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  • It's Decent

    This is not a horrible show.
    Characters- The characters can be annoying,but they seem like a fun bunch. Jade is really funny,Beck is Tori's male friend.He's not a bad character. I think Tori and Beck are more friends than anything. At first there may have been something there,but not anymore,I just adore their friendship! Cat is the funniest person on this show! I love her ^_^ .
    Andre is a good friend of Tori. I like their friendship. Tori's sister is alright. Robbie is OK,but that's it. I love the abusive relationship between him and the puppet ^_^ . Tori is a good character and a talented singer ^_^ .

    Overall,doesn't top iCarly,but is good in its own respect.
  • You've gotta watch more than just the first episode to really enjoy this show.

    C'mon, it's DECENT! Of course, I AM sick and tired of the happy-happy singing and dancing thing people throw on TVs these days but, I really like this show.

    Dan Schnieder, you guys may know him as the creator of many other amazing Nickelodeon hit TV series such as: iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show, All That and Kenan and Kel, is the creator of this show. It must be difficult to manage two shows at once, iCarly and Victorious, but please cut them some slack! They're obviously trying their best. Plus, this show is a million times better than iCarly but it can't compare to the other shows I've menioned.

    Not bad, not bad at all. I hope to see much more of this show in the future.
  • I hated this show at first but now I sort of like it.

    At first I didn't like Victorious but only because I heard from people that this and Big Time Rush suck however, I eventually gave this show a chance and it's alright, it's not as good as iCarly or Drake and Josh but it's alot better than Zoey 101!

    Victoria Justice stars in a school located teen drama comedy series about a girl known as Tori Vega who enrolls at the Hollywood Arts Academy. Tori is an aspiring young singer who gets into awkward day to day situations.

    The plot doesn't sound interesting but it's fairly decent although I'm unsure if this series is going to last long because the plot seems too thin. They'll either flanderize the entire show or they'll make a sequel about Tori being even more popular and an actual singer.

    The show has it's highs and it's lows and unfortunately it has disgusting humour such as a giant puppet's snot being poured all over Robbie. *gets the sick bag*

    It's not a bad show.

    7.0/10 = B-
  • Another show that is just as bad as Icarly but its worse than Icarly.

    Victorious is another show created by Icarly and Drake and Josh creator Dan Schneider. Although It is worse than Icarly and it is nowhere as good as Big Time Rush and there are so many reasons on why this show is worse than Icarly. There's more flaws within the whole show and the execution is just awful and the whole idea is badly realized thanks to the flaws that the show suffered a lot And here are my reasons on why I didn't like this show. First of all it has a badly realized plot that could have been better. Second the show itself has no humor at all and it doesn't deliver any goodies that the mediacore Icarly carries and last but not least the slapstick jokes are too much and boring as Icarly's overhyped jokes and its hardly funny or not for one reason. The only good thing about this show is Victoria Justice's and the rest of the performances of the casts. But overall much more forgettable than Icarly.
  • Victorius is very stupid.

    Shows these days have the same plot, the people always get famous and are singers! It is not realistic, it like saying to kids that you have to be famous or you will never be good. Then there is the cast, tori is ok but she tends to get on the stupid/thoughtless track, Jade and Andre are actually not the worst characters, Andre is like a down to earth person and jade is funny! Jade, even though she is dark and sometimes scary, her jokes are actually funny. Robby is so weird, all Robby does is walk around with a puppet but thinks he is real, which he never spends time without the puppet and it is weird even though the show makes it so good that even you think he is real. THEN THERE IS CAT, Cat is so stupid and annoying I can't even describe it! It angers me that Ariana grande agrees to do that stupid crap. Ariana Could really get a more better show. She doesn't show we potential and just stays at nickelodeon where she is stupid. But if she tried hard enough she could become a great actor an not a meteocer actor. And Bec, to be honest is hot but enjoys it to much. He is not the worst character in the show but not the best. Trina is the all time worst character, she is spoiled, rude, and disrespectful to anyone who isn't cool or good looking. And she thinks he can do whatever she wants by getting guys to do her work, and she has a horrible voice but she is so in denial that she can't face the fact that she sucks. And what annoys me so much about shows is that there always has to be a stupid person on the show. And tv souls make a moral show again, but not make it cheesy like full house. More like the Cosby show. To end this review I want to say that you should never watch it, it's a horrible show and the creator should be ashamed
  • Not that good.

