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  • The show is all about Tori Vega, which is very annoying.

    I have tried to watch the show more than once and I cannot stand it. The show has a lot of potential, but none of it is being used and the show isn't even funny. To top it off, Tori Vega does not seem genuine in her interviews on Nickelodeon. I believe the sole purpose of this show is to promote Tori's singing career, nothing more. The show is literally all about Tori (VicTORIous)and that becomes annoying after a while. Well, with a show named after her it should be expected that it would include mostly her, but there's no true substance behind the show: there's no plot and horrible jokes. All the show includes is her constantly putting up a status about herself with her mood on a phone and singing and parading on a stage. Tori comes across as a very conceited and self-absorbed. It's a shame that the show is going in a bad direction and I don't see it lasting very long.
  • A show about a high school girl, Tori, at a performing arts school.

    I have only seen a couple of episodes but so far I am not sold. The show stars Victoria Justice as Tori, an aspiring singer attending a performing arts high school. The stories are far-fetched (the TMZ-like episode where Tori and other classmates are the subjects of video gossip by a nerdy student) and the characters not believable (a ventriloquist who walks around ALL DAY with his dummy, speaking to it and including it in real conversations; a red-haired girl who is literally brainless). Victorious seems to be a knockoff of iCarly and Tori a replica of Carly Shaw. Unfortunately, iCarly is far superior- even the silliest episodes are somewhat entertaining (thanks to Spencer and Freddie's mom but that's another review). The only good quality is that Victoria Justice can actually sing but as of now I don't see much promise in this show. Unless there's massive improvement I don't recommend watching it.
  • A big rip off

    The show is a rip-off of Zoey 101, & iCarly. I'm sorry, but the show kinda sucks. Its hardly funny, & the over-acting & similarities in format need to stop.
    The only good thing about the show is that it has good music, and at least its not as bad as the Jonas Brothers, & only rare stuff in the show is actually funny. Thats my only plus, everything else sucks!. The characters are all cool, but i'm talking about the show in general. Dan actually came up wit something almost as bad as Jonas.
    Do better next season, *IF YOU HAVE ONE*, which i doubt.
  • Eww...

    I don't believe Dan Schneider actually made this, his other shows like Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show and iCarly are all great. But this is an example of how horrible Nicelodeon has come to. This show ticks me off with 2 reasons. 1: I can't stand the music. 2: I hate the goth looking girl, I think her name is Jadelyn, she seems like a real ***** on the show, sorry for language. I don't think Nickelodeon cares about their viewers, but everyone knew that already, they only care about the little minimum of money they have from creating shows like this. Lets get to reality, Nickelodeon along with Cartoonetwork is dead. Final Grade: F---
  • All copy shows have a special place in the fire...

    Let me start by saying this, I HATE copying. It ruins things for those who want to be creative and have their own designs. So when I first set eyes on victorious, I couldn't have disliked it more. I mean, this show absolutely screams, "Hello, world! I'm a rip off of iCarly designed to capitalize on its success, not to mention its technology (pear products)!" This show rips off iCarly's humor (which is actually miniscule in and of itself), its technology, and its intrinsic idea- one girl trying to make her way in the world despite a flury of weird peopple, arch-rivals, and others who want to challenge her- and places it in a new setting, a school bent on raising children who, rather than go to actual school like normal people and master skills essential to leading a productive life, have decided to become performers and entertainers at the earliest age possible and who favor comedy and drama rather than learning. Victorious even had its premier after a fairly large iCarly event in the hopes of retaining some of the audience that had watched the iCarly premier.
  • I can honestly say this show is bad.

    This is basicailly a Zoey 101 knock off with a bad cast of characters and no plot.And sarcasticaily this show makes Cory in the House a good show not.I mean why is the laugh track on after every sentence is everything really that funny.I mean in Icarly everything Sam does is funny like when she beats up Freddy but this show is not funny it smells like another Nick sell out. The cast looks like a ripp off of Saved By the Bell.Kenan and Kel and all That were more funnier than this show.i would give this show a zero but i cant really set it lower than a one.
  • Well, Nickelodeon has done it again. And when I say done it again, I mean created yet another pile of festering sh*t.

    I admit, I adore shows that involve high school so I was sort of excited about seeing this. Thought it would end up being something cute and entertaining. Boy, was I wrong or what.

