Season 1 Episode 3

Stage Fighting

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • WAY better than I expected

    When I first saw the promo for this episode, I thought it was going to be horrible because it dealt with Jade trying to make Tori look bad but then when I first this episode, I was actually very impressed and I was glad that it didn't turn out bad of an episode after all. Tori being Jade's partner was no surprise since they both are enemies. Well, Tori tries to be Jade's friend but Jade just likes to make Tori miserable and doesn't like Tori. Tori saying "butternut" because she was afraid that Jade would actually punch her was funny. Tori acting as the elder and Jade acting as the brutal mugger was entertaining to see actually. Tori accidentally punching Jade was also funny. It was very funny when Lane was trying to talk to Tori about punching Jade and then he has a security in the room in case Tori tries to punch someone (which Tori didn't mean to). The ending was also very funny when Tori and Jade were dancing while scraping off the food and then they leave. It was hilarious when the security was dancing and scraping off the food as well and then stopped dancing and was wondering where Tori and Jade went. I really loved the interaction between Tori and Jade at the end of the episode and I wish it was like that in the later episodes but sadly Jade still despises Tori and wants to make her miserable. The only thing I didn't like in this episode was that Jade used fake blood to make it look like that Tori punched her which Tori really didn't punch Jade after all. Also, Robbie's plot was funny and entertaining to watch as well. Overall, this episode turned out WAY better than I expected and I was very impressed by it. 9.5/10
  • Make Believe smackdown!

    Not as good as some of the past episode. The first two got a 10. this one's good too, even if it got a 9. But that's okay. 9 preobaby better than a 10. Tori is to take part in Stage Fighting. She is pair with Jade who dislike her very much. During the stage fight, Jade accuse Tori of pinching her in the eye. Tori's punishment to to clean the room where the other students stage a food fight and Tori had top clean it off. Well, Jade help in the end. another reason why I love the show. Even if I gave the episode a 9.
  • a good episode

    in this episode tori gets scare that jade will beat the crap out of her in a practice stage fake fighting and later on Robbie the puppet guy share a kiss with tori hot sister Trina but it was a acting scene and Robbie thinks that Trina might like him beacuse of the way they kiss and later on Jade pretent to get hurt that very feels sorry for her and she gets busted and i wish tori got her in trouble and Robbie keeps talking about him and Trina and cat gives robbie a kiss to prove him wrong and Robbie thinks that Cat might like him well Cat is kind of hot
  • Tori gets paired up with Jade in a stage fighting class, but she is afraid that Jade will beat her up for real.

    Another great episode. I loved how Tori thought Russ was beating up Beck for real and how Jade said "And now Tori says, "What's stage fighting?"". Tori ends up being paired up with Jade to perform a fight scene, and she keeps worrying about Jade hitting her for real. When it coems to the scene, Jade acts as if Tori hit her for real and uses fake blood and makeup for a black eye.
    Then there's another great part where Robbie and Trina have to audition for a scene together, and Trina has to kiss Robbie, causing him to believe Trina likes him. My favorite part was when he went to her house and Trina just took his food but still rejected him. The ending was good, but I found Derrick's dancing to be a little weird...But overall it was still a good episode and really funny. Go Victorious!
  • 103

    A good episode of Victorious, one of the reasons I tune in is because of how much Dan can get away with as opposed to Disney Channel shows. Victorious belongs on TeenNick so it can really pull out all the stops. The constant making out scenes, the surprising and entertaining violence. I think that's what makes this show what it is. Because from what I've seen, it's definitely not the comedy.

    I can definitely see Jade's character changing over time, and we got some definite development even though the fact that she was faking was quite predictable. I definitely liked Robbie's story line more for some reason. His interactions with Trina were really great and entertaining. His kiss with two leading ladies was very fun to watch.

    A good original concept of stage fighting which distinguishes it, and at times proves to not be a carbon copy of iCarly with a somewhat different plot.
  • Tori "hits" Jade on stage ifhgting class & Robbie thinks Trina is into him.

    So the class is divided in paris to act a fight scene, and Tori is paired with Jade. The day of the play, they are doing their scene when Tori hits Jade with her cane (she was an old lady). She denies it, but everyone saw Jade's black eye. So she is driven to the point where she even this subconciously did it.

    On the subplot Robbie & Trina are paired for an audition, and part of the scene was Trina kissing Robbie. HE suddenly thinks she loves him, and stalkes her. Cat then tries to tell him she was just acting, but as he doens't belive her, she kisses him. Now he falls ofr her.

    Then after some girl spills water on Jade, she flees, and Andre cattches her and relaizes that she was faking it all along. She then visits tori on her detention and helps her (then they escape toghether).

    Overall: This was a good episode, but I reall don't like Jade so that brough my socre down a bit. But if you like Jade, it's a very good episode. 8.5/10.
  • stage fighting

    Okay, so that dancing to end the episode was a little bit weird, but this was still an okay installment of Victorious, the first live action series since Kenan and Kel that I will be watching regularly on Nickelodeon (the only series period, outside of SpongeBob.)

    As I have said before, Victorious has a great ensemble of actors, and some unique characters, not your typical cliched high school teenagers. The popular girl Jade is more of a goth than your typical cheerleader that you see as queen bee of a school on TV shows.

    I thought I would hate Robbie and the puppet, but three episodes in and it is still funny.