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  • My third favorite show of all time (after Friends and Suite Life on Deck) - and the best show on Nickelodeon!

    So, the only reason this show got a lower grade is because I compared it to Glee. I gave Glee an 8 and even though this show is my third favorite, it's nowhere near Glee. Let's see why:

    Plot - the plot was really great. The only thing I didn't like about the plot is that it basically said that everybody's dreams come true, which is not true. As much I hate to type it, some dreams don't come true, and the plot implies that they all do. But other than that small detail, the plot was extremely intriguing and fun. Except for Rex. He could somehow talk on his own. I'll never understand that.

    Acting - flawless. Absolutely flawless. All the actors (especially Liz Gillies and Daniella Monet) are outstanding and the show couldn't have asked for better actors.

    Characters - they're all really good! I just really hate that the show treats Tori (her actress, Victoria Justice, too) better than the rest of the cast! Like in season 1, the episode Robarazzi, Tori was picking a zit and the audience went 'hahaha!'. In the same episode Sinjin revealed that he was collecting teeth from cousins of ex presidents and the audience went 'ewwww'. A few episodes before that when a heat wave hit LA, they were all dehydrated so Robbie decided to drink some water from the aquarium and the audience went 'ewww' again. Now, normally, this would be ew, but he was suffering a heat wave and was dehydrated! Also, in the blooper episode, Christopher Cane introduces Victoria the last, as if she's some sort of a sugar on top, saying that she's the 'star of the show'. Alright, she is, but she's definitely not my favorite character and Liz and Daniella both act better than Victoria. Other than the writers treating Tori better, the characters are all so fun, funny and just great!

    Romance - not that good. It would be SO much better if Tori and Andre ended up together! Ever since the pilot I was certain they would, and then they both end up alone. Like wth? Oh, and I also hate Beck and Jade together. They're a horrible couple. Jade is always so mean to Beck and doesn't let him have any girl friends. Their relationship is based on making out. I would have preferred Cat and Beck. Beck was always so nice to Cat and always protected her from everything. Cat was always interested in what Beck had to say, unlike Jade who only cared about being mean to Tori. I don't care who Jade ends up with, but if I had to choose I'd say Robbie. And Trina, I really don't know. Maybe the Shawn guy.

    Drama - there was a perfect amount of drama in the show and I have nothing to say about it. It was brilliant.

    Humor - eh. The writers were trying to be funny too hard so the humor became pretty unrealistic after awhile. Also, the laugh track was kind of spammed sometimes. But overall, the humor was cute and ditzy and I liked it.

    Overall - the drama, the plot, the acting and the characters were really good, the humor's okay, and the relationships suck. It's still the best show on Nick though. Luckily I have a different kind of Nickelodeon which keeps showing reruns and didn't even show season 4 yet, so I'll watch it for a while :D But when it goes away, I'll definitely miss it :( I'll still download it from time to time though, and I'll always remember it. A decent C+ to B- in my opinion.

    UPDATE: I gave it a bad grade after comparing it to Glee. Glee sucks now so Victorious is better to me.