    First off, let's start off with the characters. Not one of them stands out, to be completely honest. Not one. Period. I mean, like a previous reviewer stated, this is something we'd expect from shows like this. Nothing but Mary Sue, Gary Stu-esque characters who have nothing original about them. One is an annoying b*tch who thinks she's God, a main character who has no musical talent yet gets praised for it,another is an emo/goth chick who's mad at the world because she wants to seem bad @ss but fails, a puppet kid who I want to punch in the face, a black kid who's actually the only normal one, a beyond stupid red head, and just a load of stereotypical background characters. I mean, where is the originality here? WHERE?!

    Now, let's skip to the story and what it's all about. Honestly, the story isn't so bad. Just like the characters, it just has nothing original. Basically, a girl gets accepted into an art school. Now, in my opinion, that seems interesting. But Dan Schneider really has been lacking when it comes to his creativity and has been relying on the tweeny pop crap that teens go crazy for these days. I mean, we all know Mr. Schneder, he's quite ingenious when it comes to creativity in his shows, it could've gone farther but it didn't. This, in my opinion, is his worst creation yet. :/ No offense.

    Now, how about the jokes? This is a 'comedy' after all. To me, I haven't laughed once. The jokes are way too corny and predictable. They now resort to saying random objects in order to make a 'funny joke', which is just sad. Like, for example one chick said something like, "Awww. That *whatever it was* is like a tiny meatball." Errm...Really? That's funny....hoooow? Saying random objects does not make things funny. >:/

    Last but not least, the music! Haha! Well, I find it annoying how every teen star has to be a singer. To be honest, compared to Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria is pretty dang good. Miranda's music made my ears bleed but at least Victoria has a good and REAL voice. At least, I don't think hers is computerized. :V BUT, anyways the music is okay. Not bad, not good but okay. :/ I just wish they'd stop with the whole teen pop crap that they throw at us. :/

    Aaaaand that's all I have. UNTIL NEXT TIME! :B
  • Another un-inspiring Nick sitcom, this time, maybe worse than iCarly.

    I have no other shows to review at the moment, so I decided to wedge this show into a review.

    First of all, I only watched this show because of curiosity. To see if Nick finally pulled it off with another popular sitcom like iCarly. (Not like that show is good itself.) Well, the results weren't so impressive.

    Characters are what you would see on a lot of these kind of shows. One of the characters is over-the-top self-centered and thinks she/he are the best in the world and there's a character that is over the top stupid (That one red head). On the other lines, the other characters are all boring or unoriginal. Besides that, the punk-ass "emo" girl is a pain.

    The music so far has proved to be unimpressive. All electronic garbage that the tiny boppers will eat up with every song lyric.

    The soundtrack is terrible. I hate how every cut scene shows her writing on her so called "Slapface" wall, a supposed copy of the Internet site "Facebook". Besides that, the plots are unoriginal and mostly take place in the class with some assignment they have to do, and Victoria Justice messes up the first time or two, then does the assignment correctly. Very boring for the most part. Acting is barley stand able on the other line.

    Did I mention that the laugh track is used after every sentence?

    In conclusion, this show is a bust. I could say Nick is a bust by now. Only show I can even watch and fairly enjoy now days is Penguins of Madagascar. Time to go back to South Park and The Simpsons.
  • You've gotta watch more than just the first episode to really enjoy this show.

    C'mon, it's DECENT! Of course, I AM sick and tired of the happy-happy singing and dancing thing people throw on TVs these days but, I really like this show.

    Dan Schnieder, you guys may know him as the creator of many other amazing Nickelodeon hit TV series such as: iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show, All That and Kenan and Kel, is the creator of this show. It must be difficult to manage two shows at once, iCarly and Victorious, but please cut them some slack! They're obviously trying their best. Plus, this show is a million times better than iCarly but it can't compare to the other shows I've menioned.

    Not bad, not bad at all. I hope to see much more of this show in the future.
  • It's Decent

    This is not a horrible show.
    Characters- The characters can be annoying,but they seem like a fun bunch. Jade is really funny,Beck is Tori's male friend.He's not a bad character. I think Tori and Beck are more friends than anything. At first there may have been something there,but not anymore,I just adore their friendship! Cat is the funniest person on this show! I love her ^_^ .
    Andre is a good friend of Tori. I like their friendship. Tori's sister is alright. Robbie is OK,but that's it. I love the abusive relationship between him and the puppet ^_^ . Tori is a good character and a talented singer ^_^ .

