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  • Awesomeness

  • Thee best

    All there is to it, thee best. Just wish it had a proper ending
  • a great show

    this show suddenly came with a blast, then its gone.. idk why?

    its a great show with great vocals
  • A better show than iCarly, which had to be cancelled, WHY?!!!

    I understand that iCarly was canceled because it had 5 years on the air, but Victorious ONLY TOOK 2 YEARS IN THE AIR AND A HALF, and the opinion of being canceled was taken the same year as that of iCarly be canceled. ...

    For me, Victorious was always better than iCarly show with more characters, more imagination, more music, more comedy .. And it was very sad that I canceled.

    Balance of seasons:

    * First season: Victorious decent season with memorable episodes, (7.8)

    * Second season: A good season butt tet missing more humor (7.6)

    * Third season: Better than the previous season (7.9)

    * Fourth Season: The worst season of all, there were episodes that were good, some bad and last without comment. (7.4)
  • Why did it have to go down?

    We finally reached a 7 and now it's back down to 6.9? Yet Marvin Marvin has a 2.0 instead of 1.9? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! This is just like Liv and Maddie and TUFF Puppy! All I can say is haters gonna hate!
  • VICTORIOUS is my life

    I love this show more than everything

  • The last good show Nick has ever made.

    Victorious was an awesome show. It had much more hits than misses, and offered improvement over iCarly. Then, without warning, some moron at Nick thought it necessary to cancel it forever! And even worse still, what do we get in its place? Marvin MORON, and Sanjay and Cancer. Once the spinoff Sam & Cat ends, and they finally give SpongeBob and The Fairly OddParents the boots, Nick will officially be dead. May this show live on forever on DVD!

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 2 (originally posted last year on July 16): Nick has an upcoming show called Breadwinners that airs in 20 days. Today I found the pilot on YouTube and showed it to my family. EVERYONE HATED IT! They all said it was the worst thing they'd seen in their lives. And that includes The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2012), Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (2006), and Rabbids Invasion. So I won't be surprised when Breadwinners gets a 1.9 just like Marvin Marvin here at and Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. My Aunt said I should rate it as low as possible just to get the score down. Unfortunately, the lowest one can rate is 1, unless you are a prolific author. I have been working on that for months (6 plus months), so I can rate stuff like Marvin Marvin, Fred: The Show, and The Oogieloves a 0.0. Breadwinners is next on my "to rate 0.0 once I can" list.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 18: Breadwinners premiered yesterday. I have reviewed it. It's bad but not as bad as Sanjay and Craig.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1: I totally agree SodaDog! Same for you Naygirl13.
  • An amazing show that never ever got a proper ending.

    I really liked this show better than iCarly when it came out because it had memorable musical numbers! I really wish that show got a proper ending.
  • Bring it back

    Victorious was the best show I have ever watched on nick in fact I still watch the old episodes. Nickelodeon is stupid to cancel it and they need to make more new episodes. Sam and cat will never be as good as victorious but they might have a chance together . Bring it back!!!!
  • In tears laughing

    Unlike other nick shows, victorious is actually unbelievably funny. It has fresh, unique plot story's which are random and funny. It's different to other shows because things actually go wrong for the main characters and it isn't cheesy
  • The Title Explains it all

    If you are wondering what my review title is saying (no, I wasn't referencing Clarissa Explains it all), I meant that "Victorious is The show triumphs as one of Nickelodeon's greatest shows, and also as one of the best in the Teen-Tween Sitcoms ever.
  • Tori + Beck=beautiful love<3

    I thinnk TORI & BECCK reallllyyy need too date in thhe show pleeeeasseeeeee<3
  • VicTORIous was a very soild show

    I really like it, I find it so easy and pleasant to watch. The reviews and scores and completely off, what's going on? I guess this show is not as lovable as some others to its target audience but is it a bad show? Not at all. There is just not one single episode or plot or subplot that is childish or has downright terrible writing. Look again, great acting and good details on the stories, solid background. The exception is the blooper episode, but those kinda filler episodes are present even in the best sitcoms. This show has its own style and it really is centered on the comedy aspect. From Schneider's bakery. But really they get their act together and it never fails to deliver, every episode is on par with each other. But it is very different to all other shows because it is basically the premise that Tori doesn't fit in Hollywood Arts because it's too weird for her but turns out she is one of the most talented students there and blends in. The show is totally over the top, I mean that's the idea. But it is always reasonable, down to earth, even relatable. Crazy, yeah but it's supposed to be. It turns out to be a very decent show with a funny feeling to it and very comedic at times. And it lasted the basic Nickelodeon/Disney policy of 55-60 episodes so it's already over :( The thing is that it went too slow, could've had more episodes per season. But really it couldn't go on anymore, the actors have aged just right to get over high school already. I mean like Kenan & Kel and Drake & Josh, they were too old back then when they started supposedly playing same ages as this cast. I think Victorious ended just in time, but without a proper finale and that sucks so damn much. What show doesn't get closure after 4 seasons? Unbelievable. It does ruin the series a lot, it could have been even better than it was/is.

