Season 2 Episode 12

Terror on Cupcake Street

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Why does this show keep getting funnier and better?


    Man, this episode was so hilarious... I laughed at everything in this episode and I really loved it. You thumbs me down Victorious haters but I honestly think this how truly is 10 times funnier and better than "iCarly". First of all, I've rarely seen a bad episode of this show and I enjoy most of the episodes. With "iCarly", while there are some very funny episodes. I've seen tons of awful, if not, okay episodes of that show. Anyways, enough of comparing "Victorious" to "iCarly", I'm gonna discuss my opinion of this show. I loved the whole storyline especially because they went with Cat's idea which is a cupcake float. The cupcake float is very slow so the guys need to leave at night if they wanna make to the parade in the morning which will be on national television. My only complaint about this episode is that we never got to see them at the parade performing on the cupcake float. Oh well, I can let that slide easily. There were so many parts that made me laugh hard such as the joke in the very beginning of the episode with those other students always never talking and just react, Cat swallowing Jade's key, Andre getting furious with Robbie using his apps, Andre throwing Robbie's app thing out of the cupcake float, Sikowitz getting arrested, Sikowitz escaping from the police, Tori asking those three scary looking dudes to fix the cupcake float, the gang being stuck at a bad neighborhood, the police chasing Sikowitz at the very end of the episode (OMG, couldn't stop laughing at that part, plus a few more funny parts. Overall, an excellent episode of "Victorious" that any fan will like, if not, love this installment and just get a good ol' laugh. 10/10