Season 1 Episode 16

The Diddly-Bops

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on Nickelodeon

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  • One of the best "Victorious" episodes of Season 1

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Victorious" and it happened to make me laugh so hard. Tori, Andre, Cat, Robbie, Beck, and Jade putting on food costumes for a little boy's birthday party was hilarious. It was hilarious when Trina said "How do you make your boobs get in the hamburger?". I just had to LOL at Cat for dressing up as a broccoli... she is the cutest broccoli that I have ever seen LOL. Okay, I'll move on to the review before I make you all barf and say "Oh god". Robbie's broken glass song was hilarious. Even though Jade is the most unlikeable character in my opinion, I laughed very hard when she ripped off Rex's arms. That's like that only time I find Jade funny whenever she abuses Rex (maybe because Rex is a puppet and it's funny). The song about food that the gang had to sing at a little boy's birthday party was a comedy gold. The kids attacking the Diddly Bops because they weren't real was the most hilarious scene of this episode. It's weird because everyone that was the Diddly Bops is there... it's just Tori and Andre that weren't in the costumes that time. OMG, it was hilarious when that little boy said "That guy's like 100 years old" and then Sikowitz responds "I'm 34". I also loved the ending when Tori and Andre sang the song "Song2You" which was very good and a good way to end the episode. Overall, one of the best "Victorious" episodes of Season 1. 10/10
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