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  • Stop Nick

    Victorious a good show? Used to be.. It was like a childish version of Glee. I never laughed once. Nothing was really funny. Either because it was cheesy for because I have heard the same jokes on Drake and Josh and iCarly. I'm glad it was cancelled. We had way too many of those shows where somebody became a singer and was following their dream. Wasn't there Big Time Rush? Isn't there Ant Farm?

    Stop with those celebrity shows where somebody goes Hollywood etc. It's annoying. Now I'm mad at nick for (Rumour has it) canceling BTR. How many shows have a boy as a main character? How to Rock? Same freaking plot when Kacey tries to compete with those Perfs everytime and her friends pay the price too. Sorry let me get back on subject. Tori is like the Drama Queen and most annoying on the show. She gets her way and all dreams come true for everybody! Everybody's dream has to come true. That doesn't happen in life! But it's a show. It was kinda like Big Time Rush. That was the only reason I hated BTR. The episodes I hate the most were April Fools Blank. It made me want to punch my TV. The Breakfast bunch: I'M BURNING MY HOUSE DOWN. I hate that episode! It was crap, it wasn't funny only when the vbird exploded. It was crazy wacky and stupid. No offense to people who like it but don't watch Dan Schneider's shows. The new spin-off Sam and Cat will never last. They had different personalities and like different stuff. Sam will be annoyed eventually and bye bye that show. I just hope Gibby will be good. He was actually one of the funniest characters in my opinion. Dan. Get out of that Bakery. You must've eaten a poisonous muffin which made you lose your good ideas! We need the Drake and Josh creator back! I feel sorry for Robbie but he needs to throw away that puppet and get a girlfriend and some better friends. The boys seem to be smarter than the girls on this show (excluding Sikowitz)