    This show was really not that good it got old fast and was boring 4.5/10 Below average.
  • This show is definitely better than icarly.

    The show is funny with interesting characters but I think they have Tori try to act too much like Carly from Icary. I know that both shows are made by the same person, but that doesn't mean the character have to be so similar. I guess that's why my favorite character in the show is Cat, even though she too stupid at times. Jade is very evil, but is funny in her own way. She reminds me of the way the kids act in my high school. Andre is a cool character; I often forget Beck is there because he's too quiet or is missing; and Robbie's character would be better if they would just get rid of his puppet Rex. Rex, who is voiced by the creator of the show, is terribly annoying and shouldn't always be held by Robbie. Overall, this show is pretty good although, like Icarly, I think it'll get worse over time.
  • A good show worth watching, yet it has room for improvement .

    "Victorious" is a good show. Yet it has room to improve. The comedy and storyline(s) are good. Yet it has SEVEN main characters and one character that appears in almost every episode ( Sinjin ). Now that isn't a problem for me , but it is for others. The main compliant about "Victorious" is that it is too much like "iCarly", which is much better. Both shows were created by Dan Schinder. The show's main character is Tori Vega ( Victoria Justise ) who lives in LA and has recently been accepted into Hollywood Arts High School, because her sister , Trina ( Daniella Monet ) , gets sick on the night of her big performance and Tori fills in for her . She befriends Andre (Leon Thomas 3), a piano player, song writer, and singer. Robbie ( Matt Bennett ), a ventriloquist , and his ventriloquist dummy, Rex. Beck ( Avan Jogia ) and Jade ( Elizabeth Gilles ) who are dating. And finally, Cat ( Aria Grande ) who is very bipolar . Also, Sinjin ( Eric Reed ) is a dorky kid who has a crush on Jade and appears in almost every episode.

    Victorious is a good show worth watching.
  • A ripoff? PLEASE tell me you're joking..........

    Before I start my review, I would like to address some of the people who hate Victorious and give 'em a little reality check. This show is in no way shape or form a ripoff of Zoey 101, Hannah Montana(Really? -_-) or iCarly. Zoey 101 features the misadventures of a teenage girl who experiences life changing events in a high school campus along with her friends. Normal friends. Does Victorious relate? Nope. Hannah Montana is about a girl who tries to cope with being famous while trying to live a normal life. Hmmmm.......nope. No similarities plotwise there, either. I guess I shouldn't have to explain iCarly either. Oh wait. You meant with their humor and characters? I guess that just because Victorious follows the same humor as some other shows and some of their characters relate to other characters on other random shows makes it a rip-off, right? In that case, I guess that makes you a ripoff of people born before you that look human. Oh look. They have eyes and you have eyes, BUT you were born after them so I guess that makes you a ripoff, right? Because you share similarities to them? Face facts, people. Every show has similarities to other shows. Not one show is completely unique. They will have similarities to them in one way or more whether you like it or not. You want an example of real ripoff? Look at the iCarly episode with the Dingo Channel. THAT'S a real ripoff! I'm guessing that the show should be called "Gudfgfdfggg" and it should be about a talking lamp that stares at a radioactive carpet that speaks Portugese. That's pretty original. I bet you'd LOVE to see that, right? Anyways, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with my review which unfortunetly will be a ripoff of other reviews posted before this one because it has words in it..........

    Victorious is a show about a teenager named Tori Vega who gets accepted in a school full of young performers who plan on becoming famous. Along with her egotistical sister, Trina, her friends that include a spazzy red head, Cat, a nerd that talks to a puppet, Robbie, a prettyboy, Beck, an all around performer, Andre and her rival, Jade, Tori learns the ups and downs of being a performer as she copes with learning the ropes of being a performer.