    Overall,doesn't top iCarly,but is good in its own respect.
  • Dan Schneider has created another show

    this is like Dan Schneider's 6th show that he has created each one that ends he creates another that means Icarly could end any time and then after Victorious he will created another show. This show is about tori who is like suoer hot goes to a acting singer and other stuff about preforming arts School I got to go to this school and Tori meets people their that have their own type of preforming ways and that is awsome and will Tori find her Victory we will just have to wait and find out and a buch of other stuff that will happen
  • "Victorious" is a show that centers on Tori Vega, a talented teen who attends a performing arts high school in Hollywood.

    Victoria Justice stars as Tori, the show's main character. Joining Tori are an eccentric circle of friends who are also attending the school, which includes musician Andre (Leon Thomas III), ventriloquist Robbie (Matt Bennett), mean girl Jade (Elizabeth Gillies), obsessive drama queen Cat (Ariana Grande), gifted Beck (Avan Jogia), and Tori's older sister Trina (Daniella Monet). Even though "Victorious" is from Dan Schneider, the same man who brought us "iCarly," it really set apart from other Nickelodeon shows because in almost every episode, Tori will sing a brand new song. If you haven't watch "Victorious," then this could be the show just for you.
  • Nickelodeon created a show worse than iCarly.

    The music in the series is alright, but the show itself is terrible. This show is in obvious rip-off Zoey 101. I mean, if you have eyes, you can tell. The show is about a girl named Tori Vega (portrayed y Victoria Justice, of course) who gets invited to enroll at a Performing Hollywood Arts School after filling in for her sister, Trina Vega (portrayed by Daniella Monet). There is not one part of the show that has humor. The show is also a rip-off "Hannah Montana", an actually good show. When Nickelodeon? will you go back to good shows? When?.
  • A good show worth watching, yet it has room for improvement .

    "Victorious" is a good show. Yet it has room to improve. The comedy and storyline(s) are good. Yet it has SEVEN main characters and one character that appears in almost every episode ( Sinjin ). Now that isn't a problem for me , but it is for others. The main compliant about "Victorious" is that it is too much like "iCarly", which is much better. Both shows were created by Dan Schinder. The show's main character is Tori Vega ( Victoria Justise ) who lives in LA and has recently been accepted into Hollywood Arts High School, because her sister , Trina ( Daniella Monet ) , gets sick on the night of her big performance and Tori fills in for her . She befriends Andre (Leon Thomas 3), a piano player, song writer, and singer. Robbie ( Matt Bennett ), a ventriloquist , and his ventriloquist dummy, Rex. Beck ( Avan Jogia ) and Jade ( Elizabeth Gilles ) who are dating. And finally, Cat ( Aria Grande ) who is very bipolar . Also, Sinjin ( Eric Reed ) is a dorky kid who has a crush on Jade and appears in almost every episode.

    Victorious is a good show worth watching.
  • singing dancing acting TAlENT

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  • Great show for all with a lot of talent!

    This show is a great pick-me-up. The characters chemistry is great on the show. They all collaborate nicely..and they are great actors. The show is kid-friendly, but it can also be for anyone at any age. This is one kid show I can still watch and I'm 16. There hasn't been a good show on Nick for a while, that and Icarly are what is holding up the channel. Right now they only have 8 episode and they need a few more! The only thing bad about this show is that there is not enough episodes since its been out for a few months. I recommend watching this show, you will get good laughs and it also teaches you a few lessons on friendship and even talent! The kids i this show are extremely talented i give it a 10!
  • i know alot of people will kill me for this review but i dont care i find this nickelodeon;s next big hit

    this show is only on its 1st season but i think its doing awesome i think this is nickelodeon;s best show since jimmy neutron and the second best show on nickelodeon only downside i can think of for this show is that it uses the laugh screen almost every time tori jade or anybody says something that didnt need to be put in but other than that detail everything else is great i like the song and the episodes so good job nickelodeon this is your best effort in the new shows overall i give this show a good 9/10 kingnicky1 out
  • It's a grower, but it hasn't gotten close to reaching its potential.

