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  • A Decent Sitcom

    You want to see bad TV? Try sitting through an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine. I'd rather watch a Janet Reno pole dancing video. Seriously, this show is OK. Delivers consistent laughs without insulting the viewer's IQ. Has humor and jokes for a wide range of ages. Of course, Dan Schneider starred as Dennis in the 1980s/90s sitcom Head of the Class with Howard Hesseman, best remembered as Dr. Johnny Fever from the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Schneider brings the feel of HOTC to this show in that it also features a collection of gifted and talented characters with some seriously unusual bents. The best episode in the series? The parody of The Breakfast Club. Anyone who hasn't seen the movie just will not get the jokes Same with the April Fools Day episode, with the parody of the 1970s game show Match Game. Great impersonations of host Gene Rayburn and stars Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Nipsey Russell and Richard Dawson by various cast members. No, it won't make anyone forget about Seinfeld in terms of sitcoms but it's a lot better than most of the garbage that's been offered in the genre since Seinfeld went off the air.