Season 1 Episode 4

The Birthweek Song

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Trina was so darn selfish in this episode and it really got me furious

    This was just a poor episode of "Victorious". I would have enjoyed this episode a whole lot more if it wasn't for Trina being such a selfish sister. Come on!!! Tori wrote a song for Trina as a birthday present from her heart and Trina keeps saying that a song is not a present. I just wanted to punch Trina so darn hard and I hated her the most in this episode. The rest of the episodes she is good or alright but this is the only episode where I probably really hated her. She only takes Tori's song and she gets the credit that she the song when Tori is the one who actually sang it. Trina is the absolutely worst sister ever and if I were Tori... I wouldn't bother buying Trina her birthday present at all and I don't care how Trina acts, she doesn't deserve squat. My score was still wasn't as low as it should be because there were some scenes that were very funny. I thought Robbie and Cat's subplot was hilarious when the two of them went to Robbie's grandmother's house so Robbie can fix the computer. I thought it was hilarious when Robbie's grandmother could tell insult Cat about her red hair and everything else. Robbie presenting his project to the class and his grandmother yelling to his grandfather on the computer and humiliating Robbie was very funny as well. Also, I loved the song that Tori sang for Trina's birthday (which Trina didn't deserve at all). The ending was okay but I'm glad that they didn't give Trina coffee or anything of that. Overall, selfish and horrible sister Trina really ruined this score and that's what made this a poor episode of "Victorious". 4.5/10