Season 3 Episode 3

The Gorilla Club

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2012 on Nickelodeon

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  • The Gorilla Club

    A little ridiculous in premise (why are all the kids aware of a place like this and why is there a place like this?) but it was kind of amusing, and I liked the progression for the most part.

    This is a show that can always generate humor through absurdity because the characters are so well written and we saw that today. Somehow Victorious made Tori fighting a gorilla man amusing.

    Not a classic, but definitely a good episode.
  • Tori becomes a risk-taker at the Gorilla Club when she needs to improve her acting skills to get a role

    Well, this episode wasn't the best but I still really liked it and found it to be entertaining. Although, I can quite understand why xKissVx gave this episode a bad score though and I agree with pretty much everything that he/she said in that review. The things that did lower my score though was Sikowitz and Cat laughing at Tori in the very beginning of the episode because of her acting skills which wasn't bad by the way, Trina was being semi-very annoying with her shouting the number, and I just hated the very ending of the episode. I agree with xKissVx, they couldn't give the episode a happy ending. I can't believe that Tori was being a risk-taker at the Gorilla Club and all it did was just injure her. Tori would've gotten the role if it weren't for her injuries.... that just angered me a little and it made me feel like the whole episode was pointless if the writers were gonna end the episode badly like that. Other than that, I really liked this episode and it had some funny parts such as when Andre walked in the classroom and sees that Sikowitz' pants are down and then walks back out of the classroom, the package being thrown at Trina, Cat riding on the mechanical bull (that was hilarious), the scenes with Andre and Robbie dancing to the MC Hammer song "Can't Touch This" due to them losing the bet with Jade, and that's probably about it. Not a lot of funny parts here really. To me, the episode was more entertaining than it was funny. I really enjoyed seeing Tori going through the balls of pain and and how aggressive she was acting (although, it's kinda out of character for her). Overall, a very enjoyable "Victorious" episode with an awful ending. 9/10
  • This was the worst episode of Victorious by far..

    Usually they're always good with somewhat meaningful plots. The Breakfast Bunch was awesome! I'm so let down by this new episode..

    First of all, since when is Tori not a risk taker? She's done so many performances, plays and auditions. The only time she was ever nervous was when she was a stunt double. Tori just seemed so out of character in this episode. The Gorilla Club was ridiculous, who would enjoy playing weird games like riding a mechanical bunny or walking through the "Balls Of Pain"? The ending was just sad..Tori didn't get her part in the big movie she auditioned for because of all her injuries:( To make it even worse they said she was the best they've seen..As bad as this episode was they could have at least gave it a happy ending, but no..
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