    Overall, although I do enjoy the music, the characters(especially Cat, Robbie and Andre) and the plot, I have a few problems with the show. For starters, the humor is a little cheesy, I think that some of the episodes should feature someone OTHER than Tori and I believe they could do so much more than what they're doing with it. How about a little more......drama? Besides the cliche "breakup" of Beck and Jade only for them to get back together and a few random kisses, I haven't seen a lot that would make this show that interesting. It seems to be just another childish teen sitcom with only a few favorable qualities. If the show doesn't shape up, don't expect it to stay for too long which is a shame really. Overall, since most of its problems can be fixed and I see a bright future of the show, I'll give it a score of 8/10 or a B. Again, sorry if I ripped off the previous reviews by writing it with words. I'll try to be more original next time. Oh and by the way, for those of you who want to thumbs me down, do it before anyone else. If not, you'll be a ripoff of the person who decided to do it first!
  • one of my favorite tv-shows

    This is one of my favorite tv-shows. It's really funny and it never really gets boring
  • I wonder how other countries portray us?

    If nickelodeon is going to keep making shows like this, then they should sell the channel to MTV. Especially Dan Schneider, who tries to make sitcoms, but instead messes up and creates reality tv. Every show like this should be cancelled and burned. And the puppet is dumb.
  • Victorious + Victoria Justice = a very bad show!

    Victoria Justice is not a good plus she can`t sing auto tune she a great thing for her. plz cancel show its sucks. the only people i like on the show is Trina and cat.
  • Another one of those great shows by the genius producer Dan Scheider.

    This show is about a new girl named Tori Vagea who comes to Holywood arts high school, a specialized private shcool for really tanleted teens with in music and movie makeing production. It also shows some good and unexpected commedy like in Drake and Josh and Icarly and the joys and exicitements for any hollywood arts teens. The main character in the show are Tori, Trina, Andra, Kat,Robbie and his poppet Rex, Jade, and Beck. Each of these characters all haveing intresting personalites and traits all with a unique set of talents. I HIghly recomend this show to any teens.
  • Top 10 Best Reality Sicom

    This show brings so much to the table a talented cast and a great plot this show is like iCarly 2.0 not saying this show is better than iCarly but you cant lie having a bigger cast is 2 points up for this show but what i hate so bad is that this show hardly ever gets showed on the network but this show is great it has the 3 beautiful girls Victoria Justice a nickelodeon Veteran, Ariona Grende The Nick Rookie And Elizabeth Gillies The Nick Goth Girl
  • Victorious is good!

    This show is good! The cast is great but there is 2 characters I kinda dislike. Cat has an annoying voice and says the dumbest things that somehow get's the audiences to laugh (laugh track)...And Trina is kinda annoying but she's boy crazy! The best character is probably Robbie, he's so funny! But the humor isn't as funny or great like Drake and Josh or any other older Nick show. Compare them two shows and you'll see which is funnier. The show has some great episodes. The only episode I'd say was bad is The Breakfast Bunch episode. That episode is boring as f. Although this show is pretty good.
  • Its So Funny!

    I Like It. Well Considering We Have Shows Like Shake It Up This Show Is Pretty Good!
  • Victorious is Awesome

    Victorious is about Victoria Justice playing a beautiful girl named Tori Vega who gets into a school called Hollywood Arts which is for talented singers & actor/actresses after the principal was impressed with her at a talent show.Now she goes to the same school as her beautiful but untalented & egotistictal older sister Trina Vega and her friends the popular pretty boy actor Beck Oliver,the intimidating & easily jealous but beautiful gothic actress/singer Jade West,the beautiful but strange actress/singer Cat Valentine,the singer/song writer Andre Harris,and the weird ventrilaquist Robbie Shapiro who hangs out all the time with his puppet Rex Powers who thinks he's an actual person.They have a weird but helpful teacher named Erwin Sikowitz who comes up with many activities for them to do that seem strange but end up being helpful later.Tori may be pretty & sweet,but her life is nowhere near perfect.She has to deal with Jade always acting mean towards her due to the chemistry Tori & Beck have,Cat is always saying the weirdest things that probably gets on her nerves,Robbie is always being bullied by Rex even though Rex is just his puppet,and she has to deal with Trina being in denial acting like she's better than everybody in the school when she's the worst along with the fact that she's willing to do anything to become famous.There are so many plots that you'll never know what will happen and there are so many questions that need to be answered.

    Who will end up with who?

    Will Tori ever stand up to Trina and make her realize she isn't as talented as she thinks?

