Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Nice commentary on our society.

    This was a very enjoyable episode. I really enjoyed how they tied a lot of the ridiculous things that are wrong with American society with some comedy. Cat's addiction to the Sky Store was really funny, just so perfect for her character.

    The meat of the episode was America's fascination with paparazzi and the lives of the celebrities. I loved the parody of the TMZ format and even after Tori and the gang had forced Robbie to give up his spying on the student body, they got another dig in at the recent trend of cooking shows. To me this is one of the better episodes of the show's early run.
  • All i can say is epicness!

    this is probably my favorite episode of the show! Seriously! i couldnt help but laugh at this episode. my favorite part of this episode is when the students at hollywood arts took all of Robbie's clothes off. OMG! that was just hilarious! i also liked it when the students took pictures of andre holding a ketchup. that was also very funny. there were a lot more funny moments then just that but i just listed my 2 faves. my favorite victorious episode!

    GRADE: 11/11 A+++++
  • Funny BUT Robbie angered me in this episode

    I thought that this was a good episode of "Victorious" for the most part. It actually was a funny episode. Like sometime when I rate an episode for a show a 7 or 7.5, I would call them average, decent, and good episodes. This episode was neither decent or average, it's only considered a good episode for me. My score is just mainly low because Robbie just angered me in this episode and he was being jerks to all of his friends by posting embarrassing things on "The Slap". Also, where the heck was Rex? he was only in the first 12 minutes of the episode and then he didn't appear in the second half of the episode. Watch this episode and you will notice that Robbie isn't holding Rex in the second half of the episode. Rex's part (at least in the first 12 minutes of this episode) was absolutely hilarious. However, Cat's plot was WAY better though. Cat was adorable and sweet as always and Cat getting addicted to buying things from online was hilarious. Also, the scene with Robbie and Rex watching a clip of Sinjin showing his teeth collection and then Rex's line "Uhhhh, that's creepy man" made me crack up. The ending of the episode with Cat still shopping online was also funny. There were a few more funny parts as well. Overall, this was a good episode of "Victorious" for the most part but Robbie really angered me in this episode. 7/10
  • 107

    The first episode in nearly a month, and a good one at that. They had a clever take on the annoying TMZ show with Robbie-Razzi, although I have to question if the key demographic Nickelodeon aims for even got the parody.

    I laughed a lot though. At the whole Robbie-Razzi thing, at Tori's short snappy responses to everyone and everything, and even at some of the machines Kat was buying (a gimmick I disliked at first, but one that grew on me as the episode progressed.)

    Victorious is a really special show and we are only 7 episodes in right now. Hopefully it can continue to get better.
  • Eh

    I liked the subplot far more. Just saying.

    The main plot was OK, but Tori and Jade taking pics of Robbie with his towel to get back at him was... not what I would have liked for the conclusion. It's like... they were doing to him what he was doing to them... which was the point I just didn't like it. I mean, if you found out someone stole something from you, would you steal from them? It doesn't make you any better than the person that did it too you. Don't they have a principal? They should've told him/her what was going on. Overall grade- D
  • 107

    This episode has been getting some low scores as of late, but I got to tell everyone, they are undeserved. This was easily one of the best Victorious episodes. I think it's because no one really got it, maybe.

    I have no idea, but pretty much, Victorious did a parody of TMZ in form of Robarazzi. This episode had some great character dynamics (as always) and just some hilarious scenes.

    From Beck & Jade in the car too Cat and her shopping addiction to Andre and the his ketchup, it was just absolutely hysterical. I think at this point in time, is when everyone knew that this show would last for a long time. Good episode.
  • Take a picture. It'll last longer.

    Robbie's webcast isn't very popular. So tori tells him to make it more poplar. Just then he turns into a pazzari and began to stalk fellow classmates to take a picture of them and to make them being embrassed. In one scene where the phototogs are gathering, it almost like a take of the TV show TMZ. In the seconary story, Cat is addicted to online-shipping. Ordering weird thing from a magazie containing weird stuff. I like this episode. Toriis very beaurtiful when she is mad and I still love her because of it. Next time Robbie wanted webcast advice, he could go over to Carly, Sam and Freddie for advice.
  • good stuff

    in this episode we learn that robbie gets upset that his online blog on the slap will be gone do to its low rating and then Robbie had video footage of tori squeesing a pimple and for some reason i lot of people love it and Robbie probley watch TMZ and turn his blog in to a TMZ Parody call Robbie-razzi and like in TMZ robbie and his team catch people and their emmbressing themselves and mean while Cat gets a problem and keeps buying stuff for a magzine and why does she do with the stuff she does use and then Robbie quiet Robbie-razzi and turns into a low crab food show
  • Robbie goes all TMZ & CAt is addicted to a certain store's products.

    So, as Robbie's blog is about to be taken off, he decides to do sth interesting - film Sinjin's teeth collection. But as REx points out, Tori is exploding a pimpler in the back, and he makes an ew video for his blog about it. That gets tons of views, prompting Robbie to get his firedns dirtiest secrets and psot them.

    Meanwhile, after Cat went to see her uncles in San FRan, she goit addicted to buying useoless stuff at the Sky Store. She bought stuff like an alarm necklace, a tennis ball polisher, the thinest racket ball ever, etc. Their firends finally stage an intervention but when they leave, she takes out another catalog and uses Sinjin's credit card.

    Then the guys are fed up with Robbie's TMZ parody and Andre & Beck steal his clothes when he is in the changeing room, and blackmail him into changing his blog. He ends up making a food blog.

    Overall: Awesome episode, but mostly for Cat's plot. She is just so funny and adorable! 10/10.