    Ok, I really enjoy all of Dan Schneider's shows, I think he is a very funny guy, but this one seems to be his weakest effort. The cast is too big, the character's are too generic and stereotyped and the songs get annoying after a while. During the pilot episode I maybe laughed twice, but I gave it another chance and its improved. Dan puts in some legitimately funny lines,and characters like Cat and Robbie are very likable. I know this isn't going to be a long lasting show, and it certainly won't last beyond two seasons max, but for what it is, a simple teen musical comedy it isn't terrible, but it doesn't wow me either.
  • Well please read my review it is a good opinion to me of the nice show, VICTORIOUS!

    When I first saw the show Zoey101, I thought that Lola(Victoria)was really pretty! she made me want to be an actress just like her!Well I saw her in all kinds of shows like ICarly,The Troop, and True JacksonVP! I was so excited when they said that she was going to have her own show. I think the girl with the red hair is pretty too!(Kat)But I like How Tori Vega sings! I also like how she dances and acts in the show. I am a big fan of hers. Oh Yeah! I also like he dresses! Well yeah this is a cool show but the thing that killed it(ruined it) was the guy with the pupet!! He acts really bad with the pupet, like when the puppet slaps him, You could tell that the guy that holds the puppet did it!! They should take out the puppet, he's not even funny!!!! well that is my truly opinion on that show!!
  • A ripoff? PLEASE tell me you're joking..........

    Before I start my review, I would like to address some of the people who hate Victorious and give 'em a little reality check. This show is in no way shape or form a ripoff of Zoey 101, Hannah Montana(Really? -_-) or iCarly. Zoey 101 features the misadventures of a teenage girl who experiences life changing events in a high school campus along with her friends. Normal friends. Does Victorious relate? Nope. Hannah Montana is about a girl who tries to cope with being famous while trying to live a normal life. Hmmmm.......nope. No similarities plotwise there, either. I guess I shouldn't have to explain iCarly either. Oh wait. You meant with their humor and characters? I guess that just because Victorious follows the same humor as some other shows and some of their characters relate to other characters on other random shows makes it a rip-off, right? In that case, I guess that makes you a ripoff of people born before you that look human. Oh look. They have eyes and you have eyes, BUT you were born after them so I guess that makes you a ripoff, right? Because you share similarities to them? Face facts, people. Every show has similarities to other shows. Not one show is completely unique. They will have similarities to them in one way or more whether you like it or not. You want an example of real ripoff? Look at the iCarly episode with the Dingo Channel. THAT'S a real ripoff! I'm guessing that the show should be called "Gudfgfdfggg" and it should be about a talking lamp that stares at a radioactive carpet that speaks Portugese. That's pretty original. I bet you'd LOVE to see that, right? Anyways, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with my review which unfortunetly will be a ripoff of other reviews posted before this one because it has words in it..........

    Victorious is a show about a teenager named Tori Vega who gets accepted in a school full of young performers who plan on becoming famous. Along with her egotistical sister, Trina, her friends that include a spazzy red head, Cat, a nerd that talks to a puppet, Robbie, a prettyboy, Beck, an all around performer, Andre and her rival, Jade, Tori learns the ups and downs of being a performer as she copes with learning the ropes of being a performer.

    Overall, although I do enjoy the music, the characters(especially Cat, Robbie and Andre) and the plot, I have a few problems with the show. For starters, the humor is a little cheesy, I think that some of the episodes should feature someone OTHER than Tori and I believe they could do so much more than what they're doing with it. How about a little more......drama? Besides the cliche "breakup" of Beck and Jade only for them to get back together and a few random kisses, I haven't seen a lot that would make this show that interesting. It seems to be just another childish teen sitcom with only a few favorable qualities. If the show doesn't shape up, don't expect it to stay for too long which is a shame really. Overall, since most of its problems can be fixed and I see a bright future of the show, I'll give it a score of 8/10 or a B. Again, sorry if I ripped off the previous reviews by writing it with words. I'll try to be more original next time. Oh and by the way, for those of you who want to thumbs me down, do it before anyone else. If not, you'll be a ripoff of the person who decided to do it first!
  • i hate this show!its'completely boring and conceited! stupid tori is a big show off who thinks she is all that!

    worst show ever!annoying (or conceited)tori!she thinks shes all that writing her stupid mood on her mobile phone (or whatever)!they think there all that with that stupid techno music and that stupid make it shine s**t!ugh!i just wanna barf every time i see this show!wannabe popular people these days!sheesh!if i have to see that stupid w**re one more time i will punch her in the face!stupid wanna be popular b**ch!whos idea was it to invent this c**ppy show?!ugh!another biological abomination to nickelodeon gone wrong!there are so many things i wanna get off my chest!that tori the zombie ep.ugh!stupid wh**re!ugh!i hate this.
  • ...