    Will Robbie realize that Rex is just a puppet?

    Will Tori & Jade become actual friends instead of frenemies(friends & enemies)?

    Will we ever meet Cat's brother?

    Will Beck ever get jealous?

    Only time will tell.
  • Another Fail

    Victorious. At first, I loved the first season. Great acting, great jokes. I was happy to see Victoria moving on now. But now it's painful to watch the second and third seasons. It's just like iCarly. It's getting too random and weird and they think that's cool. Tori is really annoying and whiney, and she thinks she an amazing person and they focus mainly on her. (Does iCarly come to mind??) Cat is so annoyingly stupid. I just want to curse at her nowadays. She has mental problems. Jade is just a bad example for kids. Always has scissors in her hands, thinking that that is safe. Violent and bullying Tori constantly. Jade has gotten to the extent that she never evens listen to what Tori says, and she is bullying Tori for everything Tori does. (Does a someone from iCarly pop in mind?)

    Trina is self absorbed, thinking she's the greatest and she should get whatever she wants. She's like Tori, whiney and complaing. She never supports or appreciates her little sister when Tori needs her anymore.

    Andre, is annoying and become dumber by the day. He thinks he so cool, and no teenage boys wear that. It's like he's just stepped out from an Abercrombie or GAP commercial. Ravi is so ANNOYING AND STUPID. He's a big wimp and even his annoying, smart-aleck puppet named after a DINOSAUR in cooler than him. Ravi needs to grow up and stop playing with Rex. And how can this Northlake girls be attracted to a PUPPET? Beck, I don't really have any problems with him, except his acting is getting worse by the episode, and he's getting dumber. Sikowitz needs to find some shoes and a new haircut and start being normal and really teaching the kids about drama besides all the other crap he blabs on about. Sinjin is just yuck. The other characters are annoying and are bad actors. You can really see Victorious's downfall, just like iCarly's. It's painful to watch this now. The jokes are overused, the plots are stupid. I want to be an actress. My mom says you have to have some experience with acting, so I am currently taking drama classes. Not once have I seen Tori have any experience with acting, and apparently they were going to hire her for a movie??? What the CRAP? Ugh, just ugh.

    The teenage actors need to grow up. They're 18-20 years old. They should go back to school and to college.
  • Another awful show from Dan Schinder (?)

    Yep, another awful created by the same guy that did iCarly. In my opinion, his two recent shows are nothing but a mess. I meant that they are not good shows at all. The plot for this show is very pointless. I don't hate Victoria Justice, but why is there have to be singing every 2-3 episodes. I am not into her music at all. Her acting is just decent to me. I only catch this show a month ago when my friends changed it to this show on Nick. As much as I suffered watching it, my least favorite has to Jade. She's mean, annoying, and not offense to the girl that play her. I don't get why Cat/Arianna Grade is so hot. I seen lot of comments about that and it's kinda my opinion, she's an alright looking person. Also, she is kinda annoying. The rest of cast...meh. That's all I can say about this mess. Overall, a terrible show on Nick. I wanna go back before March 2010. 2/10
  • "Victorious" is a show that centers on Tori Vega, a talented teen who attends a performing arts high school in Hollywood.

    Victoria Justice stars as Tori, the show's main character. Joining Tori are an eccentric circle of friends who are also attending the school, which includes musician Andre (Leon Thomas III), ventriloquist Robbie (Matt Bennett), mean girl Jade (Elizabeth Gillies), obsessive drama queen Cat (Ariana Grande), gifted Beck (Avan Jogia), and Tori's older sister Trina (Daniella Monet). Even though "Victorious" is from Dan Schneider, the same man who brought us "iCarly," it really set apart from other Nickelodeon shows because in almost every episode, Tori will sing a brand new song. If you haven't watch "Victorious," then this could be the show just for you.
  • Cupcakediva123 I agree! Lay off Tori for a while!

    I personally think the shows great as icarly and the music is great too except when tori sings! Her voice and her singing gets really annoying sometimes *edit*(always) and I think cat and jade are wayyyyyyyyy better singers than tori!!and some of the jokes are perverted in iCarly!does anywolf agree?!
  • Well please read my review it is a good opinion to me of the nice show, VICTORIOUS!

