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    Victorious did have a few flaws but is overall a very enjoyable show. I fell in love with every character. All being very unique and funny with the ability to keep the show interesting. For the most part I liked each plot. The relationships between the characters were amazing. I love how Andre and Tori are best friends but they finally have an episode where they get into a fight which shows another realistic side to their friendship. I think Robbie and Cat are cute because they're both strange but they seem to get along so well. I also like Cat and Jades friendship because they're opposites which makes them very entertaining to watch together. But my favorite character relationship is Jade and Tori's. I love the whole love/hate thing and how even though Jade is mean to her Tori still wants to be her friend. And how even though Jade thinks she's not Tori's friend, she always comes to Tori for help. They also share cute moments together. I really loved Beck and Jades relationship at first but then it started to get annoying how they'd break up and then make up over and over again. I could write more but it's getting long so overall I enjoyed this show a lot. Loved the characters and their relationships with each other. Loved most of the plots. Loved the humor. I'm sad this show was cancelled because its a fantastic show that not only kids, but adults enjoy too. :)
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