    That's lovely that Victoria Justice got her own show, "Lola" from Zoey 101. And Tori does have the funniest lines in this show for my taste, that's nice. Andre is cool and the most talented I think. Gotta say that Rex is very funny when making fun of Robbie or putting him down, I dig the ventriloquism. Cat is random and silly but pretty and adorable so somewhow Ariana Grande has a big fanbase, she can sing too. Jade does provide actually funny stuff at times, she is a meanie but you can love her indeed. Sikowitz is a funny relief for the show. There's also Beck the handsome boy, who is a good friend to all the gang. Trina, I mean that character you are just not supposed to like her but Daniella is funny at times, simply reckless.

    Really this show ended up being better than iCarly in the end (because it overstayed). Is better than shake it up, wizards, hannah, just about everything else made after 2008 and even before too (also better than zoey and many others) from both nick and disney. And that is because aside from the musical aspect, Victorious is not as corny and cheesy as all those other shows, amazingly. Kudos for that. And it just appealed to me even though I was already old when it started, I enjoyed it and now I miss it.
  • Victorious: LOVED

    I loved Victorious, Victoria Justice is an amazing actress. All the other characters are good too. My favorite would be Cat (Ariana Grande) she is so cute. It's too bad that it got cancelled. I don't know for sure but I think Nickelodeon cancelled it because Victoria Justice was going on tour and that's why Victoria and Ariana are in a fight.
  • Victorious

    First of all, I would like to say that I don't give a shit about what you say or think about this show, but in my opinion, Victorious is one the BEST shows Nick has aired. I love how each character has a very different personality. The plot-lines are extremely entertaining and it is very original. I was truly devastated when I found out that Victorious was cancelled, but at the same time happy because Dan Schneider is making a spin-off, Sam & Cat, which I cannot wait to see!!! Overall, Victorious is one of the BEST shows on Nick, and they should have at least made 100 episodes. Oh, well...
  • The REAL reason Victorious and iCarly have, or are finishing.

    It has come to no surprise to me as a parent from the UK, as to why this show and its companion show iCarly has been cancelled, and whilst the need of the now 18/20+ years old actors to grow up, go to college and so on and so forth is a good reason. I would argue the real reason for both shows early swan song is that; they have been nothing more than giant back door adverts for APPLE, with the shows, PEAR, Phone, Pad and Computer parodies of the iPhone, iPad and iMac, this is so wrong, both shows fill up at least an hour if not more on Nick every day. In fact this issue was investigated by the UK regulatior "OFCOM" which has the same powers and function of the US "FCC", although they did not punish Nick, they did warn them not to push it or else. They also handed evidence to the "FCC" as part of the process, as both the Shows were made in the US. So were both shows cancelled because of the "OFCOM" investigation and warning NOT to push it or else, could Nick have be told to get rid, or face huge fines, along with DAN and the Actors, now all 18+ for being iniolved?
  • i love victorious

    all the characters are hilarious. but seriously robby needs to get rid of rex. he is such a dork. no offence. the only way to get girls is if he oh o don't know got a haircut, lost the glasses and bam. wait! he also has to wear one of those jeans that he wore in "robbie sells rex" other than that he is soooo great. love the show. please don't end. never mind about the hair cut its fine


    I absolutely love this show. it isnt on enough, and its really really funny. i dont know a single person that doesnt like this show and i hope it continues. :)
  • I actually love it

    I know I've said I don't usually like sitcoms with teens who are craving a life of fame-but this show happens to be a favorite of mine. It doesn't necessarily focus on teenagers who are striving for a life of fame and fortune. It focuses on the troubles, comedy, and fun with friends involved in their daily lives on their journey to stardom. It makes the show very unique and different from other sitcoms like this. It's a shame to see that it is being cancelled. Dan confirmed that it would be cancelled after this coming season. I really don't understand why, because iCarly, in my opinion, went down to shit after the 3rd or 4th season, yet still continued to film episodes. It started getting less corny, yes, but it began deviating from the actual "webshow" portion of the show, which was really the entire point of the show to begin with. It definitely wasn't one of Dan's best sitcoms, yet there were still some good moments of the show that could be salvaged. I am actually sort of glad yet depressed that iCarly is going to be cancelled as well, because iCarly was actually, at one time, a childhood favorite of mine. Victorious, however, was always a favorite of mine because I loved the music, and it never went bad like iCarly did-In fact, Victorious got better. But, to sum it up, I really love this show and I hope it ends on a good note.
  • I like it! Great for kids and you have to admit! :D

    I like it! Sadly they are canceling because all of the actors are going to make other porject and nick always cancels the great shows and replace them with crappy ones.

