Season 1 Episode 4

The Birthweek Song

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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    Victorious Season 4 Episode 3

    Episode Name: Opposite Date

    Air date: 10/13/2012





    Summary: Tori and Beck go on a date, where they do things not typically done on dates.
  • Trina was so darn selfish in this episode and it really got me furious

    This was just a poor episode of "Victorious". I would have enjoyed this episode a whole lot more if it wasn't for Trina being such a selfish sister. Come on!!! Tori wrote a song for Trina as a birthday present from her heart and Trina keeps saying that a song is not a present. I just wanted to punch Trina so darn hard and I hated her the most in this episode. The rest of the episodes she is good or alright but this is the only episode where I probably really hated her. She only takes Tori's song and she gets the credit that she the song when Tori is the one who actually sang it. Trina is the absolutely worst sister ever and if I were Tori... I wouldn't bother buying Trina her birthday present at all and I don't care how Trina acts, she doesn't deserve squat. My score was still wasn't as low as it should be because there were some scenes that were very funny. I thought Robbie and Cat's subplot was hilarious when the two of them went to Robbie's grandmother's house so Robbie can fix the computer. I thought it was hilarious when Robbie's grandmother could tell insult Cat about her red hair and everything else. Robbie presenting his project to the class and his grandmother yelling to his grandfather on the computer and humiliating Robbie was very funny as well. Also, I loved the song that Tori sang for Trina's birthday (which Trina didn't deserve at all). The ending was okay but I'm glad that they didn't give Trina coffee or anything of that. Overall, selfish and horrible sister Trina really ruined this score and that's what made this a poor episode of "Victorious". 4.5/10
  • 104

    Wow, a really good episode of Victorious tonight. When I read the premise for the episode, I really wasn't that excited but this episode was actually pretty great. The interactions between Tori & Trina were really outstanding and I just was incredibly surprised at Trina's reactions to the song.

    It was nice to see Tori & Trina's parents and everyone having to stand outside in the rain under an umbrella was hilarious. Victoria Justice really does have some talent, and I'm really surprised they never showcased her talent on Zoey 101, but I digress.

    Robbie & Cat interactions were superior. Loved the grandma bit, and I found myself laughing all the way through, especially because of Cat. Overall, just a great installment of Victorious.
  • Eh

    Trina wants a present from Tori, and Tory writes a song for her. But Trina declares it is not a present because it did not cost anything. She sells a demo of it for 500 dollars. Will Tori and Trina make up?

    Um, wow. I never knew how selfish Trina could be, and for me, her selfishness was far from funny. Her saying "Then it's not a present" was so snobby i wanted to just hit her or something. I can't believe she is that selfish that a gift her sister did from THE HEART wouldn't count in "her world." She just made me really mad in her attitude in this episode. D-
  • Tori writes a beautiful song for Trina for her birthday (or as Trina prefers, birthweek), but Trina doesn't think it's a real gift because Tori didn't spend any money.

    I do like this episode, which is why I gave it a 7, but I don't like Trina's attitude. To say that Tori's song wasn't a real gift because Tori didn't spend any money is ungrateful and selfish, not to mention it's not even funny. And to then actually sell the song and pretend as if she sang it was just way out of line! That song was beautiful and I don't think anything Tori could've bought would have been as precious. And not only did Tori sing the song, she practically put on a live stage performance all for Trina. There's no one in the world who wouldn't love that gift! I really just wanted to smack Trina in the face when she told Tori that her song wasn't a real present. In my opinion, when you give someone a gift that no amount of money can buy, that shows how much you truly love them.

    The rest of the episode was good and I enjoyed it, but my favorite part will always be Tori's performance. As this show continues, I hope we will see some character development in Trina. She is a good person, but her attitude needs some big improvement!
  • The gift that keeps on giving!

    It was Trina's birthday and Tory's gift is a song. Trina likes it and comes to a conclusion that it's not a gift. Trina thinks that a gift is somethign to be held. She doesn't get it. Trina then tries to sell the song for cash. but tory ends up recording the song after Trina fails to record the song. Then the people in the studio hear tha tBeyonce shows up to record and they shut off on tori. In the secondary story, Robbie is teaching her grandmother how to use the computer. It won't be easy for anyone involve, including grandmother. Getting back to the main story, when Beyonce shows up (we don't see her), she is recording the song that Tori tried to record. If you ask me, I'd pick Victoria Justice over Beyonce anyday.
  • I love the song, but Trina was really selfish in this episode.

    Trina's "birthweek" is coming, and Tori keeps on worrying about what to get for her. I loved how Tori got her these cool boots, then Trina showed up wearing the same boots. Then Andre suggests to write a song for Trina. The song was amazing, Victoria Justice is a GREAT singer and I loved the music as well. It was really heart-breaking when Trina didn't consider it as a present because it didn't cost money. Then she even sells the song for $500 and doesn't even mention Tori was the one who sang it, man Trina went too far in this episode.
    Then there was Robbie's grandmother who needed tech support from Robbie, and it's funny how she fights with Cat and how she wanted to video chat while Robbie was doing a presentation in class. Overall it was OK, the 8.5 was for the amazing song and Robbie's grandmother, but Trina was too selfish.
  • Tori writes a song for Trina's Birthweek, and she sells it. Meanwhile Andre tries to teach her grandma to use the internet.

    So yeah, Trina's brithweek is coming. She celebrates thw hwole week in which she was born, as the name suggests. Tori doesn't know what to give her, so Andre suggests writing a song for her. They create one, and she sings it to Trina. When it's over, Trina asks for her gift, as she only considers material stuff gifts.

    MEanwhile Andre is goign to give her grandma internet lessons and Cat goes with him. The grandma isd very mean to Cat (stupid elder!) and doesn't like her as Andre's GF, even thogughh she isn't. So when the granda starts to skype during Andre's presentation, Andre later calls her and tells her there is no more internet to save money.

    So the next day, Trina sells the song for 500 dollars. Then she is asked to isng it, but can't cause her voice is horribly ilarious. So then she tells Tori, and when they are recording, a guy says Rihanna wants to cover the song and they all leave, leaving Tori in the reocrding booth, alone in the dark.

    Overall: Pretty good episode. I liked the subplot a little bit more, as it showed more Cat. She is awesome. 9/10.
  • The Birthweek Song

    Out of pure curiosity I decided to check out this new Nickelodeon show. The show is produced by Dan Schneider, much like just about every other live action program on the channel, and stars Victoria Justice, the pretty young star over Zoey 101.

    Justice was likable on that program and excels here as a lead. She's far superior to the leads on Disney Channel programs. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all week.

    But the rest of the cast is good as well, and this was actually very funny for a show for children. I'm definitely going to tune in in the future.
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