Season 1 Episode 15

Rex Dies

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • This is where Robbie AND Rex get sorely on my nerves!

    Wow. Rex doesn't even die. He just looked horribly mangled and in a form that would make a little kid scared of puppets. Robbie didn't even deserve my pity, as he kept wailing about the thing like he was a freaking brother or something. I almost wanted to turn off the much pity-so much drama-over a puppet that just needed glue? Worse, if you've seen this kind of episode before, the character doesn't die and all is well. It's not like Dan would actually let a "beloved" character (read: annoying) die, right? And the fact that the entire thing was TORI'S fault didn't make me feel better either-she's twice as annoying, if not more so than either one.
  • Cat [hitting herself with the red cubes]: Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

    Sooooooo Sikowtiz is doing a play and while Robbie & Andre play the titular character, Cat & Jade work iwth lightiing and Tori on special effects. But she accidentally sucks Rex inside the wind turbine trying to create a tornado por a scene. So while Robbie is at the play, the others go to take Rex to the hospital.

    The docotr agrees to fake Rex's death if Tori goes out with his dorky son. Meanwhile after Cat talks to the recepiontist ofr too long, she is taken to a mental ward. So the beeping machine is prepared to stop beeping after 15minutes symbolizing his death, but after hearing how deep Robbie cares for Rex, Tori "revives" him. To get out of the date then, Tori fixes Trina up with the dorky son.

    Overall: The Rex stuff was dull, except for Jade with the organ, and I wished he stayed dead. But the meaning of the 9 is Cat. She was great all the way thorugh, form the catwalk, to the repel, to thinking the hospital is real to hitting herslef with the cubes. She is cute and hilarious. 9/10 but, was Cat left in the asylum?
  • After Tori accidentally gets Rex severely damaged, everyone is trying to get Robbie to let go of Rex

    This is was a somehow weird but hilarious episode of "Victorious". Jade finding it weird that Robbie is crying over Rex's death was funny. Yes, I liked Jade in this episode and this is probably one of the few episodes where Jade is actually likable. Sikowitz' part in this episode was very funny. Cat is adorable as always. There is never an episode where I can help looking at the adorable Cat. It was hilarious when the hospital think that Cat is mental and put her in a room and then Cat hits her head with giant red cubes and says "Bang bang bang bang bang"... that part made me laugh very hard. It was hilarious when everyone was convincing the doctor to put Rex in the hospital so they can pretend that Rex died. It was hilarious how the doctor finds it weird that he is pretending that Rex dies. Kind of felt bad for Robbie because even though Robbie is older and Rex is just a puppet, Robbie cares about Rex very much and there's nothing wrong with that at all. Tori pretending that Rex came back to life which made Robbie happy was very funny. The only thing I didn't like was the ending with Trina on a date with that doctor's loser son. Overall, an excellent episode of "Victorious". 9.5/10
  • 115

    Not the best installment of Victorious, Rex "dying" just seemed to unrealistic to take, and a doctor who is apparently qualified wouldn't usually waste his time on a puppet, when actual sick people need his help. And exchanging it for a date with his son? Although it was entertaining, it was just too hard to fathom.

    Also was Cat being locked in the mental ward. Jade was definitely the best and funniest thing about this episode. I kind of wish Rex really did "die," at least it would have brought some development, but unfortunately this episode just spelled out filler, and not a great one at that.
  • good

    Tori accidentally harms Rex, and everyone else sees it as an opportunity to have Robbie say goodbye to his old friend. But is that really what is best?

    It was alright. It was kinda boring and every character bugged me. Sure, it's weird of Robbie to have a dummy at his age, but if he wants to, what's the harm? He's not hurting anybody with Rex, and he obviously loves him a lot. So what is the harm? Because it's weird? Yea it's weird but he's had Rex for such a long time in the series. I don't know. People bugged me in this one.
  • 115

    New Victorious here tonight, and I have to say that it was disappointing. This is one of my guilty pleasures, but I have to give it a so-so score, because as a whole it was just not there. I like the idea of Rex dying, but the process by which it happened and the what seemed like 50 minutes at the hospital, just took its toll on me.

    Cat was annoying in this episode, even moreso than usual, but none of the characters were that great, if I had to be frank. Wish we actually got to see the crazy teacher's play too.
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