    Well, this show does have some humor and great moments, but it has many sad sad moments. A lot of its humor isn't too good and has many many many many many bad moments of the show. The characters aren't always great. Robbie is a bad addition to the show and can be real annoying, and Tori makes big deals of things all the time and that really gets old. They also try to have some of iCarly's humor in the show (mainly because Dan Schnieder, the creator of Victorious, also created iCarly) and it really isn't good.

    Overall, this is a newer show and it looks like it is somewhat improving slowly, but for now, I'm going to give it a 2.5 out of 10.
  • EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are a list of "logical" reasons this show is terrible:

    1st Reason: The show is all about Tori Vega, and just her. She thinks she is all better than everyone chatting on her stupid SlapFace. It is annoying that everything centers around her and nobody else. Everytime they pass a scene she speaks her stupid mood like she's all cool. "HEY!, I'm Tori Vega, and I'm all cool because I'm in Hollywood Arts". It is TICKING ME OFF!!!!

    2nd reason: The show is a rip-off Zoey 101. The plots are the same, the characters are the same, and especially the moral, you know, fitting in a new HIGH SCHOOL, another knock-off Zoey 101. The show is also a rip off iCarly (another bad show). Tori is a rip-off Carly from iCarly, Robbie is a rip-off Freddie from iCarly, Andre (Leon Thomas III) is a rip-off his character, Harper, from iCarly Saves TV. The show also ripss-off "Hannah Montana" in premise. Victorious is a knock-off three tween girl sitcoms.

    3rd reason: The music is terrible. The music, "Make It Shine", is terrible, too, because it has terrible sync beats and lyrics that will make your ears literrally bleed. Victoria Justice rip off Miley Cyrus and Miranda Consgrove's music. All the other songs are bad because again, thier beats and lyrics make your ears bleed. So Overrall, not even the music is good.

    4th reason. Terrible acting, bad cast, bad storylines, and no humor. Every line a laugh track plays and it annoying and they sometimes chuckle when they say thier lines. Cat (portrayed by Ariana Grande) is ANNOYING, sensitive, and always saying random things. Erin Sanders would be better off playing Cat on the show. Jade (portrayed by Elizabeth Gilles) is an emo punk. Jade is a rip off Cassie from The Haunting Hour and Sinjin is a rip off Fregley from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The storylines are too "like daily life" situations. Stage Fighting could happen in real life. The Bird Scene is a terrible storyline. The only decent episode is the pilot. Some stuff are funny, but thats definately not saying even a little bit of much. OVERRALL!, Terrible show and with the review done. The rating overrall is a 1 (abysmal). When will Nickelodeon ever learn?
  • Another one of those great shows by the genius producer Dan Scheider.

    This show is about a new girl named Tori Vagea who comes to Holywood arts high school, a specialized private shcool for really tanleted teens with in music and movie makeing production. It also shows some good and unexpected commedy like in Drake and Josh and Icarly and the joys and exicitements for any hollywood arts teens. The main character in the show are Tori, Trina, Andra, Kat,Robbie and his poppet Rex, Jade, and Beck. Each of these characters all haveing intresting personalites and traits all with a unique set of talents. I HIghly recomend this show to any teens.
  • this show is horrible worst then ever i cant even find a showthat compares to the dumbness

    why nick whydid you choose march to air such garbage , ironically 1 year before 3ds launch why did you release garbage

    this is a new series really what show did it replace

    this show is so horrible my sources tell me never to watch the channel ever again this is worst then a rlstine book, or et for the atari 2600 , the way nickelodean is just canceling show after show they need to get off the air ways
  • Just not my cup of tea.

    well all i can say is this show is nothing more than a recycld concept of zoey 101 and a mixture of icarly. this seris is basicly nothing more than a whiny teenager victorious, who is having tough time in life and is having a tough time fitting at school. ugh this show is a complete clone of hanna montana, sure they both have differant plot but just look, in hanna montana you have a bratty teenager who is going through a tough time and is trying to fit in. this time she puts a wig on and becomes famous. this is basicly the plot of victorious. the acting is stupid and the show is just so boring. not only is the plot unoriginal but a little to far fetched like always with these teen sticoms. i cant beilive nickalodeon is producing all this teen garbage nowadays rather than the gold we saw back then on old nick. theres nothing special about these shows. nick is just paying all these random kids to come in and star acting stupid. the bad acting and mediocer jokes and stupidity is pretty mutch what this show is made of.

    this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!!
  • Do you really even want to?

