, bad cast, bad storylines, and no humor. Every line a laugh track plays and it annoying and they sometimes chuckle when they say thier lines. Cat (portrayed by Ariana Grande) is ANNOYING, sensitive, and always saying random things. Erin Sanders would be better off playing Cat on the show. Jade (portrayed by Elizabeth Gilles) is an emo punk. Jade is a rip off Cassie from The Haunting Hour and Sinjin is a rip off Fregley from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The storylines are too "like daily life" situations. Stage Fighting could happen in real life. The Bird Scene is a terrible storyline. The only decent episode is the pilot. Some stuff are funny, but thats definately not saying even a little bit of much. OVERRALL!, Terrible show and with the review done. The rating overrall is a 1 (abysmal). When will Nickelodeon ever learn?
  • ...

    Well, this show does have some humor and great moments, but it has many sad sad moments. A lot of its humor isn't too good and has many many many many many bad moments of the show. The characters aren't always great. Robbie is a bad addition to the show and can be real annoying, and Tori makes big deals of things all the time and that really gets old. They also try to have some of iCarly's humor in the show (mainly because Dan Schnieder, the creator of Victorious, also created iCarly) and it really isn't good.

    Overall, this is a newer show and it looks like it is somewhat improving slowly, but for now, I'm going to give it a 2.5 out of 10.
  • i hate this show!its'completely boring and conceited! stupid tori is a big show off who thinks she is all that!

    worst show ever!annoying (or conceited)tori!she thinks shes all that writing her stupid mood on her mobile phone (or whatever)!they think there all that with that stupid techno music and that stupid make it shine s**t!ugh!i just wanna barf every time i see this show!wannabe popular people these days!sheesh!if i have to see that stupid w**re one more time i will punch her in the face!stupid wanna be popular b**ch!whos idea was it to invent this c**ppy show?!ugh!another biological abomination to nickelodeon gone wrong!there are so many things i wanna get off my chest!that tori the zombie ep.ugh!stupid wh**re!ugh!i hate this.
  • A ripoff? PLEASE tell me you're joking..........

    Before I start my review, I would like to address some of the people who hate Victorious and give 'em a little reality check. This show is in no way shape or form a ripoff of Zoey 101, Hannah Montana(Really? -_-) or iCarly. Zoey 101 features the misadventures of a teenage girl who experiences life changing events in a high school campus along with her friends. Normal friends. Does Victorious relate? Nope. Hannah Montana is about a girl who tries to cope with being famous while trying to live a normal life. Hmmmm.......nope. No similarities plotwise there, either. I guess I shouldn't have to explain iCarly either. Oh wait. You meant with their humor and characters? I guess that just because Victorious follows the same humor as some other shows and some of their characters relate to other characters on other random shows makes it a rip-off, right? In that case, I guess that makes you a ripoff of people born before you that look human. Oh look. They have eyes and you have eyes, BUT you were born after them so I guess that makes you a ripoff, right? Because you share similarities to them? Face facts, people. Every show has similarities to other shows. Not one show is completely unique. They will have similarities to them in one way or more whether you like it or not. You want an example of real ripoff? Look at the iCarly episode with the Dingo Channel. THAT'S a real ripoff! I'm guessing that the show should be called "Gudfgfdfggg" and it should be about a talking lamp that stares at a radioactive carpet that speaks Portugese. That's pretty original. I bet you'd LOVE to see that, right? Anyways, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with my review which unfortunetly will be a ripoff of other reviews posted before this one because it has words in it..........

    Victorious is a show about a teenager named Tori Vega who gets accepted in a school full of young performers who plan on becoming famous. Along with her egotistical sister, Trina, her friends that include a spazzy red head, Cat, a nerd that talks to a puppet, Robbie, a prettyboy, Beck, an all around performer, Andre and her rival, Jade, Tori learns the ups and downs of being a performer as she copes with learning the ropes of being a performer.

    Overall, although I do enjoy the music, the characters(especially Cat, Robbie and Andre) and the plot, I have a few problems with the show. For starters, the humor is a little cheesy, I think that some of the episodes should feature someone OTHER than Tori and I believe they could do so much more than what they're doing with it. How about a little more......drama? Besides the cliche "breakup" of Beck and Jade only for them to get back together and a few random kisses, I haven't seen a lot that would make this show that interesting. It seems to be just another childish teen sitcom with only a few favorable qualities. If the show doesn't shape up, don't expect it to stay for too long which is a shame really. Overall, since most of its problems can be fixed and I see a bright future of the show, I'll give it a score of 8/10 or a B. Again, sorry if I ripped off the previous reviews by writing it with words. I'll try to be more original next time. Oh and by the way, for those of you who want to thumbs me down, do it before anyone else. If not, you'll be a ripoff of the person who decided to do it first!
  • Well please read my review it is a good opinion to me of the nice show, VICTORIOUS!

