Season 1 Episode 8

Survival of the Hottest

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode made me laugh so hard from start to finish

    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "Victorious" and it's also one of my favorite episodes. I loved the quote in the beginning of the episode which was when Tori said "I hot" and then Rex responds "Ain't that the truth". I have no idea what Sinjin was doing in the pool in the beginning of the episode but that part sure was funny as heck. Tori, Andre, Robbie, Trina, Beck and Jade being stuck inside the RV was hilarious. Cat being the only one not stuck in the RV was also very funny and I laughed hard when she was hanging around with those guys like having a water gun fight and all that. Also, Cat looked beautiful in her swimsuit in this episode LOL. I thought it was hilarious when Tori was fighting with Trina because Trina had a water bottle for herself and didn't bother to share. The gang using Tori's little fan also had me laughing so hard. The Catherine Obvious joke was also hilarious. Robbie drinking from the dirty fish tank was pretty gross but it was hilarious as heck. The gang also singing "Make It Shine" while sweating very bad was funny. Cat opening the RV door and the gang is happy that they were out of the RV was funny. The ending was also hilarious when Fat Buscuit (the guy who used to own the RV) came and saw the RV he used to have and then his friends said "We sure had some times in that RV" and then Fat Biscuit replies "Don't talk about it". Overall, I loved the idea of the whole gang going crazy because it is so hot in the RV and it had me laughing very hard... a hilarious episode of "Victorious". 10/10