    When I first saw the show Zoey101, I thought that Lola(Victoria)was really pretty! she made me want to be an actress just like her!Well I saw her in all kinds of shows like ICarly,The Troop, and True JacksonVP! I was so excited when they said that she was going to have her own show. I think the girl with the red hair is pretty too!(Kat)But I like How Tori Vega sings! I also like how she dances and acts in the show. I am a big fan of hers. Oh Yeah! I also like he dresses! Well yeah this is a cool show but the thing that killed it(ruined it) was the guy with the pupet!! He acts really bad with the pupet, like when the puppet slaps him, You could tell that the guy that holds the puppet did it!! They should take out the puppet, he's not even funny!!!! well that is my truly opinion on that show!!
  • My Review of Victorious

    All in all, it's a great show I guess, it's really fun to watch and sometimes the episodes can be stupid but in a good way I guess, in the funny way. I love their movies, it's really thought out and I think the writers are trying their best to make this show popular. I love Victoria, who plays Tori, and she is extremely gorgeous. Cat, Ariana Grande, is fun and bubbly and always is happy, but sometimes a little stupid. I would go on about other characters but then I would just bore myself to death, and the people who take time to read this.

    Well, if I love it so much then why'd I give it a 9.0? Because, I have turn offs about this show too. Tori, yes, it begins with her, whining constantly, about something she CAN'T do, or CAN'T get. I mean seriously, Tori, we can't do a lot of things, you don't see us complaining, and we don't get everything, oh and that sometimes makes us mad, but we're not complaining to the first person we see. So please cut down on the whining, that gets seriously annoying. Second turn off, the whole show revolves around Tori, what Tori's feeling, and everything like that. I haven't seen one scene without Tori so far. Oh, and can you please let Ariana and Liz sing their own song instead of you hogging the spotlight? I mean, they have amazing voices too. Ariana, great voice, do I need to say anymore? Liz, deep soulful voice, which is very beautiful. Kinda like Adele's. Those two needs their moments also! So yeah, if you could fix that, that would make the show ten times better.
  • Come on guys! This doesn't rip-off iCarly


    In my opinion,I find Victorious underated,and I don't find it a rip-off. This show is about a girl named Tori Vega,who fills in for her sister in for a talent show,and as a result,she gets a scholership for Hollywood Arts,a school full of people who have talent. Now,this show isn't perfect,because there are a few things I hate about it. The characters are likable,but there are 2 characters I hate. Tori is the first character I hate. She is hot,but she constantly has to whine about her doing something she can't do,and treats herself like she's the best student of the whole school. However,half of them are just funny characters. Andre is OK,and could bring laughs half of the time. Jade is a great character who is funny,and a jerk that is actually brings laughter,unlike Sam Puckett. Beck is one of the serious characters of the show,but he can be funny at times. Cat and Robbie were my favorite characters. Cat is hot,and is absolutley hilrailous,while Robbie is just as funny as Cat,and I love how he carries Rex,a puppet around. It actually makes me think of My Cousin Skeeter. Trina,however,is another unlikable character. She can be as hot as she wants to,but she is really a jerk to everybody,and just like Tori,she treats herself like the best student of the school too. She actually thinks that she has more talent than Tori,but in reality,she has no talent,and her singing voice makes nails on a chalkboard sound like AC\DC. I also did not like how many musical numbers there were. I mean,in almost every episode,there was a musical number. And while some of the songs were pretty good,the rest were awful,like the horrendous song remake of 'I Want You Back". The scene transmissions were another bad thing. I mean,they always have Tori texting something,and then she puts a feeling. And some of the feelings were not really feelings. I mean,when was "GRRR" a feeling? But the humor didn't fail me. I actually laughed a lot of times,but some parts felt like this wasn't a kids show,like when Rex shot his snot at Robbie,and when that actress got an arrow through her arm. Overall,I love Victorious,and while it's no Drake and Josh or Kenan and Kel,this show is better than iCarly

  • Much better than Icarly

    I love this show even though I only seen a few of the episodes.I also wish the puppet Rex wasnt in this he's annoying but this show awsome not matter what.It's also my fave Nick show along with Kung Fu Panda LOA.
  • awesome show

    Unlike most of the shows they air in nickelodeon today this show has a unique feel to it i love how there is always character development and that all the stories are well-written most of the jokes make sense and are actually funny the main reason i love this show is because it doesnt focus on only 1 person it focuses on many other characters

    overral this show is superb and is one of the few shows on nick that is actually successful
  • Here is my review.

