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  • Not One Of Dan Schneider's Worst Shows, But Like Most, It Suffers From Major Flaws

    Victorious is not that good of a show to tell you the truth, mainly because it seems all over the place with most of the episodes. Victorious is about a group of high school students who have some adventures & situations they get in. Some of these students include: Tori, the main character. Andre, who I suppose is a musician. And Cat, who is kind of like Carly from "ICarly" if she was much more hyper & happy go lucky. What this show suffers from the most is the high school stereotypes they have, and they don't present most of these high school stereotypes well. The only ones that they do well are some of the ones I mentioned before, which are Andre & Cat. The rest of the characters are not terrible but they're kind of mediocre. There is a puppet that this one character carries with him and I will admit I got some laughs out of that puppet than the actual human character himself. There is also a teacher that they have who I honestly thought was funny also, so that leaves 4 characters of this entire show that I thought were great, while the rest aren't good. The writing for this show is decent too, but it never felt like it expanded with what it really could do with its writing, most episodes felt lazy in my opinion. Overall: Victorious is a show that suffers from characterization, awkward stereotypes, average writing, & that writing doesn't help as the laugh box always gets in the way. You could give it a watch, it would harm you, but it most likely wont impress you in a way.

    2/4 Stars