    Victorious made nick get higher ratings because I hooked i up. Its a good shows for kids 7-16 to me. I just love this show and it shouldn't be canceled after this season.

  • Amazing

    I really like Victorious. It's one of my favorite shows.
  • This show is so much better than "iCarly"

    Another show that Dan Schneider is working on and it's called "Victorious" and I think that "Victorious" is a much better show than "iCarly". This show has some good music and it's a very funny show in my opinion. The only character that I really don't like in this show is Jade. I can't think of which of these girls are worse, Sam from "iCarly" or Jade from "Victorious", I'm gonna have to say they're equal. I think that Tori and Cat are smoking beautiful girls in this show. Andre is funny and so is Robbie. I also love of the idea of Robbie holding a puppet named "Rex". Beck is a good character also and I guess I like Trina but all she thinks about is herself though. Very funny show and I recommend this show to everyone. "iCarly" is an okay show but "Victorious" is even funnier than "iCarly in my opinion even though some of the humor can come from "iCarly" sometimes. Cat is so gosh dang beautiful, whatever she says... I want to hug her so much because she is so adorable. Overall, this is a perfect show to air on Nick and it's very fun to watch. 10/10
  • awesome show

    Unlike most of the shows they air in nickelodeon today this show has a unique feel to it i love how there is always character development and that all the stories are well-written most of the jokes make sense and are actually funny the main reason i love this show is because it doesnt focus on only 1 person it focuses on many other characters

    overral this show is superb and is one of the few shows on nick that is actually successful
  • Victorious is Awesome

    Victorious is about Victoria Justice playing a beautiful girl named Tori Vega who gets into a school called Hollywood Arts which is for talented singers & actor/actresses after the principal was impressed with her at a talent show.Now she goes to the same school as her beautiful but untalented & egotistictal older sister Trina Vega and her friends the popular pretty boy actor Beck Oliver,the intimidating & easily jealous but beautiful gothic actress/singer Jade West,the beautiful but strange actress/singer Cat Valentine,the singer/song writer Andre Harris,and the weird ventrilaquist Robbie Shapiro who hangs out all the time with his puppet Rex Powers who thinks he's an actual person.They have a weird but helpful teacher named Erwin Sikowitz who comes up with many activities for them to do that seem strange but end up being helpful later.Tori may be pretty & sweet,but her life is nowhere near perfect.She has to deal with Jade always acting mean towards her due to the chemistry Tori & Beck have,Cat is always saying the weirdest things that probably gets on her nerves,Robbie is always being bullied by Rex even though Rex is just his puppet,and she has to deal with Trina being in denial acting like she's better than everybody in the school when she's the worst along with the fact that she's willing to do anything to become famous.There are so many plots that you'll never know what will happen and there are so many questions that need to be answered.

    Who will end up with who?

    Will Tori ever stand up to Trina and make her realize she isn't as talented as she thinks?

    Will Robbie realize that Rex is just a puppet?

    Will Tori & Jade become actual friends instead of frenemies(friends & enemies)?

    Will we ever meet Cat's brother?

    Will Beck ever get jealous?

    Only time will tell.
  • is it jusme or is becks hair HOT !

    i luv watching dis show it will never beat icarly or drake n josh but still veri funi n de music is veri gud i luv cat x x but beck is huba huba :P

  • Awesome

    Awesome show. Heck, this and iCarly has nothin' in common if you really think about it. Of course they may use the same words like chiz and wazz; but both were created by the smae person! But, Victorious is waaaaay better characters and plots than iCarly.
  • I don't see the reason.

    I don't see the reason for all of these bad reviews. Sure, it's not the GREATEST show out there, but it's a show. I'd like to see some of you make a show and air it and see how many hits you get. It's not easy to do these shows, you know. It costs money to get the equipment and time that these actors put in to making it great. I don't see the need for a harsh review on every show. No show is ever as bad as you make it out to be. Every show has some type of audience. For a show to be truly bad, it has to have not one fan. The shows on here that all of you are hating on have plenty of fans, so they aren't that bad. Before you judge, think about how the producers would feel reading these reviews. Putting their hard earned money into making a show for entertainment when people are to greedy to be thankful that there are even television shows out there.
  • Well... It's Better Than iCarly

    iCarly used to be better until those stupid shipping episodes. Dear Dan, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY SHIPPING EPISODES IN VICTORIOUS
  • Why do you hate it so much

    well im been looking at the comments and almost every one of the comments say it not a good show well i love all the characters and the show and like you can come up with a good show mhmm
  • i like it

    It isn't my favorite show, but i like it because have an excellent emotions

    Im Argentinian
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