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  • Decent show if were on crack and getting beaten up by a sack of monkeys

    Don't let my title fool you because I actually like this show. But this is stuff they should show on Nick at Nite. This stuff isn't for kids. More like tweens and older.


    Tori: She's pretty good at acting. But you've gotta admit that this show does make Tori look slutty. Like in one episode, Tori goes tongue wrestling with Kat's boyfriend. And lets not forget she did the same thing with Beck on the pilot episode. That made her look really bad in my point of view. Overall, she's good though

    Jade: Talk about being a bitch. Sometimes the way she treats Tori is entertaining, but it mostly is annoying. Deep down in side you know she loves Tori.

    Kat: The only thing Kat has going for her is that she's really sexy and adorable. That's it. She's pretty dumb overall.

    Andre: Cool guy. Good actor.

    Beck:Same as Andre.

    Robbie: Wtf is wrong with this guy? Hes always messing stuff up for everybody. He's really weird in a funny way.

    Rex: Funniest character on there. Just don't call him a puppet or he'll get pissed.

    Trina: Three words. "Nobody likes you!"

    Humor: This show is funny most of the time. I just hate how they rip lines off of other shows such as "No chiz" or "this guyyy". But yeah it keeps me laughing. My favorite episode was the one when they got thrown in jail and they sang "I Want You Back".

    Thats my review guys! Have an ass pinching day!!
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