Season 1 Episode 15

Rex Dies

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Cat [hitting herself with the red cubes]: Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

    Sooooooo Sikowtiz is doing a play and while Robbie & Andre play the titular character, Cat & Jade work iwth lightiing and Tori on special effects. But she accidentally sucks Rex inside the wind turbine trying to create a tornado por a scene. So while Robbie is at the play, the others go to take Rex to the hospital.

    The docotr agrees to fake Rex's death if Tori goes out with his dorky son. Meanwhile after Cat talks to the recepiontist ofr too long, she is taken to a mental ward. So the beeping machine is prepared to stop beeping after 15minutes symbolizing his death, but after hearing how deep Robbie cares for Rex, Tori "revives" him. To get out of the date then, Tori fixes Trina up with the dorky son.

    Overall: The Rex stuff was dull, except for Jade with the organ, and I wished he stayed dead. But the meaning of the 9 is Cat. She was great all the way thorugh, form the catwalk, to the repel, to thinking the hospital is real to hitting herslef with the cubes. She is cute and hilarious. 9/10 but, was Cat left in the asylum?