    When I first saw the show Zoey101, I thought that Lola(Victoria)was really pretty! she made me want to be an actress just like her!Well I saw her in all kinds of shows like ICarly,The Troop, and True JacksonVP! I was so excited when they said that she was going to have her own show. I think the girl with the red hair is pretty too!(Kat)But I like How Tori Vega sings! I also like how she dances and acts in the show. I am a big fan of hers. Oh Yeah! I also like he dresses! Well yeah this is a cool show but the thing that killed it(ruined it) was the guy with the pupet!! He acts really bad with the pupet, like when the puppet slaps him, You could tell that the guy that holds the puppet did it!! They should take out the puppet, he's not even funny!!!! well that is my truly opinion on that show!!
  • It's a grower, but it hasn't gotten close to reaching its potential.

    Ok, I really enjoy all of Dan Schneider's shows, I think he is a very funny guy, but this one seems to be his weakest effort. The cast is too big, the character's are too generic and stereotyped and the songs get annoying after a while. During the pilot episode I maybe laughed twice, but I gave it another chance and its improved. Dan puts in some legitimately funny lines,and characters like Cat and Robbie are very likable. I know this isn't going to be a long lasting show, and it certainly won't last beyond two seasons max, but for what it is, a simple teen musical comedy it isn't terrible, but it doesn't wow me either.
  • i know alot of people will kill me for this review but i dont care i find this nickelodeon;s next big hit

    this show is only on its 1st season but i think its doing awesome i think this is nickelodeon;s best show since jimmy neutron and the second best show on nickelodeon only downside i can think of for this show is that it uses the laugh screen almost every time tori jade or anybody says something that didnt need to be put in but other than that detail everything else is great i like the song and the episodes so good job nickelodeon this is your best effort in the new shows overall i give this show a good 9/10 kingnicky1 out
  • Great show for all with a lot of talent!

    This show is a great pick-me-up. The characters chemistry is great on the show. They all collaborate nicely..and they are great actors. The show is kid-friendly, but it can also be for anyone at any age. This is one kid show I can still watch and I'm 16. There hasn't been a good show on Nick for a while, that and Icarly are what is holding up the channel. Right now they only have 8 episode and they need a few more! The only thing bad about this show is that there is not enough episodes since its been out for a few months. I recommend watching this show, you will get good laughs and it also teaches you a few lessons on friendship and even talent! The kids i this show are extremely talented i give it a 10!
  • singing dancing acting TAlENT

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  • A good show worth watching, yet it has room for improvement .

    "Victorious" is a good show. Yet it has room to improve. The comedy and storyline(s) are good. Yet it has SEVEN main characters and one character that appears in almost every episode ( Sinjin ). Now that isn't a problem for me , but it is for others. The main compliant about "Victorious" is that it is too much like "iCarly", which is much better. Both shows were created by Dan Schinder. The show's main character is Tori Vega ( Victoria Justise ) who lives in LA and has recently been accepted into Hollywood Arts High School, because her sister , Trina ( Daniella Monet ) , gets sick on the night of her big performance and Tori fills in for her . She befriends Andre (Leon Thomas 3), a piano player, song writer, and singer. Robbie ( Matt Bennett ), a ventriloquist , and his ventriloquist dummy, Rex. Beck ( Avan Jogia ) and Jade ( Elizabeth Gilles ) who are dating. And finally, Cat ( Aria Grande ) who is very bipolar . Also, Sinjin ( Eric Reed ) is a dorky kid who has a crush on Jade and appears in almost every episode.

    Victorious is a good show worth watching.
  • Nickelodeon created a show worse than iCarly.

    The music in the series is alright, but the show itself is terrible. This show is in obvious rip-off Zoey 101. I mean, if you have eyes, you can tell. The show is about a girl named Tori Vega (portrayed y Victoria Justice, of course) who gets invited to enroll at a Performing Hollywood Arts School after filling in for her sister, Trina Vega (portrayed by Daniella Monet). There is not one part of the show that has humor. The show is also a rip-off "Hannah Montana", an actually good show. When Nickelodeon? will you go back to good shows? When?.
  • "Victorious" is a show that centers on Tori Vega, a talented teen who attends a performing arts high school in Hollywood.

    Victoria Justice stars as Tori, the show's main character. Joining Tori are an eccentric circle of friends who are also attending the school, which includes musician Andre (Leon Thomas III), ventriloquist Robbie (Matt Bennett), mean girl Jade (Elizabeth Gillies), obsessive drama queen Cat (Ariana Grande), gifted Beck (Avan Jogia), and Tori's older sister Trina (Daniella Monet). Even though "Victorious" is from Dan Schneider, the same man who brought us "iCarly," it really set apart from other Nickelodeon shows because in almost every episode, Tori will sing a brand new song. If you haven't watch "Victorious," then this could be the show just for you.
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