Season 1 Episode 2

The Bird Scene

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Tori finds out that everyone who attends Hollywood Arts must complete "The Bird Scene." So, she works hard on preparing the monologue for her drama class. Elsewhere, André and Robbie enroll in a ballet class to meet girls, but their plan backfires.

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  • Excellent Season 1 episode of "Victorious"

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious". First of all, the only tiny flaw with this episode was how Trina acted in the beginning of the episode (it was Trina in the beginning of the episode acting bratty so I'll let it slide). Anyways, There were many funny scenes in this episode. Robbie dropping Robbie was hilarious. Sinjin showing Tori his locker in the beginning of the episode was random but hilarious. Sikowitz throwing the ball at Cat was hilarious (aww, poor Cat's head hurts though). I think the subplot was a little more hilarious when Andre and Robbie joined a ballet class just to impress that girl. It was hilarious when Robbie and Andre walked in their ballet class and then Rex says "Ah man, it's a dude rage". Tori giving Sikowitz twe coconuts because the milk gives Sikowitz vision was hilarious. Tori throwing the fake bird out of the window after she was done with the bird scene was funny. The joke with Rex going to the restroom and then Tori saying "He's a puppet, he can't pee" was hilarious. OMG, Andre and Robbie doing their ballet dance was laugh out loud hilarious. Tori using the real bird for her bird scene was interesting and very funny. Tori giving out her message about how she shouldn't care of what other people think was a good message which made her pass the bird scene. Tori decorating her locker at the end of the episode was cool and I loved it. Andre and Robbie walking all hurt at the end of the episode was also funny. Overall, an excellent Season 1 episode of "Victorious". 10/10moreless
  • The Bird Scene

    After a good pilot, we got another good Victorious tonight. Nickelodeon may have finally found itself a good live action comedy here.

    As someone who dreams of one day being an actor, I loved the improv class scenes. The teacher is awesome, and hopefully we get to see some of the other classes here, but if not that would be fine as well. School-based comedies usually just showcase one teacher or authority figure (Saved by the Bell, Welcome Back, Kotter etc. etc.)

    I am really liking this show and hopefully it continues to be as funny as these first two episodes were.moreless
  • One flew over Hollywood Arts!

    Another great episode of "Victorious." I love the character Tori Vega, as she continue to struggle for acceptance at Hollywood Arts High School. I love the school very much, I even gave the school a 10. But back to the epsiode at hand. Tori must get past the Bird Scene in order to get important parts in future plays. It's a tricky scene and she must make it happen. I love the bird scene. I love Victoria Justice's southern accent and the background to the Bird scene. I think her accent is very sexy. I think the series will work. I love the show very much.moreless
  • Tori wants to be in Andre's play but must first pass The Bird Scene.

    This episode was great, Tori has to pass a play called The Bird Scene to be able to perform on other plays. She keeps on adding things to her performance in The Bird Scene. I loved the effort she put in it such as curtains, a costume, and even a real bird in the third performance. Tori keeps failing because she asks if she did it right, and she's supposed to believe in her own choices no matter what others think. I laughed at Mr. Sikowitz's lines, such as "What do you mean?" and "Exactly what are you asking me?".

    Meanwhile, Andre and Robbie join ballet class to pick up girls. Unfortunately, their class only has one girl (LOL) because a lot of other guys also thought of this. They can't quit or else they'll get a zero on their permanent record. I loved the ballet teacher, her accent was really funny, especially when she mispronounced zero. Overall a great episode and was also really funny. I love Dan Schnieder's teen shows like this and iCarly.moreless
  • 102

    Let me just say the subtle subplot with expressing yourself and the connections to Tori's scene and her locker was just really great. Not as good as this show usually is, but at least we know, it just gets better from here on out. I actually found myself interested in what Tori was doing wrong, although I definitely could do without the idiotic transition scenes with Tori updating her status. It's just a huge waste of time, and we got a lot of that here.

    Everyone knowing about the bird scene but not telling Tori about it was great, and this was just a good follow up episode to the pilot. Tori really found her footing here, and it was great to watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The place where Tori's locker is was not in the previous episode. The locker that is to the right of it was in its position in episode 1.

    • During the interstitial just before the scene where Tori has a pink stripe on her locker, her final locker design (with "Make it Shine") can be seen briefly.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Mr. Sikowitz: Happy birthday!
      Cat: Whose birthday is it?
      Mr. Sikowitz: Somebody's, somewhere.
      Cat: That's so true!

    • Mr. Sikowitz: (To Tori, who is about to perform "The Bird Scene") Tori the stage is yours, though you can't take it home.

    • Jade: (After Mr. Sikowitz hits Cat with a ball during their scene) Sikowitz!
      Mr. Sikowitz: What?
      Cat: You hit me in the face with a ball!
      Mr. Sikowitz: Oh, come on! A truly great actor can stay in the scene no matter what's happening around her.
      Cat: But it really hurt! (The bell rings, making Cat very happy) Ooh, lunch! Yay!

    • André: And you're saying that movie wasn't scary?
      Robbie: (Through Rex) No, I'm saying it's not as scary as tofu.
      André: Why are you always ripping on tofu?
      Robbie: (Through Rex) 'Cause it tastes like snot. And snot does not taste good.

    • Tori: Alright, my locker is filled. I feel complete.
      André: Whoah, whoah, not yet.
      Tori: What?
      André: You gotta customize it.
      Robbie: Everyone at Hollywood Arts has to customize their locker.
      Tori: Oh, well, what did you do for yours?
      Robbie: I made a mosaic using all of the baby bottle nipples from my childhood. (Tori looks at him with a confused look) They remind me of a happier time.

    • Robbie: (Through Rex.) Take me to the bathroom, I gotta pee now!
      Tori: He's a puppet, he can't pee!
      Robbie: (Through Rex, looking back at Tori as he walks off.) You don't know what I got!

    • Tori: Somebody tell me how to do the bird scene or I'm going to cry.
      Cat: (Before leaving) Can't.
      Robbie: (Through Rex) And don't be so whiny. (Himself) Yeah, man up.
      André: (Arrives to get Robbie) Time for our first ballet class.
      Robbie: (Very happy) Ooh, ballet.

    • Mr. Sikowitz: (After throwing a ball at Tori's head to get her attention) We need to chat.
      Tori: And "Tori can I see you?" wouldn't have worked?

  • NOTES (3)