Season 1 Episode 11

The Great Ping Pong Scam

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2010 on Nickelodeon

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  • Follow the bouncing ball!

    Tori wants to join a ping pong team and Jade won't let her. Thjen she frounds out (from a fake soda machine) that they form a fake ping pong team in order to raise money for a fancy dinner. Tori demands that she jions the team or she'll rat everyone out. They forced to admit her and in a scene where they must play $1300 bill. But Tori has again use her voice to get her and her classmate out another sticky situation. I lkike this episode. It was Tori who can though for the school again. Tori was one main reason why i love "Voctorious." Rock on Tori!
  • Superb "Victorious" episode

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Victorious". It wasn't my favorite of the season but it was overall an enjoyable episode. It was interesting to see that the gang was playing ping pong and Tori is suspicious of what is going on so she finds out and she sees that the gang is playing ping pong. Sinjin thinking that Tori is about to kiss him was hilarious. Tori being in the soda machine was hilarious and unexpected. Cat was adorable like she always is in every episode. The gang telling Tori the story of how they formed a ping pong team to save the principal's job, win a trophy, and go out to the most expensive restaurant ever was interesting and pretty funny to watch. Robbie and Rex were funny in this episode. Tori joining the team was funny and interesting to see as well. Tori, Andre, Robbie, Jade, Beck, Cat, and Sikowitz eating at the most expensive restaurant was also funny and how everyone mumbles when they eat the delicious food. Tori singing at the end of the episode was also a great song to listen to. My only problem in this episode was Jade. This is my favorite show but I can't enjoy this show sometimes when Jade is being rude to Tori. Tori was good enough to be in the ping pong team and Jade denied her, Jade not letting Tori was try-out was unacceptable, and when she didn't tell Tori to wear a dress at the restaurant. I honestly don't know how some people can actually like Jade... she has issues and is a bad fluence on kids just like Sam in "iCarly". Overall, despite that one problem, this was a superb episode of "Victorious". 9/10
  • Tori: Don't copy my cell phone phrases!

    Soo, Troi invited Andre, Robbie & Cat to do sth and they say they got ping pong team meeting and she thinks they're ditching her so she goes to the club and asks to join. The problem is that Jade is the captain & refuses. So after Tori says notes that teams whith no supervisor shold let everyone in, Jade notes how teams with no supervisor can only let new peole in the captain approves.

    Then Troi spies on then cause she thnks they ave a secret, and disocvers they just chill. Then we get a flashback to how the team originated: Cat went to an expensive restaurant with her family and to go there together, the guys decided to form as fake club so the school igves then 1000 per month, with the help of Sikowtiz.

    Then Tori is in to keep the secret, and they go to a "tournament". At the restaurant, Robbie orders a soup-plate of caviar, so they can't afford it. Fortunately, the restaurant is in need of a live musical act and Tori volunteers if they cancel the debt. They do.

    Overall: It was a nice episode. Best was Cat scared of the piung pong ball, the team playing twister, the off-screen vocies on the flashback, the gossiping ol ladies, Sikotwitz sneaking back in then everythings fine & Cat with the/lobster fries and how many words she says daily. 8.5/10.
  • good

    Tori discovers her friends are in a ping-pong club and wants to join, but Jade, the leader of their team, won't let her. So, she spies on them, and learns that their 'ping-pong' team is just an excuse for them (and Sikowitz) to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant because of school funding for official team sports. So, Tori gets to join them, but their dinner ends up costing more money than usual, and they do not have the money. Will they think of a way to get out of this?

    Good episode. It's not the best of the series or anything but rather an enjoyable 23 minutes. I enjoyed it. It had a nice plot and some funny lines, so overall, because of all of this my final grade for the episode is in the "C" range
  • 111

    A really funny Victorious tonight that made me decide that this show is the new Kenan and Kel for Nick. The characters are not alike at all, but as far as laughs and style of plots, the two are both enjoyably similar. Psychowitz was great as well and I really wish they would make this guy a series regular, but the main cast was all phenomenal per usual. The flashback scenes were different, but Tori's snap wrap-up of it all was the perfect way to bring some laughs into the equation.

    One of the stronger Victorious' of the season tonight.
  • 111

    Great episode of Victorious tonight, we've got a great musical performance, definitely a lot of laughs, and an original story line, that managed to be not completely ridiculous. The ping pong scam reminded me of Zoey 101's "Disc Golf" but this episode still had an original premise, especially with the flashback scenes.

    Usually Nickelodeon shows aren't so big on continuity, but this episode proved that this show definitely is capable of having great continuity. The musical performance was phenomenal and wildly entertaining. Although the caviar bowl thing was a little predictable, we still got a lot of laughs tonight. Great episode of Victorious and definitely one of the best of the season.