    Alright, so... I don't think that there is that much to say. To me, Victorious is a copy of iCarly with a tweaked plot. Tori Vega is just as annoying, unfunny, and whiny as Carly. Her sister whatshername is just as obnoxious as Sam. Robby, Jade, Kat, and Beck are just /too/ annoying. I feel like shooting the television when they flash up on the screen.

    The laugh track is used on every other line.
    None of the jokes are funny. They make the viewer want to continuously roll their eyes. The plots are unoriginal and not that exciting. And you know, since it's basically just like iCarly, I'm going to predict that Victorious will remain successful and unfortunately continue to grace our televisions with its presence. 1/10.
  • It's another one of those shows like iCarly, that's for kids, but I think people of all ages can enjoy this show. It's creative, funny and has a great cast.


    Victorious is one of those shows like iCarly, produced by Nickelodeon's good buddy Dan Schneider, that is aimed at kids and teens. Okay, Dan has said that his shows are meant for a wider audience than that. He knows that adults watch these shows just as much as the younger folks, and so he throws in some mature humor. Keep in mind though, the target audience is still for kids- some older folks might find the funny stuff to be a bit silly. There's more to the show than the comedy though. Hollywood Arts, the school that this lot attends, is a school for the Arts. The lockers are decorated, the teachers and assignments are insane (the drive-by acting exercises? Both hilarious and cool). I think that a lot of people will say that YES, they would love to attend a school like this! Now the characters... very good choices in my opinion, for the main cast. Victoria is a very diverse character. She's funny, talented, smart but she can be goofy too. There's Andre, her talented best friend (or good friend), who has a knack for music. Actually, they all do, and it's real, I'm happy to say- hear them sing in real life, and it sounds just like in the show. There's Cat, who is a bit out-there (they exaggerate it too much in later episodes), but proves to be pretty smooth and smart. Beck and Jade... well they're the "couple". But they're not the kind that gets together at the end of a show. No, they've been dating from the start, and they make it work! Jade is violent and grouchy, while her boyfriend Beck is a smooth operator, thankfully, because I don't know how many other guys could put up with Jade like that. And Robbie. Robbie is The awkward guy. And he has a puppet, which he treats like a real person. I find that odd, ha. Give the show a chance if you haven't. And pay attention to the creativity, the talent that these actors have. They do a fantastic job. There is really no other show like it, so I find it refreshing. Overall, great show.

  • Great show.

    So Trina Vega has the lead part on a show, but she can't act so her sister Tori has to fill in. She is a freaking sensation and enrtolls theart school of her sister. Now Hollywood Arts is a differnet kind of school, cause everything is wacky artistic, form teachers to lockers.

    So yeah, Tori is the main character, and is still getitng used to th weirdness of the school. Trina is a super selfish big sister. Jade is the goth who hated Tri but is now her friend. Beck is Jade's Bf. Andre is Tori's best friend (and is black). RObbie is somenerd who carries a puppet around (which apparentyl has a mind of his own), and finally the funniest character to ever appear on TV: Cat Valentine. The most wacky hilairous and random perosn ever who makes me laugh everytime she is onscreen.

    Overalll: it's agreat show. Even if you don't like the premise, watch it for Cat, she's freaking awesome. 9.5/10.
  • Sorta decent, but the laughter NEEEDS TO STOP!!!

    Sorta decent, yes, but like the other bad reviews the one thing I want to focus on is the laughter. The freaking canned laughter needs to stop. Like I said on the Carly review, are we goldfish that need to be taught to laugh at jokes? The jokes might have been good if the laugh track didn't get in the way. many fake laughs can they get out of a tiny machine? This isn't the fifties, people. The fifties made it look actually funny when shows used the laugh track, but when the use of it died ruins the show. For another time, I'll tell how she puts her stupid emotions on a touchpad thing, when we know what she feels...
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