    Ok, there's so many things wrong with this show. First, i'm gonna explain the characters and what they need to fix.

    Tori- A Whiny little brat that can sing and that goes to hollywood arts.

    Kat- A really, really, so stupid girl that it's not even funny.

    Andre- A Nice normal guy.

    Robbie- A nerd who hangs out with a puppet.

    Rex- A puppet that talks that is very rude also.

    Beck- A guy who is considered "Hot" to other girls, and is Jade's boyfrend.

    Jade- A cold hearted, dark, devilish, evil, devious, little creature who is mean to everyone.

    Trina- A little fat Diva who thinks she's better than everyone else but really no one likes her.

    Ok then, awesome characters, right? WRONG.

    Tori, stop being so WHINY and man up. Just because something doesn't go your way doesn't mean you have to drag it on and on, it's done and over with! You never let the little stupid things go because you make such a big deal out of it and you expect people to pity you but really nobody is going to pity you because first: It's mostly because of a stupid little thing most of the time. Second: You're such a Drama Queen. Why would you expect people to help you? Like on that one episode where sinjin makes you that soda machine that you hide in. What have you ever done for him you inconsiderate bit*h? You've never been there for anybody and you're just so selfish and ungrateful, you want help, but you don't want to help others. Talk about being rude. Speaking of the devil, look who's here, Tori! How nice to see you! Oh wait you're just a hobo, sorry, mistaken you for Tori. Thought you guys were twins.

    Kat, stop being dumb as a brick and use your brain! Oh wait, do you even have one? Well, like I was saying, You need to stop dillydallying all the time! You always do the weirdest stuff like talk about your weird brother and the stuff he does. Do wereally wanna hear you talk about your brother's psychological problems? NO! Go talk with a psychiatrist is yo0u're going to talk abou that sh*t! Just use your brain once in your life.

    Andre, there's almost nothing wrong with you, except you make everything worse for other people! Like you say something that makes the other person even more angry or sad than they already were. Just use your words wisely, because you're obviously waisting your breath making others miserable. Like when somebody tries to make someone else feel better and it works, then you just come in and say the exact opposite! IIf you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all.

    Robbie, STOP HANGING OUT WITH THAT PUPPET! MY GOD, GET A SOCIAL LIFE AND HANG OUT WITH REAL PEOPLE, NOT INAMINATE TALKING OBJECTS!! And you always say, "Well why don't I have a girlfriend?" BECAUSE, YOU HANG OUT WITH THAT DANG PUPPET ALL THE TIME, NOW YOU WONDER WHY YOU DON'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!! And man up, standup for yourself once in a while, put your foot down, learn to say, "NO I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT! STOP ASKING!" You are such a chicken sh*t.

    Rex, stop being rude to other people! You always have something to say that hurts other's feelings, yet you take the chance to make a rude comment and do it without considering the consequences! Use your brain before you do something! Oh wait, you don't have a brain, you're a freaking puppet! You are so mean to others! Shut your fuc*ing plastic mouth and go fu*k yourself.

    Beck, stop letting girls flirt with you, don't wave yourself around like a parade float! You have a girlfriend, no wonder she's always mad at you. It's because you're becoming a freaking Womanizer and you're leaving a woman here, taking a woman, leaving her there. Learn to choose a woman and stick with her, don't be a player!

    Jade, I have alot to tell you. First off, you're cold hearted. Why is that? Why are you so mean and devious? Youhave no heart and you don't care about anyone else, not even Beck! You've never bought him a gift before, all you've ever did in your worthless cold life is be mean to Tori. Why do you hate her and torment her so much? What did she ever do to you? Nothing, exactly. She never did anything to you, so what makes you think it's ok to do it to her? Learn to be nice, not a little bit*h. You always have something o say to people and you really hurt their feelings. You obviously don't know what it's liked to be harrassed by a beast like you considering the fact you're the bully and that you're so angry all the time and despise everyone. And you're so inconsiderate. You never do anything for anybody never, yet in one episode you convinced Tori to convince Beck to take you back. It worked. WOOO! Now, what did you do for her in return? Nothing? See what I mean Jade? You don't know what care, or love is. You make everyone miserable. Just because you're miserable in your worthless life doesn't mean you have to make others miserable. Two wrongs don't make a right, dipsh*t.

