Season 1 Episode 16

The Diddly-Bops

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • Weird but also Funny!

    this is probably one of the most weird episodes of victorious i've ever seen but it was also one of the best! it was so hilarious. i liked the lyrics to the song too. i also liked the diddly bop faker part. i loved the part when a little boy said that guy is like 100 years old and Sikowitz said Im 34! Lol i thought i was gonna laugh all night in conclusion Great episode!

    GRADE: 10/10 A++ im not using final anymore you should know what Grade means by now anyway

  • perfect

    This may be one of my favorite episodes. The scene with Tori and the gang singing that 'cute' song for the kids was great and pretty humorous, and Andre wanting to be treated like a real music writer was good. It was nice for Andre to get his own plot and it was handled in a really good way, I thought. His song, Song 2 You, was really nice and one of my favorite moments from this episode, and most likely, the series, was him and Tori singing it at the end. And the guy saying "I like him", was a great way to end the episode. Andre will go far in this show, I just know it, and this episode is proof of that. 10/10, A+, great episode.
  • 116

    "The Diddly Bops" focuses on the gang doing a gig where they dress up in food costumes to sing for kids, only for footage of that to show up on the internet, embarrassing the kids at Hollywood Arts.

    A creative enough premise, and one that I really enjoyed. Victorious was one of the best new shows of 2010 and it is easy to see why as it continues to churn out good episodes as it begins its second year on Nickelodeon. You had some great Tori and Jade moments and I don't know if there is two other teenagers on TV right now that I would rather watch bicker than those two. Great chemistry. And Harper's song was not that bad either. Good episode here today.
  • Singing food for though.

    The kids at Hollywood Hills High get involved in a musical group called "The Dilly-Bops" a musical group for kids. I love to see the gropu in their food costumes as they sing in front of pre-schoolers. I love their song on stage. I love that scene. "Sing about dinosaurs" cried one kid and back would respone with "No!" What a scene. Matter of fact, I enjoy this episode so full of innocence. I like the earlier version of the Diddy-Bops rather than a water down version of the same group. With Tori and Jade gone from the watered down version, they had no chance of pleasing the kids.
  • One of the best "Victorious" episodes of Season 1

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious" and it happened to make me laugh so hard. Tori, Andre, Cat, Robbie, Beck, and Jade putting on food costumes for a little boy's birthday party was hilarious. It was hilarious when Trina said "How do you make your boobs get in the hamburger?". I just had to LOL at Cat for dressing up as a broccoli... she is the cutest broccoli that I have ever seen LOL. Okay, I'll move on to the review before I make you all barf and say "Oh god". Robbie's broken glass song was hilarious. Even though Jade is the most unlikeable character in my opinion, I laughed very hard when she ripped off Rex's arms. That's like that only time I find Jade funny whenever she abuses Rex (maybe because Rex is a puppet and it's funny). The song about food that the gang had to sing at a little boy's birthday party was a comedy gold. The kids attacking the Diddly Bops because they weren't real was the most hilarious scene of this episode. It's weird because everyone that was the Diddly Bops is there... it's just Tori and Andre that weren't in the costumes that time. OMG, it was hilarious when that little boy said "That guy's like 100 years old" and then Sikowitz responds "I'm 34". I also loved the ending when Tori and Andre sang the song "Song2You" which was very good and a good way to end the episode. Overall, one of the best "Victorious" episodes of Season 1. 10/10
  • Trina: How do you make your boobs get in this hamburger?

    Sooo Sikowitz' nephew (I think) is turning 4 years old, and the band they got to sing at his birthday died in a plane crash, so he asks Trok, Jade, Beck, Robbie, Cat & Andre to do it (for a thousand bucks, obviously). And htey agree too. In the birthday part, a kid films them and puts them online. The guys are like freaked out, mostly Andre, who lost a deal with a music company cause he dressed as spaghetti. So yeah, then Cat (the only one who liked it) fixed another show, but everyoen refused to, so she went with Trina, Sikowitz & 2 extras. Andre then turns the food song into a new song and sings it with Tori at the ceiling of the school, and the musci companyt dude says he likes it. The fake Diddly-Bops are booed by the kids.

    Overall: It was a good episode. Cat enjoying the Diddly Bops was great, so was Trina (chasing the music company representant, and trying to get in the burger suit), Robbie's broken glass song was great, and so was Jade tearing Rex's arm off. 8.5/10.
  • great writing!! timing of jokes was perfect! hilarious outfits, great choreography (in a ridiculous sort of way!)

    great writing! timing of jokes was perfect. hilarious outfits, great choreography (in a ridiculous sort of way!) Kids at party were perfect - very believable. Favorite part was definitely the song and dance. (and the song ideas about broken glass, etc.) Tori was funnier than ever - we couldn't stop laughing when we first saw the gang come out in those food costumes! Favorite had to be the broccoli . . .but then again,. . .the hamburger was too good. To have Kat stay in the Diddly-Bops group was perfect for her character. Honestly can't get the song out of my head!
  • 116

    It just seems like this show is getting better and better, and every episode I watch, I found myself liking it more than iCarly, or other Nickelodeon shows. This was supposed to be the night where dreams came true on Nickelodeon, and in ways, it definitely did for Andre. What I loved about this episode was definitely the writing and the comedic timing was just perfect.

    I could not stop laughing at Robbie's "broken glass" song for kids, and this episode also showed that Nickelodeon can cross boundaries that Disney Channel never can, like saying the word "boobs" on more than one occasion, or just having the dark humor this show has, not to mention a lot of subtle humor that I'm sure everyone understands. Great episode, with a great musical number in the end, that just left all it's viewers with a great feeling.
  • This show has really improved over this season. Great episode

    I was definitely worried about this show early on, the first 5 or so episodes seemed just off, the actors weren't in sync, the jokes were stupid and the plots were phoned in, seemed like nothing special, now however it seems like all the characters are hitting their stride. This was a big episode for Andre's character, who had been in the background lately, we saw his dreams and desires and how deeply he felt about them and it was meaningful. Yes the costumes were funny but it was far from the best part (boob jokes are pretty old by now), but Robbie's broken glass song was hysterical, throughout the whole exchange of him singing that song I was laughing out loud, not quite dark humor but at least it's getting more mature. This was a great start to a very successful night for the show.
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