Season 3 Episode 14

The Blonde Squad

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 30, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • A boy falls for Cat (in her blonde wig) but he doesn't know the real Cat as she actually has red hair

    While in a costume, Cat develops falls for a handsome guy and fears that his feelings for her will change when he meets her in real life. First of all, I don't think this episode should've been called "The Blonde Squad" which is what disappointed me about the episode and while it is the name of Beck's short film with Tori, Jade, and Cat in their blonde wigs. They just aren't blondes throughout the episode except for Cat which is what lowered my score a little. Tori, Jade, and Cat only wore blonde wigs in the first 8 minutes of the episode and then after that, Tori and Jade don't wear their blonde wigs anymore while Cat is the only one in the episode still wearing so that disappointed me. I did have a lot of fun watching this episode though as it was very funny. Tori and Cat (sorry, Jade isn't pretty in my opinion) looked beautiful in the blonde wigs especially Cat but I honestly think they look better for the colored hairs that they already have. It was executed well, it's got a creative stoyline, and some scenes were very funny. I did enjoy how towards the end of the episode, Cat revealed to the boy that she was really a red-head and that boy complimented "You look beautiful" but then rudely and cruely said to poor Cat "But I only date blonde girls" and I thought it was straight up messed up that he did that to Cat and I felt sorry for her. I did enjoy Robbie singing that song to Cat to cheer her up and I thought it was very sweet of him BUT here is what lowered my score a little more low which was that sweet scene was ruined when Cat said that line "Maybe I can dye my hair blonde". I know, it was meant to be funny but don't put in something like that when there's a sweet scene going on. My heart literally got a little angry after that line and the episode ended on a kinda disappointing note. Overall, despite a couple of flaws, this was a superb episode of "Victorious"... I know I didn't have a lot to talk about in my review but at least I got to finally find the time to make a review for this. Without those couple of flaws, I would've LOVED this episode if the ending just didn't end on a kinda disappointing note plus Tori and Jade wearing the blonde wigs throughout the episode instead of the first 8 minutes of the episode. 9/10