    Trina, you act like you're better than everyone else in the show. Your no better than anyone here, you're actually worse since you only worry about yourself all the time and aren't considerate enough to be there for others when they're having rough times. Tori made you a good birthday present and you just took it for granit and instead, took Tori's opportunity and went to the studio where she was supposed to be and sang the song she wrote for you. It's really not nice to take other's opportunities that they deserve and take them for yourself when you didn't even earn it. You like getting stuff, but you don't like earning it and training hard to meet your goals. That makes you a little whiny ungrateful fuc*ing b*tch ith no emotions or feelings or careness towards others.

    Now on to the plots: They're sometimes just too bland and just unappealing. They're not exciting enough, because most of the time you already know what's exactly going to happen next. And it's not fun to watch episodes a second time because they just run out of that pizazz and it gets bland since you already know what's going to happen.
  • boring

    that is what the title of this show says just as bad as shake it up
  • Spoiled Rich Kid Problems

    That's what the show should be renamed. Seriously, this show sucks. Occasionally bits of Dan Schneider's quirky, classic humor sneak in, but not enough to make it a good show. Here are my main issues with it:

    1. The Characters

    Tori is a super-talented girl who gets everything she wants and gets really pouty when she doesn't. Most of the plots that center around her are basically about her wanting something or getting some opportunity that she either blows off or ruins, or whining because other people aren't giving her exactly what she wants. That's her in a nutshell.

    Cat is dumb. That's all. She's kinda sweet, but mostly she's just dumb. She lives in her own world and does nothing but talk in that high voice and make completely irrelevant comments about everything because I guess she's incapable of picking up on conversational cues.

    Jade is derisive, sarcastic, and abusive to everyone. Everyone. Supposedly Cat is her best friend. If my best friend held her hand over my mouth while I struggled and screamed and then pretended to be me over the phone I would probably punch her in the stomach and report her to the police. She is unnecessarily cold to everyone and extremely territorial and jealous when it comes to Beck.

    Beck is all right, I guess. He doesn't do much. He's handsome and I guess that's his thing. He's kind of nice. He's not a bad guy. But he doesn't have much going for him. I'm not even sure what he does.

    Robbie is--well, interesting. He has his weird puppet named Rex whom he is apparently convinced is alive and real. No seriously, Tori tries to break him of his unhealthy habit by "injuring" Rex and staging his death, and then she gets all disturbed by how freakishly distraught he is and restores the puppet to life. He's not all bad, though. He's weird, his sense of humor doesn't make sense. But he's not a jerk, at least.

    Trina is intolerable and everybody hates her because she can't sing. She does disgusting things like blow her nose in Tori's underwear and dip her face in mayo. She's incredibly shallow and materialistic. Like a more obnoxious, in-your-face version of her sister. I'm not sure why she's in that school. I think it was mentioned in an episode but I forgot. Oh well.

    Andre is cool. He's like a really talented composer and I feel like he deserves better. I mean, people completely use him to write songs for them and stuff and then barely acknowledge him for it. He hardly ever gets the spotlight.

    Sikowitz isn't a major character but I'll review him anyway because I actually like him. He's honest and blunt. He regularly points out how selfish and materialistic the kids are and is totally straightforward with them about their flaws. He doesn't sugar-coat anything. I love this guy.

    And that's it, I think. I don't know, I just feel like the characters are completely one-dimensional. They have a few core traits that they never deviate from. They don't grow. In the beginning of the series there was this uncertain stage where the writers didn't seem to know what they were doing. Then they gave the characters some solid traits and stuck with them for the entire rest of the series. They're all just cardboard cut-outs.

    2. The Lack of Realism

    The whole premise of the show is unrealistic. Performing Arts schools aren't like this. Because kids in Performing Arts schools actually GO TO CLASS. Seriously, these kids are outside of class for like 90% of the show. They have one class with Sikowitz every day and then they roam around and do their own things.

    I feel like the characters' talents are generally overstated. The kids get invited to do all kinds of things that just wouldn't happen in real life, like singing at big music award shows and signing record deals and starring in movies and crap. I mean, that's not to say kids never get these jobs, but it just happens way too often, and it's never a realistic depiction of how show business works. People don't just show up at your school one day and give you some fantastic opportunity. They find qualified adults for the positions and rarely ever consider kids unless they happen to have their own talent agents and happen to be extremely good. Even when kids do get involved in show business and music, it's nothing like this. The real thing is a lot of work, and it's sort of insulting to real performers and musicians how the show depicts everything they do as being totally effortless.

    I get that it's supposed to be a kid's show, and it's not about being realistic or normal. But what's so wrong about a normal performing arts high school where kids actually learn how to hone their skills and develop into artists? There's so many Hollywood fantasy shows where everyone's talented and has automatic autotune and doesn't need to improve their skills at all. It teaches kids that they can just get whatever they want on raw talent alone, and that it's all about fame. That's not what the performing arts is about, though.

    3. The Immature and Offensive Humor

    There's a lot of humor in this show that's frankly offensive. Mainly cultural things. The kids get invited to perform in some foreign country that's in the middle of a civil war. Some ladies try to steal Beck's hair to sell it, and Andre gets bitten by some kind of poisonous bug and treated by a child doctor, and they can hear bombs going off from inside their hotel, and they end up getting locked in a prison with people who have horribly cheesy accents because Tori knocked out the chancellor's eye with a shoe and then they somehow killed his precious pet octopus/squid thing. I mean, what is this supposed to be? Is this what Dan Schneider thinks the rest of the world is like? Dirty, incompetent people with completely senseless cultural traditions?

    There's also this sushi restaurant and the owners are a stereotypical angry Japanese woman with a bad accent and a sumo wrestler-looking guy who just kind of hangs around. When Tori forgets money to pay for their sushi the owner makes her pay by helping them prepare sushi, all the while singing a song about chopping squid and disappointing your parents. I mean, seriously? Could this be anymore blatantly racist? And it's not even funny racist like in a satirical way. It's just--painful.

    There's a lot more. There's one episode that makes fun of narcoleptics by stereotyping them as dumb people who just randomly pass out on the spot everywhere. And I can't think of anymore examples. But yeah, it's bad. I mean, even Dan's other shows had elements of this, but never as bad as it is in this show.

    4. The Materialism

    I've already kind of touched up on this in the section about realism, but I'll go into more depth. There is so much materialism in this show. These kids are so freaking spoiled. They have fancy "pear phones," they have unlimited access to amazing recording studio technology, they all wear fancy designer clothes. It's pretty ridiculous. And it wouldn't be so bad if the kids didn't feel totally entitled to all of this. There's one episode where Trina decides to be a total brat to her sister because she wrote a song for her birthday but she wanted something like money or shoes or whatever. There's an episode about the kids getting new phones. There's an episode about the kids having major withdrawals because Sikowitz challenges them to go a week without their phones. There's an episode where the kids obsessively buy ice cream so they can participate in a sweepstakes to get Kesha to perform at a party for them (and of course they win). There's an episode where the kids get paid a ton of money to perform for a rich kid's birthday but apparently this is a horrible thing because it goes viral and people want them to do it more and it ruins their reputation and stuff, because getting recognized in Hollywood is the worst thing ever.

    I just can't stand this show. It's an unhealthy, grandiose twelve year-old girl's fantasy about what it would be like to go to a performing arts high school. The characters are shallow, the plots revolve around petty relationship issues or nonsensical problems. I just don't understand why it's so hard to incorporate some real-life situations into the show. What's so wrong about giving the kids relatable problems or even *gasp* more than one side to their personalities? Occasionally characters show subtle bits of development. Jade manages to show empathy for Tori a few times. Robbie laments about being totally friend-zoned by oblivious Cat. It's not 100% flat. But almost. Dan Schneider used to be much better but he's just lost his touch. I'm disappointed that this is what kids are watching now. They deserve better.
  • Alright I guess

    The show has its moments. But the overall stupid plots of every episode, the mediocre acting, and the ***ation of that girl Cat, are enough to turn me off of this show.
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